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(1011) 4.0 92 min 2017

Justice is a movie starring Lesley-Anne Down, Nathan Parsons, and Jamie-Lynn Sigler. A U.S. Marshal seeking justice for his brother's murder defends a small town from a corrupt Mayor and his henchmen with intents to revive the civil...

Jackson Rathbone, Nathan Parsons, Lesley-Anne Down, Jamie-Lynn Sigler
Drama, Western
Richard Gabai

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Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Drama, Western
Director Richard Gabai
Writer D.C. Rahe, Jeff Seats, John Lewis, Shawn Justice
Stars Jackson Rathbone, Nathan Parsons, Lesley-Anne Down, Jamie-Lynn Sigler
Country USA
Runtime 1H 32M
Description A U.S. Marshal seeking justice for his brother's murder defends a small town from a corrupt Mayor and his henchmen with intents to revive the civil war.

Top reviews

Friday, 19 Jun 2020 13:35

Paul Newman and Dan Futterman (the Jewish father and son) play archetypes, albeit exaggerated ones, who meet and marry in this Civil War era Southern America, with flashbacks to the times before the war. The characters are more realistic than any I have seen since the days of West Virginia in the 1880s. Newman's character, the more refined and more worldly, will marry into a wealthy family in an unnamed place (where the scenes where they talk are interesting) and will spend the rest of his life in comfort and wealth, with little to no regard for the lives of those around him. Futterman's character is not much different. His father is not as easily impressed by his son's success. He is a very humble man who is also slightly insane and easily influenced by visions of the future, especially as a military man, and that in turn leads to him marrying into a wealthy family in a town in the New England wilderness. Futterman's character is very strong-willed, quick to get into a fight, and willing to sacrifice himself for others. One scene when he fights with a gun in a bar is a bit over the top but still effective. The ending is quite sad, but the beginning and end of the film are the best parts, especially the one with Futterman's character in the bar. Newman and Futterman are both excellent in the film, which is a shame that the action and humor end up overshadowing their characters. Overall, the story is interesting, but the characters are flawed and their decisions don't always make sense. A good film for action and comedy fans, but it has its flaws.
Thursday, 18 Jun 2020 00:20

This is the one that made me believe in these westerns. It is a true story that proves the point. A man falls in love with a girl, but for reasons that are not apparent, he cannot keep the relationship. He tries to rekindle the relationship, but cannot. At the same time, a young hunter, Eddie, finds himself in the same situation. A man meets a girl who promises him that he will leave her for her if she marries the hunter. Eventually, the hunter agrees to leave his wife and child to the young man. One of the reasons why I liked this movie so much was the great cast. I didn't realize that Paul Newman was the main actor until the very end of the movie. I would have liked to see him more, but the character he plays is so well developed, you can't help but like him. Anne Bancroft is another great actress who does an excellent job. I'm not surprised that she is nominated for an Oscar. James Rebhorn, played by Tony Danza, was also great. I think that his portrayal of the old, broken-down hunter was done quite well. The others were good as well. These are the people who I liked the most in this movie. The story was good, and there are a few things that I didn't like. For example, the slow pacing. I understand that it was necessary to get the story across, but the slow pace was an annoyance for me. The story may have been long, but it was still a very good one. It was almost like a love story. I liked the way that they kept you guessing until the very end. Overall, this is the one that I would recommend to everyone. It is a true story and I think that it is very important for people to know about this. I would have liked to see more of the cast, but I will probably see it again sometime in the future.
Tuesday, 19 May 2020 17:32

I have always felt Clint Eastwood as the best actor to ever step into a movie role. He's always been more the actor in the scene and less the big name that everybody has been talking about him as. My only real problem with the film is that it can't quite find that groove in its pacing and its script. But there is an undeniable charm to it. I think we are given a group of actors (and some people that are not actors) who have lived with Clint and then become his friends. Clint and those who have known him intimately over the years, know the whole story of how he became one of the most respected actors of the early decades of cinema. If you are a fan of Clint Eastwood, then you'll know the story of how the man and his life changed when he left the world of Hollywood to go back to Texas, the small town where he was born and raised. There's so much going on that there are no real monologues here. There are so many stories that all weave together to become one of the best movies of the decade. The women who Clint met through his life, including the woman he married and the woman he married's daughter, are all included in the film and there are many stories that go together to tell the story of Clint Eastwood and his journey to becoming a respected, hard-hitting, great man and a recognized icon to a generation. I have never seen a Clint Eastwood film where the women don't have a significant role in the story. There are some really great scenes that involve the men in the film, where there are so many women in the film, that they are the only ones that you know. I think I've just mentioned a lot of things that I liked. I think the script is one of the better scripts I've ever seen, especially because of the way they have turned the first few chapters into a three-hour film. The other strong aspect of the film is that it is full of great characters. Some are just plain funny, others are great, some are quirky, some are great men and some are just downright heroic. The thing that makes the story, characters, and dialogue so good is that they are written really well. You get the feeling that these are real people and their dialogue is also full of sarcasm and humor. When Clint is talking, you just know he's joking and you know that he knows how to make you laugh. We've never seen him be this charming. The photography is also great and the landscape of Texas is really beautiful. There is a feeling that the music and the score are key to the film because the score adds a lot of elements to the film, which is a big plus. You can tell the filmmakers care a lot about what they are doing because of the way they move the camera. One of the things that really comes through is how quiet and smooth
Sunday, 10 May 2020 07:51

