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(11849) 6.2 105 min 2017

Churchill is a movie starring Brian Cox, Miranda Richardson, and John Slattery. Ninety-six hours before the World War II invasion of Normandy, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill struggles with his severe reservations with...

Brian Cox, Miranda Richardson, Julian Wadham, John Slattery
History, War, Biography, Drama
Jonathan Teplitzky

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Audio English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres History, War, Biography, Drama
Director Jonathan Teplitzky
Writer Alex von Tunzelmann
Stars Brian Cox, Miranda Richardson, Julian Wadham, John Slattery
Country UK
Also Known As Warlord, チャーチル ノルマンディーの決断
Runtime 1H 45M
Description June 1944. Allied Forces stand on the brink: a massive army is secretly assembled on the south coast of Britain, poised to re-take Nazi-occupied Europe. One man stands in their way: Winston Churchill. Behind the iconic figure and rousing speeches: a man who has faced political ridicule, military failure and a speech impediment. An impulsive, sometimes bullying personality - fearful, obsessive and hurting. Fearful of repeating, on his disastrous command, the mass slaughter of 1915, when hundreds of thousands of young men were cut down on the beaches of Gallipoli. Obsessed with fulfilling historical greatness: his destiny. Exhausted by years of war and plagued by depression, Churchill is a shadow of the hero who has resisted Hitler's Blitzkrieg. Should the D-Day landings fail, he is terrified he'll be remembered as an architect of carnage. Political opponents sharpen their knives. General Eisenhower and Field Marshal Montgomery are increasingly frustrated by Churchill's attempts to stop the invasion. King George VI must intervene. Only the support of Churchill's brilliant, yet exasperated wife Clementine can halt the Prime Minister's physical and mental collapse. The untold story of Britain's most celebrated leader, uncovering the true nature of Churchill's herculean war-time status and his vital relationship with "Clemmie" - his backbone and total confidant...the love that inspired him to greatness.

Top reviews

Monday, 25 May 2020 02:03

A film that takes us on a journey through history, politics, and human emotions. A political thriller with a fantastic cast and an interesting plot. But most importantly, it shows the deep emotions and turmoil of a country that has seen a lot of conflict and hardship. With the war in Korea now a distant memory, the story begins as John Foster Dulles (Tom Hanks) is being elected to the position of United States President in 1961. He is the one that will decide who is going to be in the White House and who is going to be on the other side of the fence. However, before he is elected, he is being interviewed by a Senator who was involved in the war. This Senator was involved with the Chinese and his daughter was in a Chinese prison camp. He decides to leave his interview to get his daughter out of the camp. John decides to take him to the hotel. While he is there, he begins to bond with the Senator and starts to realize that he has feelings for his daughter. While his son and daughter are in the hotel, they begin to bond with each other. The next day, John meets his old friend and foe, Joseph Stalin (Robert Redford) who becomes the U.S. President. He tells John that he has had a relationship with his daughter in prison. This is the start of a love triangle with the Senator and his daughter. As the movie continues, John is on the run and goes to Vietnam to help the Vietnamese people. There he meets fellow Vietnam veterans and is forced to become a diplomat in the country. At the same time, John becomes a political candidate for the office. He is able to win the election and is able to lead the country back to a normal life. The movie is great and really shows how people in the political arena have to deal with a lot of emotions. The love triangle between John and the Senator is great and really shows the complex emotions that people have to deal with. This movie is great, a great political thriller, and a great movie to watch.
Wednesday, 20 May 2020 02:20

Let's start with the cast. It's the best thing about this movie. I don't like Ian McKellen as Gandalf the White, but the other three are terrific. Christopher Lee does a good job as Gandalf, but he is only in the movie for about half of the movie. I think that the casting for Gandalf is one of the most important elements to make this movie work. The other big strength of the cast is that the movie has a little bit of everything, from the sword-and-sorcery to the historical-theater scenes. The movie is not a visual spectacle, but the music score is awesome and all the actors do a good job with their roles. As for the story, the story is a little predictable, but I don't really mind. The movie is pretty much about war, and Gandalf does a great job of portraying Gandalf the White, the greatest of the wizards. The acting is fantastic, and the movie has a great message about war, about saving a world and about the strength of a good leader. The only thing that I did not like about the movie was the romance between Ian and Arwen. The only thing that was not good was that the main character was a woman. I have not read the book, so I can't say whether that was intentional or not. I can say that the movie is great, but I don't think it's better than the book. I think that this is an excellent movie that deserves to be seen, but I don't think it's better than the book. The movie has some flaws, but it is great, so I don't really mind. I rate this movie a 7 out of 10.
Saturday, 16 May 2020 23:42

