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(38245) 6.1 98 min 2016

A Hologram for the King is a movie starring Tom Hanks, Omar Elba, and Sarita Choudhury. A failed American sales rep looks to recoup his losses by traveling to Saudi Arabia and selling his company's product to a wealthy monarch.

Ben Whishaw, Tom Hanks, Sarita Choudhury, Omar Elba
Comedy, Drama, Romance
Tom Tykwer

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Audio English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Comedy, Drama, Romance
Director Tom Tykwer
Writer Tom Tykwer, Dave Eggers
Stars Ben Whishaw, Tom Hanks, Sarita Choudhury, Omar Elba
Country Germany, Mexico, UK, USA, France
Also Known As Aspettando il re, Kungens hologram, Hologram dla króla, Hologram për Mbretin, Negócio das Arábias, Esperando al rey, Kuninkaan hologrammi, Ein Hologramm für den König, 王様のためのホログラム, Un hologramme pour le roi, Hologram a királynak, Holograma karaliui, Un holograma para el rey, 梭哈人生, Karalisks piedāvājums, Hologram za kralja, Un Hologramme pour le Roi, Hologramã pentru rege, Hologramm kuningale, Ένα ολόγραμμα για τον βασιλιά, Un Holograma para el Rey, Kral İçin Hologram
Runtime 1H 38M
Description A failed American sales rep looks to recoup his losses by traveling to Saudi Arabia and selling his company's product to a wealthy monarch.

Top reviews

Saturday, 13 Jun 2020 16:33

This movie was good. I was surprised at how good. Although it is not an original story, it did make me think of many things. It is a drama about the growing influence of the internet and the struggle of living on the internet. In one scene the two main characters have their first conversations with the internet while the music was playing. I could see that the internet was so important to these people. The characters in this movie had to be really attractive to get people to care about them. At the beginning of the movie, the main character is just a stranger on the internet. He was just starting to try to make connections with the people in the world. I think it is interesting how the internet is becoming more important than anything else in our lives. You can make connections with people and people become more interested in you. I liked the way that the main character gradually develops more interest in the internet. I think that this movie is about the internet and how it will affect our lives. The second main character, who is much older than the main character, started to be really interested in the internet when he was younger. His father didn't pay much attention to his studies. He started to make some friends and eventually his father started to pay attention to his studies. He also started to listen to the music that he liked. I think that the internet is very important to all of us. As I mentioned earlier, it is an internet movie. I think that the actors did a great job at portraying the internet characters. In some scenes, I couldn't believe that the characters were real. It was kind of cool. I also liked the way that the director used many of the effects in the movie. There were many things that I thought were cool. For example, the internet as a message board, the windows message board, and the message board as a message board. There are many things that were cool about this movie. Overall, this was a good movie. It was a nice change of pace from all of the other dramas. It was really refreshing. I also think that it was good to have a movie about the internet.
Tuesday, 09 Jun 2020 18:21

With all the talk of this being the greatest film of all time and having all the world's major film festivals proclaiming that it is the greatest film of all time, it is easy to believe that this could only be the film that these people should be most excited about. And yet, this film is still a little disappointing to me. The film's biggest failing is probably the fact that it is pretty short, at about two hours, which makes it less engaging. This doesn't mean that it is bad, but it is still not as much fun as it could have been. The film's greatest strength is its performances. The acting in this film is superb. You can't help but admire their performances, especially Emma Thompson as the female lead. Her character is strong, powerful, and that alone makes her a great actress. Michael Gambon is also excellent as the character of Alan Parker. This is an absolutely fantastic performance. The supporting cast is also great. Mark Rylance is particularly good as the silent, amnesiac King Charles II. The character is a perfect representation of the feeling of the time period, which is well done. The film is very funny and full of comedy, as well. It is very funny at times and it is also very funny in the right places, and it is never preachy or overbearing. The film's soundtrack is also good. The music is great and it is unique. It is also very memorable and makes the film memorable. The film's soundtrack is a mix of rock, pop, and jazz. Some of the music is great and some of it is not so great. The film's score is definitely one of the most memorable things about the film. The score in the film is certainly one of the best things about the film, but it is a mix of music that has a strong and beautiful score. The score is unique and fits the film. The film's biggest failing is that it is very predictable. I was expecting this film to be a little more unpredictable. The film's most significant flaw is its ending. This film is not a complete mess. It is not a perfect film, but it is not terrible either. The film is good, but it is good, and it is not perfect. If you are looking for a movie that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy, then this is the film for you. If you want a film that is entertaining, interesting, and full of action, then this is the film for you.
Sunday, 19 Apr 2020 19:21