Gripping, gripping, and even a little funny, this movie is one of my favorite movies of all time. It's a film that is as smart as it is gritty. I recommend this film to all who appreciate good film. There is nothing much in this movie, but in the details that it touches on. The story was not so hard to follow, so many other movies rely on the same action to keep the audience involved, but here it is done through dialogue and subtle points of view. These small details play so incredibly well, it's no wonder the characters have such depth. The story has many different angles, each more interesting than the next. But all these angles and points of view really add up to a compelling story. There is one point in the movie that, for me, got me completely by surprise. As a storyteller I think my actors are so talented, and the script is so solid, that I didn't even notice it was there. The fact that the point I was making was totally unexpected and unexpected, was such a huge part of the entertainment. The characters are truly outstanding. In the beginning of the movie I had to remind myself that I was watching a movie, it was still quite a good movie. I don't think it would be fair to say that any of the actors in the movie are the best of the best, but I think the actors here are really capable and worthy of the awards they won. They really give such good performances, and that makes the movie that much better. I know I was right, it is a very good movie, and a great movie. It is not perfect, and it is not going to win an Oscar, but for me this is one of the greatest films of all time, and one of the best movies of all time.
Tuesday, 21 Apr 2020 12:22

I'm a fan of western movies and I've seen a lot of them over the years. When I saw the trailer for The Expendables 3, I was excited. I had heard so much about it and my opinion of the Expendables had changed from 3 to 1. However, when I saw the first Expendables movie, I was impressed with its style and choreography. When I heard the rumors that it was to be adapted to a Hollywood movie, I was even more excited. However, I was a little bit worried because I felt the same thing when I heard that the third installment was to be made. After seeing Expendables 3, I am even more convinced that the movie is a masterpiece. The cast is great and the script is even better. The first movie was a masterpiece because it was different. This movie is different but that doesn't mean that it is a masterpiece. The screenplay is very well written. The storyline is good and the characters are different. It is a movie that you will have to remember because it is so different. But, it's still a movie. It is a remake and I still have to say that I have never seen a remake that was a masterpiece. But, this movie is different because it is a western, it's not a remake of The Expendables 2. You can see that the original version of The Expendables 2 was a masterpiece because it was a remake of the original, but this is a different version of The Expendables. So, if you don't like westerns, don't see this movie, but if you love westerns, you will love it. Even if you hate westerns, you will love this movie. This is the best western movie that I have seen since Casablanca.
Friday, 27 Mar 2020 08:33

It was a pleasant surprise to see the title character of the film, Sherlock Holmes, again play a prominent role in a film, albeit one that didn't quite hit the mark. I thought this was the first time that I had ever seen this character appear in a film. I will say that he was the most entertaining part of the film, but I think one could say the same for Holmes in general. There was a lot of intelligence in the film, but it was definitely predictable. The story had a lot of intriguing elements, but it was a bit repetitive in the beginning. The film had some amusing elements, but they weren't anything that would make you laugh out loud. The film was more of a drama than a comedy, and that definitely was a drawback. I didn't feel like I was really involved in the story, and I just kept thinking to myself "oh, that's cool, that's cool". The film had some very good performances, and I think that the direction and editing was very good. I thought that the music, although some didn't really fit in with the film, was very good. I thought that it was quite different from what you would expect, but still very good. The cinematography was very good, but it wasn't enough to capture the entire film. The editing was very good, but it wasn't enough to capture the entire film. I thought that the production design and art design were good. The acting in the film was very good, and I thought that a lot of the characters were good. They didn't come across as much as I would have liked them to, but I can see that they were trying to make this film interesting, and they succeeded. I think that the cinematography and art design were the best aspects of the film, but they weren't enough to make the film all that enjoyable. The film was not particularly memorable, but it was not necessarily bad. It was a good film, but not necessarily a great film. Overall, I would say that this film was a good film, but not one that I would go out of my way to see.

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