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(1726) 6.9 119 min 2018

Netemo sametemo is a movie starring Masahiro Higashide, Erika Karata, and Sairi Itô. Asako lives in Osaka. She falls in love with Baku, a free-spirit. One day, Baku suddenly disappears. Two years later, Asako now lives in Tokyo and...

Erika Karata, Kôji Nakamoto, Sairi Itô, Masahiro Higashide
Romance, Drama
Ryûsuke Hamaguchi

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Audio English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Romance, Drama
Director Ryûsuke Hamaguchi
Writer Tomoka Shibasaki, Sachiko Tanaka, Ryûsuke Hamaguchi
Stars Erika Karata, Kôji Nakamoto, Sairi Itô, Masahiro Higashide
Country Japan, France
Also Known As Sleeping or Waking, 寝ても覚めても, Asako, Asako I & II, Asako 1 & 2, Asako. Dzień i noc
Runtime 1H 59M
Description Asako is a 21-year-old woman, living in Osaka. She falls in love with Baku who has a free spirit. One day, Baku suddenly disappears. Two years later, Asako now lives in Tokyo and she meets Ryohei. He looks just like her ex-boyfriend Baku, but he has a completely different personality. Ryohei is a salaryman, with a sincere personality. Asako falls in love with Ryohei.

Top reviews

Wednesday, 01 Apr 2020 05:02

I see that over half of the people here gave this a bad review. I'll try to explain my reasoning: This is a film about someone who does not have all of his feelings in order to survive. Or at least that's the impression that I got from the first scene where the narrator begins explaining his life story. This film is also about one person trying to communicate with another in order to get their feelings, or at least that's what the narrator tells us in the first scene. I don't want to bore you with the details of the story, but if I talk about emotions that come out of him, then that's what we all feel when we see this film. Although this movie is mostly about solitude, it is also about alienation, which is the primary theme of this film. For most people, alienation is a feeling of missing someone, of not being accepted or even if you are accepted, you are rejected. For me, I don't feel alienated. This is the real and the primary story. The relationship between the narrator and his wife is very touching and they each have their own needs and needs of their spouses. The narrator also needs to express his needs in order to stay alive, in order to try to communicate with his wife and to earn some money. This is the story that shows us how lonely people are, and how lonely people will be on their deathbed. It's the story that we are told all the time, but only few people are willing to hear and see it. This is the story that shows us what it means to be lonely and to feel alienated. It's the story that I think deserves a movie and that I think is worth seeing.
Tuesday, 31 Mar 2020 11:07

Taking the screen to America, a couple of TV productions and a major motion picture, the Roque De Mello-directed film takes you on a kaleidoscope of emotions as all of the main characters go through a journey of self-discovery. It's so fine, smooth and natural, it is hard to look away. The director takes you on a kaleidoscope of emotions and lets you know it right away. The film is a journey of self-discovery, of intuition and of coming to a way of understanding life and not taking it for granted. There are many levels of characters that take the protagonist on this journey and at some points it becomes a sad journey of self-discovery. It is a very mysterious journey that can either make you feel great or make you feel terrible. The ending is a very strong message and this film is a very positive experience, a journey through life and the emotions of all of the characters in the movie. Each character is different, giving the filmmaker a lot of freedom and making the film very interesting and easy to follow. The soundtrack of the film is very pleasing and adds more emotions to the film. It fits perfectly with the film. In conclusion, there is not much to say about this movie. It is a very unique experience. The story is very unique, beautiful and easy to follow. The story has a beautiful message and makes you feel good when you watch it. It is one of the most realistic films I have ever seen. It will make you feel good after watching it. The director never shows you what is really going on and you are never bored watching the film. Every time I watch it I will feel a lot better.
Monday, 30 Mar 2020 06:23

