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(156) 7.2 84 min 2016

In North Dakota, a sovereign Indian nation finds itself at a critical moment in its long history. Its cultural identity and heritage are vanishing in the face of the destruction of their ancestral homelands. Can they save their land, their culture and their way of life in the face of catastrophic environmental damage from the oil industry? The potential prosperity from oil comes at a massive environmental and spiritual cost and threatens their very future. This meditative and intimate portrait of an ancient people asks the universal questions that affect us all: what is the true meaning of wealth? And where and what is home?

Simon Brook

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Friday, 29 May 2020 16:50

This movie is about a young boy (Alfred Jarry) who wants to do something that will help him and his family, but the problem is, the federal government has no money for this kind of initiative. He finds a bunch of people who have the same idea, and they all get together to start a new kind of radio station, but their plan is too big to get off the ground. As a result, a lot of the people that they worked with, including Alfred's parents, decide to leave and go back to work in the city. This movie is worth watching for two reasons. First, it shows how many people were involved in the idea of this radio station, and the other reason is because it shows how much money and effort they had to put into it. The main characters in the movie are Alfred, his dad, his mom, and his brother. The two actors that play Alfred's parents are really good, and I would have liked to see them more. The main character of the movie is Alfred, and he is really good. He is really honest and caring. He is a little brash at first, but once he gets the idea of this radio station, he really starts to get into it and it is really cute how he loves it. The two actors who play his brothers are really good too, and they really work well together. The movie is also really well-made, with good acting. I would recommend this movie to anybody who wants to know about radio stations, and what they do. I would also recommend this movie to anyone who likes documentaries, and has a sense of humor.
Friday, 24 Apr 2020 16:37

Not a huge fan of the Clintons, but this documentary got me interested in the subject. A lot of these folks are pretty prominent people who have been involved in politics. However, even with the sheer volume of interviews, there are very few people in the documentary who really stood out. A lot of the time, this is a good thing. The documentary was very informative, but not too much. The documentary had a couple of good insights into the Clintons' life, but it never really delved into their personal life, which would have been a good opportunity for a lot more personal stories. For example, the documentary had a nice story about how the Clintons did a deal to keep Bill's name out of a company that Bill's wife had founded. This was a good story, but it was just a small aspect of the documentary. Also, there were some good stories about Bill's charity work, but the stories weren't as interesting as I would have liked. This documentary also had a few interviews with the Clintons that really grabbed my attention. But in the end, this documentary didn't really go into a lot of depth about the Clintons' personal life. I think this is a good thing because it allows you to focus more on the "what's next" side of the Clintons' life. This documentary does a great job in getting you to know the Clintons, but it doesn't go into much depth about their personal life. I would have liked to have seen a bit more of their personal life. Overall, this documentary is an interesting look at the Clintons and it does a good job at getting you to know them, but it is a bit too short. There are a couple of good stories, but they are very few and far between. Overall, I really enjoyed this documentary. It was informative and it really got me to know the Clintons. I do recommend it, but if you are looking for a lot more depth about the Clintons, then I would suggest reading more about their personal lives. This documentary is well worth seeing, but it is not the greatest documentary of all time. I give it an 8/10.
Saturday, 04 Apr 2020 13:21

One could argue that it's a bit too late to be making a documentary about the Vietnam War, and what the war has done to young Americans. I suppose it's true that if you don't know anything about it, the film will seem overly simplistic, and an awful lot of the subjects will come across as shallow and unsympathetic. And it's not that simple, though. The filmmaker does a very good job of getting at the heart of the problem - the unfairness and political motivations behind the war. What really drives people to do what they do is a bit of a mystery. The film doesn't get very deep, though, and there is a sort of complete lack of narrative in the narrative. It's also hard to get your bearings, because it feels like it's been edited. The editing is the biggest flaw. For the most part, the film just seems to be sitting there. The interviews are both fascinating and in the first half of the film, I was pretty engaged. But the editing is what turns off the audience, and the second half of the film is just flat and boring. The editing is too constant, and in the first half, the film really goes for broke. The first half of the film is interesting, and gets the audience involved. But the editing cuts back and forth, and at no point in the film is it as much a linear narrative as it could have been. The editing also fails to capture the essence of the film, which would have helped. It's a good documentary, though, and the documentary part of the film is pretty good, too. The documentary sections are also interesting, but they seem to be cut from the same film. It's a great film to see if you've never seen it, and it will force you to think a little about the war, and the filmmakers' use of it to gain a political point.

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