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(182) 7.8 78 min 2016

In the feature documentary The Wrong Light, a charismatic activist leads a globally-regarded NGO that provides shelter and education for girls rescued from brothels in Northern Thailand. But as the filmmakers meet the girls and their families, discrepancies begin to emerge and the story takes an unexpected turn.

Josie Swantek, Dave Adams

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Tuesday, 14 Apr 2020 08:56

It is amazing how many people have overlooked the fact that The Wrong Light is one of the most important films of all time. I've seen a lot of documentaries, but this one is simply brilliant. I've seen documentaries about the problems with the human race, but The Wrong Light is the one that will stick with you. It has a message about everything, but it also tells us what we should be doing about the problems that we have. We should not just be doing what we're told, but we should be doing something about it. We should have a conscience and use our brains instead of just reacting to everything that we're told. I think that the film has a message that is just as important as the ones that the filmmakers say it is. I really liked the idea of it, but the film was so well done that I was completely in awe. I think that the film is really powerful and it's probably one of the best documentaries that I've seen in a while. I recommend it to everyone, especially if you're a student, because it can make you think about a lot of things that you have to think about in your life. The film also has a message about democracy and the separation of powers, which I think is really important. I've seen a lot of documentaries that are about government and the government, but this one is different. The film doesn't tell you how to vote, but it tells you how to behave. It tells you what you should be doing, but it also tells you what you should be doing to get what you want. It is a great film and it is very important. If you like documentaries, then you should watch The Wrong Light.
Thursday, 26 Mar 2020 05:46

This is a great documentary, but one that must be seen in the dark. The film is told through a series of interviews with numerous witnesses, some of whom are relatively well-known. Many of the interviews are excellent, some of them as brief as an hour and a half. I was interested in hearing from a couple of very well-known people, such as the writer David Foster Wallace, who has spoken at length about his experience of being raped. And I was interested in hearing from a doctor who worked with rape victims, who told me how difficult it was to have to deal with such a situation. But the most interesting interview was with a woman who was assaulted by a man she thought was a stranger, but was actually a friend of her daughter's boyfriend. The woman told us that she had been raped at age 13 and that the man who assaulted her had been one of her former teachers. She said that the man had been convicted of molesting her and that he had been in jail for a long time. This woman's story is extremely difficult to hear, as she is very emotional and speaks in a very halting and halting voice. But her words are so powerful that you can't help but feel what she is going through. The same can be said for the other interviewees, who all spoke very movingly about their experiences with rape. I highly recommend this film, but it must be seen in the dark. If you are a rape victim, you will not be able to watch this film in the dark. And if you are a victim of a crime, you will be much more likely to be able to watch this film in the dark. Because I do not want to scare you off from seeing this film, I have decided to call this film "the dark".

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