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(1100) 6.4 84 min 2015

Vergine giurata is a movie starring Alba Rohrwacher, Emily Ferratello, and Lars Eidinger. Years after declaring her eternal virginity and opting to live life as a man in the mountains of Albania, Hana looks to return to living as a...

Alba Rohrwacher, Lars Eidinger, Flonja Kodheli, Emily Ferratello
Laura Bispuri

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Audio English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Drama
Director Laura Bispuri
Writer Laura Bispuri, Francesca Manieri, Elvira Dones
Stars Alba Rohrwacher, Lars Eidinger, Flonja Kodheli, Emily Ferratello
Country France, Kosovo, Italy, Germany, Albania, Switzerland
Also Known As Orkismeni parthena, Zaprzysiężona dziewica, Sworn Virgin, Ορκισμένη παρθένα, 処女の誓い, Vierge sous serment, Virgin, Virgem Prometida
Runtime 1H 24M
Description Hana Doda, still a girl, escapes from her destiny of being wife and servant which is imposed on the women in the inhospitable mountains in Albania. She appeals to the old law of the Kanun and swears her eternal virginity thus becoming a "sworn virgin". She turns into a man, takes up a rifle and becomes Mark, Mark Doda. It is in exchange for this sacrifice that Hana is allowed to be considered at the same level as other men. Her battle does not only mean that she must rebel against what destiny has been writing on her body for centuries, but she must also reject, in name of this rebellion, every form of love. A refusal that becomes her prison. After more than ten years spent in solitude in the mountains as a man, she becomes brutish and she transforms to survive the hardship, the cold and misery, until something returns to awaken her again... Hana decides to change life and painstakingly regain her body. She knows that leaving the mountains is the price she will have to pay to be able to go back to living. A journey drags her away from her arid land, a journey that will mean she will have to revisit her past and exhume memories and feelings that she was made to bury in oblivion. Following a path that is a continuous and subtle crossing of two different and distant worlds, of the past and the future. In a modern Milan metropolis, she struggles to leave her man's clothes and learns to be woman. She experiences the heady sensation of physical contact with others, and she finds dear and beloved people that life had taken from her and there opens an unexpected and forbidden possibility of love. Mark not only returns to being Hana, but she is also able to piece the two souls back together that for years have lived inside her body and she is reborn as a new, free and complete.

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Thursday, 02 Apr 2020 04:26

This is an interesting film about a young boy in his home town. He's a very gifted child. At school he's the only one who doesn't have a mother and so he's the only one who is left to his own devices. The other kids at school don't seem to be aware of this and seem to be happy with their lives. One day his mother dies and he's left to fend for himself. He starts to realise that he doesn't have a mother but a sister and that he is the only person he has. It's a difficult story to watch because it's a bit too real. It's a little bit sad but at the same time it's a bit too real for my liking. The acting is really good and the cinematography is good. The film is about 3 hours long but I think it could have been a little longer. I found the film to be quite slow and at times I found it to be boring. I found the film to be quite depressing and depressing is the wrong word. This is not a happy film. I thought that the film was too realistic and it wasn't as emotional as I would have liked. I thought that it was realistic because the boy who is the only one left in the world didn't have a mother and that he was the only one left in the world. I didn't think that it was sad because it didn't show the loss of a mother but I felt that it was sad because the boy was left to fend for himself and he didn't have a mother. I thought that the film was a bit too real and that it wasn't as emotional as I would have liked but I think that it is a very good film. It's a good film to watch but I think that it is a bit too realistic.

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