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Watch Massenet: Cendrillon

(166) 7.7 2018
Bertrand de Billy, Ailyn Pérez, Laurent Naouri, Stephanie Blythe
Gary Halvorson

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Monday, 01 Jun 2020 21:19

Cendrillon is a flamenco film from Portugal. It stars Belen Mendes as Carmen; she is one of the characters in the movie who says "all men are good". This statement is extremely shocking to me, since she has a huge crush on a handsome man. The film begins with a man who leaves his pregnant wife to go off to work in a different town. Carmen thinks this man is going to marry her. But she is not going to give up on him. It turns out that the man is not in fact married, but has a different mistress. Carmen's mother is furious at the idea of a fatherless child. He tells her that Carmen will have to work at her job. After several days, the man dies. Carmen thinks that the man is dead. But he was in fact in a coma for six months. She goes to the house of her ex-husband and goes to sleep in his bed. She gets up and goes to work. Her boss tells her that her job is being transferred. She goes home, and is shocked when she hears a car. Carmen opens the door to see a man in a white suit driving away. She thinks that the man is dead. But he is not. The man is alive, and he has her child. Carmen goes to her ex-husband's house. She sees the man's father and a cousin. They tell her that her child is in a safe place. Carmen is shocked to see that the child is her husband's. She asks to see the man's ex-wife, but she is not willing to take him back. She gets angry and goes to her ex-husband's house. She sees that the man has not been telling her the truth. She sees her husband, but he is not in the house. The ex-husband tries to kill Carmen. She runs away and hides in a school. But when she is not in a good mood, she runs into the door of the school. She runs into the school and finds the ex-husband, but he is not in the house. She goes to the ex-husband's house, but he is not there. Carmen finds her husband's dead body, and then sees that her child is in the safe place. The children's mother was a hero, and Carmen became a bad mother. The children's mother now thinks that the man was dead. She is angry at her mother for being a hero. This is a great film about a woman who is a bad mother, but who still believes in what she was taught as a child. It is very sad to watch how Carmen became a bad mother. But it is also very interesting, because it shows how people are affected by one another. The film is very clever and moving. The story is very interesting, and there is no obvious message to it. It is very human. If you like this film, you might also like one of my favorite movies: 'The Blue Lagoon'. It is also a film about a woman who is a bad mother, but still believes in what she was taught as a child.
Sunday, 24 May 2020 18:58

The movie "The Rise of an Angel" is an adaptation of the play "Faire de Celade" by Claude Gies. It is based on a book by the same name, written in 1928 by Georges Abel. It is about a young woman named Celade, who is a singer. But when she met someone new, it changed her life. She didn't want to be a singer anymore, but a dancer. But when she met Louis, she became attached to him. She fell in love with him. But after some time, she found that he was not that good a singer as she thought he was. But he tried to get away from Celade, and made the best of everything. He loved her, but he couldn't say it. He wanted to be in love with Celade, but he couldn't. When he saw the night train, he felt that Celade was going to die. He went back to the hotel to go to bed, and Celade was asleep. But she woke up and said "I love you" and left. They started a love affair, but Celade was not happy about that. Then, they had a fight and she left him. He found out about that and tried to kill her. But Celade told him that she was never mad at him, and that she loved him. He was dumbfounded by her story. Then she said that she was really going to marry him, but he couldn't understand her, so he started to fight. But she went back to him, and she said "You love me, and you know I'm never mad at you, and that you love me. So go and tell Louis that you love him." So he did, and she gave birth to a daughter, and he gave his consent for her to marry Louis. When Louis and Celade met, they kissed and they cried and they hugged and they cried again and they hugged and they cried again. Then Celade said "Let's go." And they went to a hotel, and Celade took Louis to a hospital, and he fell ill, and Celade took him to the doctor, but he died. Celade didn't give up on him, and she took him to the court. She had a bad heart, but she couldn't accept his condition, and she sent him to the asylum. When he was in the asylum, Celade learned that Louis was not her husband, and that he was the father of a son. Celade decided to find Louis and help him get his son. But Louis was no longer the child he had been in the asylum. He was a great lover, and he was great with women, but he never had a wife. So she helped him to get his son. But when Louis went back to Celade, he became depressed, and he wanted to die. But Celade took his bag, and she tried to make him feel better. Then she put him in his room, and she made him get up and watch television. When he did, he noticed that his wife and the son were in the room. She wanted to call the police, but the son got angry, and he told her to leave. Celade heard this, and she went to see the son, but he said that it was her son. He said that he didn't know why Celade was angry at him, but she had no answer. So Celade called her mother and told her that he wanted to kill himself. And her mother told her to get her son, but Celade couldn't find him. Then Celade had a dream, and she saw her son, and she put his bag in her room, and she tried to look for him. She couldn't find him, but she saw her son again, and she looked
Wednesday, 06 May 2020 05:25

This is an experimental piece, rather like a film student's version of a 'wild west' movie. I have seen a few of French's work but this one is certainly his most ambitious. It begins with a dialogue between a 19th century French missionary, Count de Schendel, and a convict, who at the end of their conversation becomes a Christian after a baptism, and who claims to have witnessed a miraculous event in the life of Christ. It is a fascinating dialogue. As a Frenchman, I would have loved to hear him explain this because it is such a strange subject for a Frenchman to discuss and because it is so well known. It is a clever conversation between a man of faith and a man of doubt. Count de Schendel is a French priest, who claims that he has been ordained a Christian by Christ and that he has seen the resurrection of Christ. However, at the end of the dialogue, he admits that he has seen something else, but cannot explain what. This is an interesting conversation between a man of faith and a man of doubt. The second half of the film consists of religious sub-titles, the people performing them, and a film maker dressed in the robes of a priest performing them. Count de Schendel gives a sermon to the women of his church and is asked by a man to perform a miracle. This is a fascinating piece of religious theatre. I am glad that this film has the 'believer' attitude, because the religious side of the story is so heavy and in this film, the story is actually somewhat light. This is an interesting movie, with a unique art style. I have seen other films from this director, but this is one of the better ones.

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