The most important problem in this movie is not the movie itself, which is a cinematic masterpiece, but rather the way it is presented. There are too many character of the film, too many story lines, too many styles of "humour" in the way the film is made. It is totally different from the one Bava intended. He intended that the film should be brought together into a meaningful whole, and that, instead of showing the whole film in 2 hours, he wanted to show it in 3 hours. He wanted the audience to feel something, and he had not been able to achieve it. Too many themes, too many "futures" of the movie, too much language and too many situations. What he should have done was reduced the story to a single part, which would have had some gravity and told it clearly, without all the color. Just show a woman in a bed for 4 hours, and tell us what will happen to her when she awakes. Even in the story of Milla. Of course you don't want to show her in her sexual situation all the time. But I'm sure that you must have to have a very convincing reason for not showing it all. The thing about the film is that it is very much made of beautiful scenes, in which people express their emotions and give a lot of material for the rest of the film. The beauty of the movie itself is the way that it combines all this material. It is not just made up of romantic stories and trivial questions. The beauty is in the way that this whole movie is a movie, and it should not be reduced to two parts. It is a piece of art, not only of the movie. And in that sense it is a very successful movie, almost a masterpiece. It is in a sense a vision that can be the starting point for new art. But at the same time it is a boring movie, and it needs to be made by a very small group of people, to find an audience. It is also a beautiful movie, but very difficult to understand and watch. It was my opinion that "Diverte-Diverte" is a very difficult movie to understand. To me, it is not as good as "Scent of a woman" or "Long live ancien regime". There are many things about it that I do not understand, and there are many things that are missing from this movie. But it is still a beautiful movie, one of the most beautiful I have ever seen.
Tuesday, 24 Mar 2020 18:00

The first 30 minutes or so of this movie makes you feel like you've been watching a cheap movie all along. There's very little story to it. It's all so predictable and if the storyline had been better the movie would have been better. I understand that it's a movie but it doesn't have to be very good or interesting to be enjoyable. I love how many things are shown, the lengths to which people will go to in order to get an item, and how lucky they seem to be when things go according to plan. There's also a very good and believable feeling of betrayal or betrayal of honor, which is not something that usually comes across in Japanese movies. It's one of those movies that is both very entertaining and dramatic. It makes you feel like you should enjoy it but you don't. The acting is great, especially the boys in the film. In some scenes they seemed like they really knew what they were doing but in others they seemed forced and out of place. It was a shame because I've seen them in a lot of Japanese films and I always enjoy them. For some reason they don't seem to get enough time on screen, and the girls in the film don't seem to get much screen time either. I understand that it's not the type of movie that you could show as a whole. That's not the fault of the film, but more the fault of the director and the script writer who seem to get caught up in doing things that they should have left out. I also wish the director would have been less focused on the detail that he was putting in the screenplay. It would have been nice to see more than what he had. Still, this is a very good movie that is worth the price of a movie ticket. It's a little too long, but it's worth it.
Thursday, 19 Mar 2020 14:34

My mom bought the video for my first book, The Beautiful Girl from Hell, and I remember that day very vividly. She was having trouble with the English subtitles and I knew that was the moment we were going to be talking about this book. Needless to say, that conversation is going on almost 24/7. When I finally did start reading, it was the last line of the book that took my breath away. When I saw this movie for the first time, I had a sense of déjà vu. I knew that this book was going to be like the book the movie is going to be. For me, though, it really isn't. First of all, while I have read that there are spoilers in this movie, I can assure you that I didn't see any. Second of all, when I watched it for the first time, I had the same feeling I got from the book that I got from the movie. It is just that I didn't expect that much from it. However, when I watched the movie again, I realized that it is really nothing like the book. This movie is a good idea, but the execution is really poor. The ideas and ideas are good, but the execution and characterization are pretty much nonexistent. The whole movie just feels like it had little more than a dozen small story ideas. It was a little like a Sunday school project and a cheesy TV movie. But I'm sure that the plot is good, and the way that the characters are defined is the best part of this movie. The actors that are playing the major characters are great. But I didn't particularly care about them. The main character was a very irritating and forgettable main character that I could care less about. I'm glad that most of the people in the audience that I was with really got into the movie, because I'm sure that many people were in the theater when this movie was released. In the end, I don't think that this is a terrible movie. It is not a great movie, and the movie doesn't have anything new or original. But it is a good movie nonetheless. The execution is just average, and if you want to see a movie with characters that you can really care about, go watch Black Swan. However, if you are looking for a movie that will entertain you for a few hours, or really makes you think, watch A Simple Plan. I rated this movie a 9/10 because that is what it was meant to be.
Tuesday, 17 Mar 2020 06:39

