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Watch 311: Enlarged to Show Detail 3

(162) 8.5 133 min 2019

Join 311 and their dedicated fan base to several 311 Days, 311 cruises and festivals. Get to know the band personally and just what it means to be a fan.

Wayne Price

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Friday, 08 May 2020 09:47

Just like in his older work, Joe Donnelly and Jeff Goldblum are very in synch together, portraying characters that are meant to be friends. This was an interesting movie for me, in the sense that I was also introduced to Joe Donnelly in this movie (yes, I am an avid fan of his, and am a big fan of his current movies) and also he had directed and starred in the first movie with his son Max. Max and his brother played a part in this one too. This one was a dark movie, and more so that it was made for me, but also it was an interesting movie to me, and I liked the character that Joe Donnelly played in this one, I thought it was a good, dark, and depressing movie. The movie starts out with Max and his brother Eddie taking a boat trip on the bay, where they come across a dingy, which contains a dead body, and they pick it up, thinking it might be theirs, but the whole scene was not as interesting as Joe Donnelly's character in the first movie, who is walking around, drinking and having a good time, watching the bay, drinking coffee and also talking about what happened in his life, so he was not as in touch with reality as Max. Then Max was taking him to a movie theater, the movie he was watching was "the great hunter", and the movie had a deep theme in it that Joe Donnelly had done some research on. Joe Donnelly and Max's conversation with the waiter, the car salesman, and other people had a deeper meaning for Max. The movie had a conclusion for the character and it was dark, and it was not a happy movie. Joe Donnelly did a great job playing Max, in this movie, and I think he does a great job in this movie too. It was good to see Max again in this movie, and Max did not look like his old self in this one, I thought Max did a great job playing this character. The ending was great and I loved it, and in the end Joe Donnelly played a great role in this one as well. I really liked this movie for this reason and Joe Donnelly. This is a good, dark movie, that I liked. Joe Donnelly is a very cool character. This was a good movie that I enjoyed. 8/10
Tuesday, 28 Apr 2020 18:10

This is one of the more entertaining movies of the year, a more entertaining movie than Night Comes On. It is one of the films that make you think twice about watching any other movie. The movie revolves around a girl named Bianca (Lola Taylor), who has the name of the movie, and who by accident gets accidentally dosed with the new drug, Adderall. A screenwriter named Nolan (Michael Keaton) begins working with Bianca and he feels that Bianca is ready to be a screenwriter, but she is scared of using the drug, and as a result she never does. Nolan soon meets a girl named Lynn (Christina Ricci), who is the screenwriter of the movie and Nolan is attracted to her and she says that she loves to do 'Blue's Clues' and Nolan really loves to see her. Nolan soon discovers that Bianca is really ready to write and he begins to work with her. Nolan also meets a girl named Georgina (Valeria Golino), who is the house manager of Bianca's sister's and she is dating another guy named Mike (Mark McKinney). Mike is the real reason that Bianca is putting Adderall in her system and he also becomes obsessed with her, and they begin to have a real connection and start to have a real relationship. As the movie progresses Bianca starts to write a screenplay of her own and they are the two things that keep the movie going. I thought that this was a very original film and it was so fun to watch and you will be laughing out loud a lot. I really liked this movie and I would definitely recommend that you watch this movie.
Wednesday, 15 Apr 2020 16:05

I'm pretty sure the "Revolutions" (as in some kind of futuristic world?) has been done many, many times before, in all the countries where they originated. This movie was at least interesting to watch, and did have some pretty cool ideas, but not nearly as memorable as it could have been. Some moments, like the Jet's love story, or other Star Trek references, were made a little cliche, and were played for laughs rather than humor. Also, while the plot is pretty decent, there are a lot of things that don't make much sense. Like, who thought the Romulans would attack Kirk and company? The planet in "Revenge of the Sith" is about 7 years ahead of the average time span of Earth's civilization, yet the Romulans have left signs of technology a few thousand years earlier. Yet when the Enterprise, with all its technology, is able to destroy the planet, everything is set up for a million years. Also, how is it that a fleet of 22 Star Destroyers can suddenly decide to patrol a planet that doesn't have a ship of its own? Wouldn't a few squadrons of starships have made sense? Besides these little problems, there is a good amount of the movie that is extremely interesting, like a brief scene of the Enterprise getting a walk-on role in a Star Trek episode, as well as a scene where a man is having problems talking to his son. These and other scenes are worth watching for. "Revolutions" has some good ideas. A lot of this is what makes the first Star Trek movie so great. This movie could have used some tweaking, however.

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