I've seen this film once and really enjoyed it. It had me glued to the screen, and I have been searching for it ever since. I'm so glad I found it, because it's a great movie. It's worth watching again and again and again. This is a great film, and if you like history, I think you'll love it. It's not like many other films that portray WW II from a point of view from the Allies, but you really have to be in the right mood. For example, if you're a WWII buff, I think you'd love this film, but if you're not, I don't think you'll be disappointed. I love it, and it has become a favorite of mine. The film is set in the early part of the 20th century, and is set in England, with a few locations in Scotland. Churchill is the British Prime Minister, and his father is a Duke. There are no other British royals in the film, except for the Prince of Wales, but it's more about his father and the Duke. There are three major stories in this film, and I think the three stories are very interesting. The story of Churchill, and how he became the leader that he was. The story of his time in the army, and how he came to his current position. And the story of the Nazis, and the strategies they used in their war. The film is very well done, and it's very powerful, but it's not the best film I've ever seen. I think it's a great film, but it's not as good as I thought it would be. It's worth watching, but not as good as I thought it would be. It's one of the best films I've seen, and it's definitely worth seeing. I give it a 7/10.
Thursday, 14 May 2020 08:56

I wasn't looking forward to seeing this film at first because I've heard some bad things about it. But I was very pleasantly surprised by it. Yes, it is a bit of a slow start, but it gets better and better as it goes along. There is also a lot of great acting by the entire cast. The most notable is Daniel Day-Lewis as Winston Churchill, who was a young man when the film was made. He was very convincing as Churchill and his accent was very good as well. I was very impressed with his performance, especially considering the fact that he's an American actor. His portrayal of Churchill was especially impressive, and he gave a very believable portrayal. In fact, it was one of the most convincing portrayals I have ever seen of a Churchill. I also liked the portrayal of Churchill's daughter, Clementine, who was also an excellent actress. Her performance was also very good. However, the performance of Winston Churchill was perhaps the most impressive part of this film. I can't say that he was a very good actor, but he did a very good job of playing Churchill, and his performance was very convincing. His performance was especially good when he was at the end of his life, because he was a man who was going to be a great leader, but he was not able to do that. This film is about his life, and he was a great leader. Although it is a bit of a slow start, it still gets better and better as it goes along. It was definitely a film that I recommend to anyone who wants to see an excellent film that will have you thinking for a long time afterwards. The acting is very good, the direction is very good, and the film is very exciting throughout.
Saturday, 25 Apr 2020 13:27

I must say I did not know what to expect from this movie and in that sense I found it not as good as the previous movies. The film itself had its weak points and there were moments where I could not understand what the characters were saying or doing. The main reason why I like this movie is because of the performances of the actors. Sean Connery is absolutely brilliant in this movie and portrays the British leadership as someone who is completely under pressure and can only survive by his own will and his own decisions. He's seen as a man of the people who always manages to find the right things to do for the nation, and that's the reason why he is loved by the British people. Then there is the lovely and talented Judi Dench who is so brilliantly charming and convincing as Queen Elizabeth II, and she is such a great actress that I'm sure she will be winning awards for this movie. Colin Firth is a great actor, and he does a good job in this film too, but his character is not as interesting as the one portrayed by the British royal family. I think there are some good points in this movie, but it does have some flaws. The bad points are: There are some scenes where the film is just too slow and not thrilling enough. I understand that this was a war movie and there are times when it would be a good idea to show scenes of battle, but in the first half hour of the movie the film could have been shorter. The film was also a bit slow and was not exciting. Overall, I think this movie is a good one, but it's not a classic like some people have made it out to be. It's just good movie that I would recommend to the average person.
Monday, 20 Apr 2020 13:44

This is a good film to see if you are interested in history and are interested in seeing how two men, who were enemies and had to get along in the middle of the war, both had to come to terms with their relationship and the differences they had in their personal lives. The film starts off with Churchill being very angry at the British government. He was under siege from his critics, and he was making some unpopular decisions at that time. This is when he was dealing with the Secretary of State for War. This was in response to the criticism he had received over the war. At this point, the film starts to show how the two men came together. The film shows how Churchill became more concerned about how he could make a difference in the war. He tried to find ways to get more people to help him. He was finally convinced that the only way to do that was by recruiting the young men of the British army. This is the same time that he was becoming more concerned about how he could help the British people. The film ends with Churchill being forced to resign as Prime Minister. The film shows how the two men came to terms with their differences. Churchill was forced to be a man of the people, a person who cared about what was going on in the war. Churchill was unable to change what he wanted to change. But Churchill, a man who believed in his country and his nation, was able to change his mind and bring his country back from the brink of defeat. I think that this film is a good film to see if you want to see how two men came to terms with their differences. The film is made by the same man who made Braveheart, and you can see that the film is based on his earlier film. However, this film is much better than Braveheart. It is a much more interesting film. I think that this film is better because it shows how Churchill overcame his differences and overcame his personal issues.

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