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(1274) 4.8 109 min 2018

Out of Blue is a movie starring Patricia Clarkson, James Caan, and Jacki Weaver. When Detective Mike Hoolihan is called to investigate the shooting of leading astrophysicist and black hole expert, Jennifer Rockwell, she is affected...

Jacki Weaver, James Caan, Patricia Clarkson, Aaron Tveit
Crime, Mystery, Drama
Carol Morley

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Audio English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Crime, Mystery, Drama
Director Carol Morley
Writer Martin Amis, Carol Morley
Stars Jacki Weaver, James Caan, Patricia Clarkson, Aaron Tveit
Country UK, USA
Also Known As Niebieski pył, Iz vedra neba, Out of Blue - Indagine pericolosa
Runtime 1H 49M
Description When Detective Mike Hoolihan is called to investigate the shooting of leading astrophysicist and black hole expert, Jennifer Rockwell, she is affected in ways she struggles to comprehend.

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Wednesday, 27 May 2020 20:08

I wasn't expecting much from this film, especially in comparison to "the return" and "the accident" but it has certainly exceeded my expectations. The first 30 minutes of this movie were the best I have seen in a long time. The story starts off with a young couple on their honeymoon with a relaxing night out in Venice. The story is simple, when the couple is on their way home, their car is hit and they get stuck in the middle of the road. They keep trying to keep going, but eventually, their car explodes due to an explosion. As a result, their car has to be towed away from the road. This is a movie about a father and son, who lost their wife and only have a young son. But, he is always ready to get help and is already getting help from a gynecologist, who takes in a young woman he was dating. He is also getting help from a church. At the beginning, the son was kept at home with his father. The father died and the mother wanted the young girl, who's mother was so emotional that she had to be in hospital, and took the young boy away. However, the son is actually ready to take his mother's place and looks forward to being with her. However, she is still upset because she thinks her daughter didn't get enough help from her. So, they all agree that they will help the young man, who is actually a gynecologist, to find a new mother. The film has some flaws. Some of the scenes could have been better and I felt that the characters weren't fleshed out enough. But, overall, the story has really inspired me to watch other movies, which I hadn't watched before. I recommend it.
Sunday, 17 May 2020 03:00

Director Vikramaditya Motwane has crafted another tense and exciting tale in the suspense thriller. Set in rural India, an obscure local gangster and his crooked-business partner Dileep (Siraj Puri) are arrested and are thrown into a remand centre. This facility is run by evil, cold, macho new police chief Bimal Roy (Manoj Bajpai) who locks the two men in a cell. Faced with the possibility of being shot by the guards, the two men must avoid being shot by the guards. Then, if they are lucky, the guards are allowed to shoot the one. The first half is riveting, particularly the jailbreak sequence. It is extremely well shot and the three main actors, Ajay Devgan, Rita Panabaker and Manoj Bajpai, do a fine job. Director Motwane also manages to handle the legal side of the film nicely. He uses it to his advantage in order to keep the audience on the edge of their seats and to emphasise the importance of the two. The other aspect of the film that keeps the audience on edge is the way Bimal Roy abuses his authority. Although he never overreacts to the prisoners, his abuse becomes very obvious. He is always saying 'Jahiny!' and then turning into a wily old man. The way he manipulates the guards is quite interesting. His inflexibility makes him the perfect villain and he is also very interesting to watch. The second half is also riveting. The final confrontation between Bimal Roy and Ajay Devgan is also very suspenseful. The next scene between them reminds us how strong their fight has become. Akshay Kumar does a fine job. Rita Panabaker looks gorgeous. Manoj Bajpai is fine as always. This is one of the few films in which Manoj Bajpai is not an excellent actor. He is acceptable but has few problems. For instance, he overacts a lot. So, he is always at his best in the latter half. Manoj Bajpai has an unusual accent. He does a better job of it here. He is also very good at keeping the dialogue clear and keeps it in the traditional Hindi. With this, the film has become more accessible to mainstream viewers. Overall, the film has a strong story and a number of fine performances.
Saturday, 09 May 2020 00:38

Hollywood's studios are producing huge amounts of trash, but without good movies, the masses will be brainwashed to hate them. In "The Longest Yard", a small town's inmates fight to become the state champion and become free. At the same time, he plays an inmate in the prison. It seems that this has some sort of connection, and the inmates are now fighting over the inmates that are played by the inmates. It's sort of a ghetto-like city, and the prison becomes a bar. The main characters of the movie are Vincent, (Chris Cooper), a big guy who has been fighting in the prison for 10 years, and one of the inmates, named Em, (Josh Lucas), who is a younger man, but also a prisoner. Em becomes friends with Vincent, while his love interest, another inmate named Dr. Abby, (Anna Kendrick), is "disappointed" with Vincent. Vincent is an average-sized guy, while Dr. Abby is pretty big, so the two women become very jealous of each other. The most violent prison fight ever is a relatively short one, where the inmates are in a metal cage (metal cage), and the glass walls are covered with a disgusting liquid. It's hard to see what happens, but they all get shocked by the liquid, and then they are sprayed with it, and there is an explosion. But why is the glass kept there? If it's cheap, why would anyone keep it there? That's a little bit of detail. The other day, we were in the library, and I was talking to my friend, about prison movies, and some of them I really liked, like "Hill Street Blues", and "Dances With Wolves". But there are some, which are really bad, like "The Wrestler", and "High Plains Drifter". I hope that Hollywood will produce more good prison movies like "The Longest Yard", "Don't Come Back", and "Cookie's Fortune". Thanks for reading. I don't write any of my reviews here, but you are important to me. My blog is full of reviews. Feel free to come and visit my blog. I have a site. You can visit my blog at westofseashore.wordpress.com. Do you want to read about what I do? There are reviews of my blog, and how you can get access to my website. If you want to read my reviews, you can go to the top of the page and scroll to the bottom. You will see the reviews for "The Longest Yard". I can't write any more reviews, but if you have any questions or comments about it, contact me at: [email protected]
Tuesday, 14 Apr 2020 23:30

