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(225611) 3.7 125 min 1997

Batman & Robin is a movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, George Clooney, and Chris O'Donnell. Batman and Robin try to keep their relationship together even as they must stop Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy from freezing Gotham City.

George Clooney, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chris O'Donnell, Uma Thurman
Action, Sci-Fi
Joel Schumacher

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Audio English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Action, Sci-Fi
Director Joel Schumacher
Writer Akiva Goldsman, Bob Kane
Stars George Clooney, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chris O'Donnell, Uma Thurman
Country USA, UK
Also Known As Batman i Robin, Batman and Robin, Batman a Robin, Batman 4, Batman és Robin, 蝙蝠俠4:急凍人, Batman et Robin, Betmen i Robin, Netopierí muž a Robin, Batman ve Robin, Betmenas ir Robinas, バットマン&ロビン Mr.フリーズの逆襲, Batman ja Robin, Μπάτμαν & Ρόμπιν, Batman si Robin, Batman in Robin, Batman y Robin, Batman & Robin - Mr. Freeze no gyakushuu
Runtime 2H 5M
Description Batman and Robin try to keep their relationship together even as they must stop Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy from freezing Gotham City.

Top reviews

Wednesday, 01 Apr 2020 15:29

When you first see the movie you will notice how unlike Batman Begins the new Batmobile was. What that does is that it makes you notice that they really needed to cut out the rest of the movie. This is a much better movie then Batman Begins. The only problem is that when you see the movie you will notice that there are a lot of things you will miss. The Joker has a lot of lines in this movie. I think this was because the movie didn't focus on him the first time we see him and when we see him the second time it feels a bit odd. The last time we see him he is fighting Batman, which feels odd. The other thing is that he seems to be one of the few villains that really cares about Batman. The only other villains that do is the Riddler and Catwoman. The second time we see Batman you will notice that he doesn't have his usual grin and he has a lot of problems dealing with him. This movie has a lot of fighting scenes, which is good. It also has some special effects, which I thought were pretty good. The best scene is the last fight scene between Batman and the Joker, which I thought was really good. The first time we see the Joker he is in the prison, which was really odd because he was in the prison last time. This movie has some great action scenes and it has a lot of suspense. The other thing I noticed is that the film is shorter than the first one. This is really good because it helps you get to know Batman more and I think that is why they are really shortening the film. This movie also has some really great special effects. The Batmobile is really cool and they really use it well. This is the only time I think the Batmobile really is worth the extra cost. The Joker is really cool and you really get to know him. He has a really funny side and he is very smart. He also has a lot of problems dealing with Batman. This movie has a lot of great fight scenes and the special effects are great. I also think that the ending is a little to long, but that is really because it is Batman's and the Joker's story, not Batman and the Riddler's. Overall this movie is really good. I think that people who are new to Batman will like this movie and I think that people who are fans of the Batman universe will like this movie. This movie is really good and I think it is the best in the series.
Sunday, 29 Mar 2020 18:14

This film was, and still is, the best of the summer so far. The cast is great. The story is great. The action is great. Everything about this film is great. However, the special effects were an issue for me. There are so many scenes in this film that are great. The first fight scene with Batman is the best action I've seen in a superhero film in a long time. I can't wait for the next Batman movie. And while I think the action in this film is great, I feel the special effects are too much. For example, the cat fight between Batman and Robin is spectacular. But the action scene with Batman in the lab with Catwoman is over-the-top and somewhat silly. This movie is great, but there are some flaws. First, the ending. I understand that a movie is supposed to have a good resolution, but for this movie it was just a bit too long. There was so much buildup to the ending that the movie just seemed to go on for a little too long. In addition, I was disappointed that there was no part of the story dealing with the corruption of Bruce Wayne. I wanted to see how he was being corrupted by his "Dark Side." I wanted to know what he was going to do to help save Gotham and his people. It seemed that this story was left on the cutting room floor. And as far as the Batman & Robin story goes, there were a lot of unanswered questions. Batman's parents were never mentioned. The "Dark Side" of Batman is never really explained. And as a result, there are a lot of unanswered questions. Overall, I thought this was a very good movie. It was great to see Batman and Robin team up again. I was very pleased with the action scenes and I thought the story was great. But the special effects were a bit over-the-top. It is the greatest superhero film ever, but it could have been better.
Saturday, 28 Mar 2020 18:12

There's a certain mythological quality to the Nolan films, a sense of cinematic wonder and escapism that his films have inspired and have continued to do so in this third instalment in his Batman trilogy. The sense of awe that he exudes as he leads the Batman series has clearly gotten him a lot of attention, and rightly so, as it is perhaps his best film to date. It is undoubtedly one of the most impressive and complex Batman movies, yet it has also been criticised for being too heavy-handed and taking itself too seriously, especially the emotional scenes. I am a fan of Nolan's movies, but for me, that doesn't matter too much as the emotion is what is important and there's a certain charm that can only be ascribed to a good movie when you can actually feel the pain and suffering that Batman is experiencing. This is certainly one of the best Batman movies, period, and I believe that Nolan should definitely be recognised as the greatest director in the world of film, but I can't help but think that this is the best of the three. The movie is undoubtedly a labour of love and at times it feels like a series of ideas and ideas of other films were brought together to make a cohesive whole. The performances are all great, with Christian Bale and Gary Oldman getting the majority of the praise for their work here, but it's hard not to be impressed by both the performances of Anne Hathaway and Morgan Freeman, who are both good, but Hathaway really shines here and Freeman's performance is possibly the best in the movie. I also loved how much Nolan's vision of Gotham City, in particular the Penguin, really felt real and true to the character. The visuals are all spectacular, the story is simple and very well-crafted, the music is really good, the cinematography is superb and Nolan has done a lot of work in making the film look great and visually stunning. There's a lot of things that make this movie stand out, but it's definitely the strong acting and the strong story that make this one of the best Batman movies, period.
Sunday, 22 Mar 2020 08:37

