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(58152) 8.3 139 min 2018

Andhadhun is a movie starring Ayushmann Khurrana, Tabu, and Radhika Apte. A series of mysterious events change the life of a blind pianist, who must now report a crime that he should technically know nothing of.

Ayushmann Khurrana, Anil Dhawan, Tabu, Radhika Apte
Thriller, Crime
Sriram Raghavan

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Audio English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Thriller, Crime
Director Sriram Raghavan
Writer Pooja Ladha Surti, Hemanth M. Rao, Olivier Treiner, Sriram Raghavan, Yogesh Chandekar, Arijit Biswas
Stars Ayushmann Khurrana, Anil Dhawan, Tabu, Radhika Apte
Country India
Also Known As Mud Mud Ke Na Dekh, 看不見的旋律, Пуцајте у пијанисту, Assassinato às Cegas, 盲目のメロディ インド式殺人狂騒曲, 盲目のメロディ インド式殺人狂騒曲, Shoot the Piano Player, The Blind Melody, Piano Player
Runtime 2H 19M
Description A pianist who pretends to be blind for inspiration, witnesses a murder and has to deal with the murderer wife of the victim and her boyfriend. During his ordeal he loses his eyesight for real and struggles save his life from the murderous duo.

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Tuesday, 07 Apr 2020 07:07

The movie is great. I love it. I'm not going to tell you the plot. You have to see it for yourself. I'll just say that it's a very good movie. It's not a movie that everyone will enjoy. But if you like movies that are very cerebral, with a lot of action, and you like movies that are different than the usual Hollywood fare, then you should see this one. It is one of the few movies that I haven't given a 10/10, but I would say it's a 10/10. If you liked "Sicario", "The Hurt Locker", "The Bourne Ultimatum", "The Departed", "Machete", "The Hurt Locker 2", "The Raid 2", "The Raid 3", "The Raid 4", "The Raid 5", "The Raid 6", "The Raid 7", "The Raid 8", "The Raid 9", "The Raid 10", "The Raid 11", "The Raid 12", "The Raid 13", "The Raid 14", "The Raid 15", "The Raid 16", "The Raid 17", "The Raid 18", "The Raid 19", "The Raid 20", "The Raid 21", "The Raid 22", "The Raid 23", "The Raid 24", "The Raid 25", "The Raid 26", "The Raid 27", "The Raid 28", "The Raid 29", "The Raid 30", "The Raid 31", "The Raid 32", "The Raid 33", "The Raid 34", "The Raid 35", "The Raid 36", "The Raid 37", "The Raid 38", "The Raid 39", "The Raid 40", "The Raid 41", "The Raid 42", "The Raid 43", "The Raid 44", "The Raid 45", "The Raid 46", "The Raid 47", "The Raid 48", "The Raid 49", "The Raid 50", "The Raid 51", "The Raid 52", "The Raid 53", "The Raid 54", "The Raid 55", "The Raid 56", "The Raid 57", "The Raid 58", "The Raid 59", "The Raid 60", "The Raid 61", "The Raid 62", "The Raid 63", "The Raid 64", "The Raid 65", "The Raid 66", "The Raid 67", "The Raid 68", "The Raid 69", "The Raid 70", "The Raid 71", "The Raid 72", "The Raid 73", "The Raid 74", "The Raid 75", "The Raid 76", "The Raid 77", "The Raid 78", "The Raid 79", "The Raid 80", "The Raid 81", "The Raid 82", "The Raid 83", "The Raid 84", "The Raid 85", "The Raid 86", "The Raid 87", "The Raid 88", "The Raid 89", "The Raid 90", "The Raid 91", "The Raid 92", "The Raid 93", "The Raid 94", "The Raid 95", "The Raid 96", "The Raid 97", "The Raid 98", "The Raid 99", "The Raid 100", "The Raid 101", "The Raid 102", "The Raid 103", "The Raid 104", "The Raid 105", "The Raid 106", "The Raid 107", "The Raid 108", "The Raid 109", "The Raid 110", "The Raid 111", "The Raid 112", "The Raid 113", "The Raid 114", "The Raid 115", "The Raid 116", "The Raid 117", "The Raid 118", "The Raid 119", "The Raid 120", "The Raid 121", "The Raid 122", "The Raid 123", "The Raid 124", "The Raid 125", "The Raid 126", "The Raid 127", "The Raid 128",

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