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(163) 4.7 88 min 2016

The Homeless Billionaire is a movie starring Victor Alfieri, Marianne Hettinger, and Chloe Keiffer. Hilarity ensues when a handsome businessman goes undercover in New York City as a "Homeless Billionaire."

Chloe Keiffer, Talia Shire, Victor Alfieri, Marianne Hettinger
Fred Manocherian

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Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Comedy
Director Fred Manocherian
Writer Fred Manocherian
Stars Chloe Keiffer, Talia Shire, Victor Alfieri, Marianne Hettinger
Country USA
Runtime 1H 28M
Description Handsome billionaire, Ferro Olivetti, seems to have everything in the world - except for love. When his father's dying wish challenges him to shed all money and possessions for 30-days, Ferro accepts. But the obstacles he faces after becoming a "homeless billionaire" lead to hilarious encounters and ultimately to great enlightenment. Will his father's wisdom help him discover true love?

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Monday, 13 Apr 2020 01:57

The Homeless Billionaire was written by and starring The Wachowski Brothers and directed by Joe Wright. The Wachowski Brothers are known for their work in Hollywood and this film is no exception. The film follows the lives of three different people in different parts of the country and how their lives intertwine. The Wachowski Brothers bring to the screen a beautiful and thoughtful film. I thoroughly enjoyed the film and the characters that they brought to life. This film also brings to mind the classic film "The Big Sleep" and I can't wait to see more films from this talented film team. The film is about three different people, three different parts of the country and how their lives intersect and intertwine. One of the characters is a billionaire who lives in a big house in California and he lives with a wonderful woman. The billionaire owns a company and he has been an entrepreneur for many years. He lives in a large house with his beautiful wife and they have a wonderful child. The second character is a woman named Deborah who is in a hotel in California. She is in a hotel with a beautiful man who she has never met before. Deborah is not a wealthy woman. She has a home in California and her husband has a small business. The third character is Matt who lives in a small town in Michigan. Matt is a truck driver. He lives in a small town and he works as a truck driver and his family is quite poor. Matt has a beautiful wife and he has a son. Matt's wife is quite a bit more wealthy than Matt's wife. The Wachowski Brothers do a great job of showing that this movie is not about rich people, wealthy people are just people. Rich people are just people. The Wachowski Brothers take the audience on a journey that makes them think about all of these characters and the life that they live. They give us a wonderful movie that is truly special.
Monday, 06 Apr 2020 17:48

This is one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. I'm surprised it didn't win an Oscar, because it's really that good. I can't believe it's only rated "R". Maybe it's because it's a comedy, but the movies I've seen this year that were rated "R" were so bad, I couldn't even laugh at them anymore. The truth is, you should be embarrassed to be rated "R". They should be ashamed. This movie is hilarious. The only reason I can think that the ratings were this low is because so many people didn't want to see it. I think I was the only one in my house who didn't laugh at it. I think the reason this movie wasn't really taken seriously is because it's not the kind of movie that you want to be serious about. It's the kind of movie that you want to laugh at. It's really, really, really funny. I think the funniest scene is when Rick is trying to buy a lottery ticket from the prostitute who's in the limo. That's the funniest scene in the movie. It's not that funny to me. It's just like I was watching a comedy and I was laughing at that scene. The funniest scene is also the last scene of the movie. The scene where Rick says, "I've got a few hours, and if I'm lucky, I might just win a million dollars." The scene is so funny because of how bad the joke is. I can't think of anything bad that happened in that scene. The only thing that might be funny is when the woman is trying to get Rick to buy her a lottery ticket. The whole scene is so funny because of how bad it is. If you have the chance to see it, go see it. You won't be disappointed.

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