In this summer of mixed results, "Batman & Robin" is a shining beacon of the genre. It starts out very strongly. Bruce Wayne is injured and in the hospital. This sets the scene for a great beginning. As the story unfolds, we are taken through a roller-coaster of emotions. There are the three villains: Two scarred men and a brutal rapist, who each are shown to be terrifying. And then there is Bruce Wayne, who wants to make the best of his life. A revelation about his past is also revealed, and we are all blown away. Now, the bad news. The ending is a bit disappointing. Bruce's "Nightmare" is a complete and utter disaster. The message that Bruce is going to live with, is totally contradicted by the fact that the police are so concerned about this. And then there is the "Nightmare". We get it, this movie is horrible. But the ending is brilliant. Bruce Wayne is supposed to be one man, but that is not really the case. The best Bruce Wayne story ever told is "Batman Begins", a movie that made Bruce Wayne as a hero and a character that we can love. Bruce Wayne in "Batman & Robin" is a different thing entirely. His personality is not what we would call "normal". The problem is that Bruce Wayne is not a normal human being. This movie shows us that. Bruce Wayne's lack of empathy for others, his inability to be himself, his ruthlessness, his cowardice, his anger and his hatred. We really get a feeling for Bruce Wayne's character, even though he is supposed to be a normal person. The director did a great job with this movie. This is one of the best films I have seen all year. It's great to see Tim Burton back at the helm. The visuals are gorgeous. The lighting, the camera movements, the colors. All are beautiful. The action scenes are realistic and the actors are perfectly cast. Kevin Conroy is fantastic. He is in his best performance in years. Anne Hathaway is great, as usual. Her transformation is a bit abrupt, but her acting is solid. Even Ben Affleck is a great Batman. I have not seen the character in any other movie since "Batman Begins". Bruce Wayne's journey is a lot more emotional than I expected. It is a tragic movie, but the ending is excellent.
Saturday, 21 Mar 2020 23:41

I liked this film. I was more interested in it than The Dark Knight. This film is interesting to me because it's very different than the previous two movies. I thought it was about as dark and gritty as the previous movies. Batman and Robin is about one of the few movies where Batman and Robin were not directly involved. They only showed Robin, who was shown being attracted to Batman. The next film was the final chapter of the three films and it was all about Batman. They are all based on comic books, so the story is based on the comic books. It wasn't clear in the comics where the story was going. There were no major events that had not been shown in previous movies, so there was no mystery. In the comics, there were characters who are always involved with Batman. One of them was Catwoman, who was always involved with Batman. When they were all going to fight each other, they all had their own reasons for fighting each other. That is what made this movie interesting. Batman was not involved in it, so they were going to fight each other, and Batman was not going to be involved. They showed their own reasons for fighting each other, so it was not a mystery. There was no mystery to this film. It had some dark moments, but it was a fun film. I was also disappointed that it was only about three films and it wasn't three films. The last movie is only about one hour and thirty minutes, so it was really short. I was expecting more. The Batmobile is one of the coolest vehicles in the film. There were a lot of Batman villains in this movie. They all had their own motivations. The Joker was pretty cool, as well as The Riddler. Two of the best villains in the film. There was a lot of plot in this movie. I wasn't expecting this much plot, but it was still good. I liked the fact that it was all in the comics. It was all about Batman. There was no connection between the films. Batman didn't fight anyone. He was only fighting one of the villains, so he wasn't fighting anyone else. Batman was just trying to defeat all of the villains. This movie was very different from the previous films, and it was one of the best comic book movies of the past decade.
Thursday, 19 Mar 2020 02:25

Okay, so you know the plot. I'm sure you have heard of the debate as to whether or not this film is a remake of the first film or not. Well, I don't think that it's a remake. I think this film is a sequel. I know that if you're a fan of the first film, you might not like this film, but I think that people who aren't fans of the first film will probably enjoy this film. I'm not saying that the first film was great. It wasn't. I mean, that film was a masterpiece. The first film was incredibly fun and imaginative, with great acting, a solid story, and a lot of action. This film is a continuation of that, and that is something that it has a lot of, not only in the action scenes, but also in the story and characters. All the characters are fleshed out. They all have some sort of backstory and they have motivations for what they do. Batman, for example, has this code that he has to live by. Alfred is his sidekick and Alfred's secret identity, but Batman is his best friend, so Alfred is not completely secret. They both have things that they want to do, but it's not really clear what they want. I like how they are both being loyal to Batman. It is a very serious tone and they are both very good at it. The whole movie is very serious and dark. I like how they keep the action on the lighter side of things. It is very dark and sometimes very gory. I don't think it is necessary for the action to be so gory. The film is very exciting and fun, but it also has great humor. I don't know if they could have made the film a comedy, but they tried to, and it worked. In general, I like how they tried to make the film a continuation of the first film. They did this in the first film, but I think it worked. It's not perfect, but it's very good. The film is very fun, and I really enjoy it. It has a lot of humor and a lot of action. It is a very good action film. This is an exciting, fun, and entertaining film. This is a very good film, but I think that it is a continuation of the first film. I would give it a rating of 8 out of 10. I recommend this film to anyone who likes action and a good movie. If you're a fan of the first film, I think that you will like this film. If you haven't seen the first film, you should still see it. This film has action, humor, and a great story. This is a very good film.

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