Before I begin, I should say I am a sucker for a good romantic comedy. If you like romances, you'll love this movie. As it stands, I found this movie very enjoyable, as it is about a woman who becomes a writer of sentimental stories for a living. As her stories are turned into "holograms" for the King, who is so intrigued by the stories she has written, he invites her to write about him. She does this and finds a very fulfilling job. The best part is when she realizes that she is marrying a man who is a different person than the one she thought she knew. As the movie progresses, you will find yourself both rooting for the storyteller, and being drawn into the plot and the characters. The humor in this movie is not meant to be humorous, but rather is meant to be humorous. So while you may find some parts of the movie completely unenjoyable, you will find that there are very few parts of the movie that you will find yourself unenjoying. The cinematography was good, as was the directing. I especially enjoyed the aerial shots. This movie is about a woman who is brought to the King of France by her brother, but doesn't seem to fit the profile of his new bride. You will be rooting for her to find out the real her, but when the storyteller begins to relate her story to the King, you will find yourself surprised and loving her too. The performances were fine, with the exception of Meryl Streep, who could have been more appealing as the writer. As she was on display in the second half of the movie, I was surprised to see that she wasn't as good in the first half. I think that was a mistake on her part, as she had her moments. Christian Bale as the writer of the stories was brilliant, and I will be recommending this movie to anyone who has a good time watching it. One of the most memorable parts of the movie was when the main character is saying goodbye to the woman she has just met, and she says to her "What is it you want?" She says, "To have you as my friend." In conclusion, this movie is definitely not for everyone, but if you are in the mood for a rom-com that is very romantic, and worth watching, then this is a movie you will not want to miss.
Monday, 30 Mar 2020 02:55

In the past decade I have watched quite a few films that I've liked. I'm not afraid to say that the second part of this trilogy is one of them. It's very charming and contains a very nice balance of emotions and logic. The whole series starts with a character you don't want to see again. He's a struggling writer, and what is this film about? A guy who has written a screenplay but is really unhappy. You might wonder if it's a film about his life, his wife, or his pain. You probably will, but I think it's more about how he must deal with his own pain. It's a nice approach, and the balance of emotions is just right. The dialogue is funny and sometimes touching. The screenplay is simple, but the message it conveys is powerful. It is a pity that they didn't let more than one writer be involved in the movie, because they could have added more depth to it. The character he has chosen for this role, a successful writer who makes money with his writing, is perfect for the role, because he's a "successful" writer, who has made enough money, but he's also the sort who wants to be loved, and who can't live without his wife. When he's not writing a screenplay, he can't feel any emotion. When he's writing it, he doesn't know how to be in love with the one he's writing about, because he's too busy. They have to be together somehow. It's a good approach. I liked the dialogues and the film itself, but the actors are the main attraction here. It's always great to see such actors. Just like in "The French Connection", David Strathairn is terrific, and he's great in it, but it's the wonderful British actor Sam Neill who steals the show. He's one of the best actors I've seen in a long time, and he's just as good here. He doesn't seem to be speaking English, but his accent is spot-on. He's perfect as the struggling writer, who doesn't know how to be in love with his wife, and he's the best character in this film, because it's difficult to find him to be the star. He's very real, and is also very funny, even though he's a bit annoying. And what about the wife? I don't know what to say about her, but it's great that she's a strong character, and I think she's great in the role. She has a great presence and is really strong. I think she's the

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