Imagine watching the truth be revealed about a story. About two brothers, who you would have never thought would fall in love, but fall in love. About the best friends who you would have never thought would become an amazing relationship. About the most important thing in life, that we as humans seem to overlook, but life is very important and we have to remember to live. For us to survive. The movie shows what it's like to be in a relationship that can never be forgotten. The story moves forward as a train in which one journey is longer than another. Two brothers, who have never seen one another, meet up at a train station and realize that their best friend, who is walking alone, will help them meet each other. The journey will be even longer than the last one, because of their mutual support and desire to meet each other. During this journey, the brothers will learn about what is important in life, because they are the only ones who could have known each other. Because of their love, and friendship. It is the end of the journey, because they have met each other. And although they have seen each other for the past 2 years, but it didn't happen this way. Now the journey is over. But is the journey end? No. The brothers know each other so well that they already know their true personality. They know their real likes and their real dislikes. They already know everything about their best friend. But they still want to meet and hug each other. Because they have never met each other before. But they have already known each other, so they know what they are like. But do they know what they are? Because they never experienced each other before. Even though they are strangers, but they can feel the same. This movie is beautiful because it's a love story. This is the story of two brothers and their true friendship.
Tuesday, 17 Mar 2020 05:21

I first saw this movie when I was very young, not knowing what it was about. I then watched it again and it still haunts me. At one point in the film, a young girl is walking in the woods and suddenly there are three large families that are surrounded by food. These families are all older and have kids in common with the girl. She tries to get through to each family without getting out of her mind. She talks to one family about wanting to be adopted but they just all laugh and say she will never make it. She then gets a hint that one family might be interested. The girl calls her mom to ask how she should tell her and she runs off. She doesn't know where she is or how to get back home. The boy, a male, then runs after her and looks for her. He is confused and starts to talk to her on the phone but she is confused and doesn't know what he wants to talk to her about. Eventually the boy realizes she is getting scared and asks her where she is. She says she is just running. She gets on the phone with the father and is told he is on the phone and they are in his car. He says he is trying to find her. The girl runs into the house and is finally told what happened and then starts to talk about what happened. She is still confused, scared, confused and confused. The father says she should talk to him alone. She tells him that her mom was very close to her dad and her dad may have been the father. The father says his wife may not be her real mom. The father then tells her that her mom used to say if they were ever separated they would try to find each other. The father says that he doesn't know what to do now but he should find her. They go out to the woods and begin walking around and are talking. The girl says she is getting scared. They get back into their car and drive away. They are now lost. Eventually they hit a car and crash. They get out and see what they hit but there are no signs of anyone in the car. They find a small room and try to go in. They find a small hole in the wall and they see something inside. They walk up and the water is running. They take a little time and try to get out of the hole but it is not safe. They begin to run and the water is getting deeper. Eventually they are forced to run out of the hole in the wall. They find a fire and put it out and get out of the hole and are now back in the same location where they were before. They tell the girl that their parents were parents. They tell her that the father was divorced and the mother did not seem to care about her and the father could be the father. They tell her to listen to them. They say that all her friends were parents and no one cared about her. They also tell her she could have a son. She asks them to explain and they tell her that she will have a son. The girl looks at them and asks them what kind of a son she will get. They say the son will be a fighter and he will be tough and can get by on his own. The girl asks if she is scared and they say no. She tells them that she is also a fighter and says she is going to get one of them back. She is now running away from them and they are getting nowhere. The girl tells them that if they can come back with her, she will tell them everything. She starts running and they get closer. They can see her hair and legs and they are unable to follow her. They start yelling at her to come back with them. The girl says she is running away. The man says she is right there. They reach her and say "You want to hear us tell you a story?" She goes through the hole and they run out and she runs back in and tells them that she is going to tell them her story. The girl keeps running and they reach her. The girl is sweating, afraid, scared and crying. They are all scared of what will happen and she says she will be the one who gets the son

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