Jack (Jeremy Irvine) is a poor, alcoholic alcoholic, that wants to get out of jail in four years. Unfortunately, his family has a history of a violent son and his past is right in front of his eyes. Jack's mother was the mother that tried to kill his father, and her grandson now is the father that wants to kill his mother. So, Jack must decide whether to use his gun to kill his mother or kill his mother's grandson. Will he make the right decision, or will his mother's grandson be the one that gets killed? This is the story of a man who has been given a second chance by a bunch of people in his life that thinks he should use his powers to get out of the place he is in. Then, Jack goes on a journey with these people that show him how he can use his powers and also how they can use them against him. This movie was kind of scary because this was the story of someone that was going to kill a lot of people, but, I think it worked out well, because, it kind of did make you think what will happen to someone that has this great power. In this movie, we find out that Jack doesn't have the strength to kill his own mother, and how he has to go through that. This movie also shows the story of how Jack's family died, and how he tried to find out what happened to them. They all have a big story to tell him. I really like this movie because it kind of shows a lot of things, that may not be good for a lot of people to see. This movie also has the story of some people that don't like gun violence, but, the real issue with this movie is the people that are still alive that were affected by this violence. Overall, this movie was really great. I like the story that it tells and the things that it shows us. This is a good movie to watch if you like things that have a little of something scary about them. It really shows that you don't have to be a violent movie fan to enjoy this movie. If you are a fan of movies that have some good scares, you will definitely enjoy this movie. If you are a fan of movies that are violent, you probably will not like this movie.
Monday, 13 Apr 2020 04:18

The end is in sight, but what we are given instead of the resolution of a really interesting story (that is, if we see it at all) is a nonsensical, rather insipid tale of a detective with a bit of a weird fascination for young girls. The film stars Nicole Kidman, Michael Pitt, and Samuel L. Jackson. As the film opens, Kidman is in the same bedroom with Jackson, their respective parents have a little argument, and she is compelled to keep him locked in the room. When she eventually asks Jackson to take his shirt off, she doesn't return his interest in her, though he continues to follow her around. This is a strange, almost non-existent, relationship that only finds time to come to light towards the end. As it is, this film is extremely tedious. Michael Pitt and Nicole Kidman have interesting chemistry together, but their scenes together are so long, and so far from the point where you might have expected them to start bonding, that it was difficult to care about the outcome of their relationship. There are also a couple of sex scenes that are a bit of a waste. They just don't seem to fit with the rest of the film. And then there is the character of the father, played by Samuel L. Jackson. There is a small but clear element of homophobia, even though he is a rather decent man. He just seems to lack the effort required for being an anti-gay bigot, and I think that is what makes his character come across as so odd. So, we have a well-intentioned man who just doesn't know how to be an anti-gay bigot, and therefore ends up being at the most of times a disgusting human being. I think the whole film is a bit of a mess, and in a way is a bit disappointing. The ending is also extremely muddled. The "twist" is a bit of a cop-out. It is an overlong piece of film, and if you like the type of film I mentioned before, you might want to look elsewhere. However, if you are a romantic film-lover, then you might want to give this one a try. I guess you'll just have to see it for yourself.
Saturday, 28 Mar 2020 08:51

If you're looking for a different feel, and if you're into the more mature side of the film-going experience, then you should give this one a look. However, if you're looking for a smart thriller with some twists and turns, then you're probably better off finding something else. This film really has the makings of being one of the best crime thrillers in years, but as a thriller, it's just not as good as it should have been. It's no Black Book or even a standard John Grisham film, but it's a decent watch that doesn't make you feel anything other than a bit misled at times. The movie is based around the deaths of a couple in prison, and we spend a good deal of time with them as they suffer the loss of their son, and the onset of a mental breakdown that brings them to the point of no return. The movie does a good job of showing us the psychological breakdown, and the progress of a man who has had it with his life and has decided to take matters into his own hands. It's hard not to be distracted by the story, especially if you're in the mood for something a little different, but there's not much here to recommend this film. The acting is first rate, with Daniel Craig making a great attempt at being a protagonist, but he's too young to really carry this movie on his shoulders, and it doesn't really matter that much. Tom Hardy is good too, but not as good as he is in Taken or Casino Royale, and there are a couple of scenes that don't quite measure up to the great performances he usually puts up. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised at how well this movie was put together. The ending is a bit of a let down, but the movie makes up for it in the next few minutes. While it's not the best movie of the year, it's certainly one that'll keep you entertained for the next few hours.

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