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(401) 7.2 82 min 2015

Uncertain is a visually stunning and disarmingly funny portrait of the literal and figurative troubled waters of Uncertain, Texas, a 94-resident town so tucked away "you've got to be lost to find it".

Documentary, Comedy, Drama
Anna Sandilands, Ewan McNicol

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Monday, 22 Jun 2020 03:39

There is a long list of people who have been portrayed in the media as being victims of persecution or violence. The fact that one of them, Anders Breivik, might have been one of them is of little consequence. The tragedy is that this film was allowed to be produced by the government. It is a very intelligent film and it examines the background to Breivik's thinking and the actions he took. It does not present him as an evil man, but rather as someone with a very strong sense of grievance and who did not feel he was receiving justice. It is a very well researched film and it is well produced. The actors are all superb and the film does not overplay the fact that the events portrayed are very unlikely. The portrayal of the events on the news is accurate, but the film does not make the point that this is an exaggeration. It is important to note that this is not an attack on the media, but rather on the very basis of which the media is created. It is not the media who created this man, but the media is part of the establishment and it is part of the government who are responsible for the actions of the government. The film also touches on the government's involvement in the promotion of multiculturalism, which has created problems for many people and has been used to justify repressive measures in countries such as France. It is also very well made and the style of presentation is very good. The film does not present Breivik as a hero, but rather as a man who was given a lot of help and who is not able to get justice. He does not understand that he is being blamed for the actions of others and he wants to see justice, but he cannot. It is a very intelligent film and it will probably be one of the films that is seen by many in the years to come. It is not very easy to make a film about an important subject such as the events in Norway in the early 1990s and I think this film is a very well researched and well made film that should be seen by many.
Friday, 29 May 2020 14:24

I have watched this documentary many times, and I am still not sure what to make of it. It does seem to be a little bit biased towards Mr. Mooney and his music, which is of course, important to me, but also I think there is a sort of "documentary" feel to it. It has a "documentary" feel to it in the sense that it doesn't really tell you anything about the real Mooney, it only tells you that he was a very controversial man, but it doesn't really tell you how he was a radical or what made him do what he did. I guess this documentary would be great for people who are interested in the Mooney story, but for me it is just kind of a documentary and not a very interesting documentary. The documentary kind of reminds me of someone else's documentary about Leonard Cohen, and maybe I'm wrong, but it reminded me of an anti-Semitic documentary about the Jews. You know, they talk about how Jews are just greedy, and they don't want to work hard and they are just trying to get rich, and you see the documentary of the composer playing, and that was what I was expecting from this documentary, but I didn't really get it. I guess it's because I am a little bit biased towards his music and I don't think that he was really a very controversial person. I mean, I guess he was, but he was also just a really strange man, and I think that if you really want to see a documentary about him, you should see some other documentaries about him. I guess the real documentary is in the "preface" of the DVD, because that's the part where he explains a little bit about himself and his music. So, in general I guess that this documentary is not really a documentary, but it's a kind of "documentary" and it's about some other people, and it's a documentary about a very controversial man, but it's not really a documentary. Maybe it's good, but it's not a documentary.
Tuesday, 26 May 2020 23:30

Uncertain is a documentary about a man who claims he is a prophet and has had numerous healings and is taking part in various religious ceremonies. The film is based on a documentary from a TV station in his home country of Ghana. It is clear from the start that the filmmaker is not sure what he is doing, so he allows his subjects to explain their reasons for going to Ghana. The film starts with the story of the young man and his mother who are trying to find work and have the means to buy the baby they want. The film is not very illuminating and I found it very long. The whole purpose of the film is to find out the reason of the young man's illness. The young man, Anis, is a very talented but not very successful actor who is learning to speak English. He does not have the means to buy a car and has no other way to support himself. In Ghana, children like him are the children of beggars, who cannot afford any help from the government. The father of the young man, Dan, the man in charge of the production of the documentary, is not much better off. Dan works as a carpenter, a low-paid job. The young man is learning to speak English to a point where he is able to obtain work, but he does not want to leave his mother, because he cannot afford to move. He asks his mother to take him to a country in the middle of the Sahara Desert and live there for the night, but she cannot come with him. The film opens with the question: "Is religion wrong? Is the government wrong?" The film proceeds to show the reason why Anis wants to go to Ghana, because he is an actor. The film does not answer this question, but it is a very interesting question and a provocative one. I found the film very interesting and was impressed by the quality of the film. The documentary is not very well organized and the filmmaker does not explain the purpose of the film. The film is not too long and could have been much better, but it is still a good documentary that will be good for people who like documentaries about religion.
Sunday, 05 Apr 2020 05:15

When I heard that this was going to be a documentary, I was intrigued. But, after watching the film, I was astonished to find that it was not even close to the truth. First, there is no evidence that anyone would ever use a gun for self-defense. That is just an exaggeration of the number of women who get shot and killed in self-defense each year. Also, the film doesn't even show women who are murdered in self-defense. Women are just seen as the butt of the joke and it's a big joke. The first 15 minutes of the documentary show just a few of the many cases that were actually reviewed in this film. And it's not surprising to me that no one ever thought to ask a woman about her self-defense. The second reason this documentary is bad is that they chose to focus on a few cases of women who were actually murdered. There are hundreds of stories like these in the movie. Also, I don't think it's a good idea to make the entire documentary about a few cases of women who were actually murdered. A lot of the stories are pretty well documented. The documentary was just starting to get into the details of the cases and there were a lot of people in the audience who were excited about it. But, after the documentary got into the details, it seemed like the film had already been done. I was also confused about what it was showing when they show the footage of a woman who was strangled by her boyfriend. It was just a clip from a movie called THE LABYRINTH. In that film, the woman was actually killed by the boyfriend and the clips are used to show that the girl was killed by the boyfriend. I thought that this was going to be a more accurate film. However, the film was not even close to showing the actual case. It was about a couple of random people who were murdered and that is it. So, if you are looking for a good documentary about self-defense, I would recommend watching THE LABYRINTH. But, if you want to see a good documentary about women being killed, I would say that this film is not even close to the truth.

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