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(249) 7.7 89 min 2015

The Messenger is a movie starring Erin Byne, Dominik Eulberg, and Bill Evans. The Messenger is an artful investigation into the causes of songbird mass depletion and the people working to turn the tide. This visually thrilling film...

Bill Evans, Erin Byne, Andrew Farnsworth, Dominik Eulberg
Family, Documentary
Su Rynard

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Audio English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Family, Documentary
Director Su Rynard
Writer Sally Blake, Su Rynard, Su Rynard
Stars Bill Evans, Erin Byne, Andrew Farnsworth, Dominik Eulberg
Country Canada, USA, France, Costa Rica, Turkey, Netherlands, Germany
Runtime 1H 29M
Description The Messenger is an artful investigation into the causes of songbird mass depletion and the people working to turn the tide. This visually thrilling film reveals how the issues facing birds also pose daunting implications for our planet.

Top reviews

Monday, 06 Apr 2020 18:30

It is easy to see why this film won the Academy Award for best documentary. It is not about politics or religion, it is about a man who has a problem with his speech impediment, and who must overcome it to succeed in his career. It is a portrait of a man, made up of many people who have the same problem, and who come together to overcome it. The film is presented in a way that is reminiscent of the classic films of John Ford, or even the American Revolution. The audience is taken on a journey through the life of a man who had a speech impediment, and who must overcome it to achieve success. It is not a film that can be described in any other way than that it is very human and that it is very inspiring. If you can accept the message of the film and it does not make you feel judgmental, then you will be moved to tears. There are many strong messages in this film. One of them is that a person with a speech impediment cannot achieve success without having an inspiring speech. One of the other messages is that no one has the right to speak against another person with a speech impediment. The film presents a positive view of religion, and even of many religions, that the main problem is not with religion, but with speech. The movie is filled with interviews of people who have speech impediments. It does not focus on the individuals who have speech impediments, but on the people who are affected by them. The films messages are not religious, but rather they are about people's ability to overcome their speech impediments, and the difficulties that come with overcoming them. It is not a film that will be viewed as an inspirational film, but rather as a film that can be seen by anyone who wants to learn more about speech impediments. I enjoyed the film, and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys watching documentaries. 7/10
Monday, 23 Mar 2020 16:10

You want to watch a movie that has good actors, a compelling story and a story that really touches you. Then you want to watch a movie like this. I personally really enjoyed this movie. I have seen some reviews on here saying this is a film you don't want to miss. I personally would rather watch this than many movies I have seen over the past year. I personally would have preferred it to be a documentary or something. This is a very well made film. The acting is great, the story is compelling and I would have liked to have seen more about what happened in the village, I have heard the story from people that lived in the village and it is still a very sad story. I also believe that the story is based on true events. There are some things that are told differently from the real story. For example, the story tells how the people would come out of their homes at night and start shooting at the gunmen who were using the villagers as targets. However, the story tells that the villagers were targeted for their crops, their livestock, and the ability to protect themselves and their homes. I feel that the movie tells this story well and makes you feel the pain of the people in the village. The documentary style of the movie makes it look very real and there is no cutting out to make it look like you are watching a documentary. The filming was also very well done, you can see the film through the eyes of the villagers and the grainy film gives the film a real gritty look. There is a lot of emphasis on the stories that were told in the village, and some of the stories were told differently than they were told. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in learning more about how the Arab people lived and how the conflict was resolved. It is an important movie that I would recommend to anyone.
Monday, 23 Mar 2020 08:15

I was very impressed with this documentary. The viewer is able to see firsthand what it was like for these girls and their families during their ordeal. The documentary made it seem like there was no way these girls could have survived in the Sudan. They were simply uneducated, brutalized, and treated like objects. But what was most disturbing was the way these girls were treated by their families. The father of one of the girls was so abusive that it was very hard to watch. The father told the girls to "sleep on the floor" or they would "be killed" (a very common and brutal form of punishment in Sudan). One of the girls even had to go into a room and take off her underwear in order to avoid being raped. The girls' behavior was not only uneducated, but also their religious beliefs were extremely backward. The girls' families believed in the old teachings of "the strong will prevail" and "God will protect you" and the family was trying to cover it up. The father and his son were talking about how their god saved them from the infidels and saved them from death. The father claimed that God saved him from an extremely brutal beating. I also saw that the father claimed that they were "mujahideen" and that he was a fighter in the resistance. The youngest girl was actually a very good student and was not just a simple Muslim. The father had been a civil rights activist and this story shows how very backward the family was and how they did not understand how they were treating their daughters. I could not believe that the father would be able to ignore the fact that his daughter was being raped by a man who was a fighter for the Arab nation. It was very upsetting to see how little he was able to do about it. The father and his son were also talking about how the girls' religion was important and that they would be able to use that as an excuse for them not to get help. The girls themselves were very open about what was going on in their lives. The oldest girl was very open about the fact that she was pregnant and could not have an abortion. The youngest girl also seemed to be very open about the fact that she had been raped. The father claimed that the girls were not virgins and that they were the ones who had done the raping. The youngest girl even seemed to be quite open about her "sex life." I also found it very interesting that the father was also a member of

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