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(185) 7.9 90 min 2016
James Demo

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Saturday, 11 Apr 2020 17:36

This documentary is not a documentary in the sense that it is a balanced account of the actions of a single individual. Rather it is a profile of the internal world of an institution and the mindsets of those who make decisions within it. The director, Mr. Coates, interviews a range of men and women at the top of the Peacemaker hierarchy. They are all great leaders, and all of them are deeply committed to their cause. There are those who have been involved in this fight for 40 years, and they know how to use the media to amplify their message. There are others who were involved in the early days of the Peacemaker when it was just a few men, and there are others who were involved in the early days of the Peacemaker when it was just a few women. They all have a unique way of conveying their message. While this is a good documentary, it is not a documentary in the sense that it is balanced, or balanced in terms of coverage. Rather it is a profile of a small group of men and women who make decisions in the face of a hostile environment, a hostile media, and a hostile Congress. They have all faced these challenges and have done it for years. I think it is important for all Americans to understand the legacy of the Peacemaker organization. It was a great start for many people, and has done much good for many people, especially those who have been active in it. It is a great organization, and its members have done a lot of good in many different ways. They have helped many people, particularly those in the Middle East, many people in Asia, and many people in the United States. I believe that the Peacemaker organization is a great success story. The most important thing about the Peacemaker organization is that it has been able to lead to many great things in the world. It has been able to mobilize many people, to create a great international movement, and to get a lot of people involved in a great cause. I believe that the Peacemaker organization will continue to do well. I hope that there will be many more successful organizations like the Peacemaker, and that they will continue to be successful.
Wednesday, 08 Apr 2020 18:57

The Peacemaker (2003) Directed by Michael Beschloss. Starring John Travolta, Dustin Hoffman, and Rosanna Arquette. "In the mid-1960s, a scandal broke in the U.S. involving the CIA and an anti-Vietnam war activist. While most of the focus was on the FBI and the FBI-led FBI investigation, it was also the start of a series of covert actions in the name of 'counter-insurgency' in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America. The American government funded a large number of these covert operations to develop a 'green' war strategy. They would be aimed at developing a civilian populace willing to fight and die for the cause of democracy. In effect, the Green Berets and their Chinese allies became a hybrid version of the Vietcong and the Red Army, the Vietcong and the CIA. The result was the CIA's covert war against the governments of Vietnam and Cambodia. As U.S. and Vietnamese intelligence agencies evolved and expanded their operations, so did the Cold War. But the American public was not as well informed about what was going on in their own backyard as it was in Europe, Asia, and Latin America. This film documents the FBI's involvement in a series of covert operations to recruit "street fighters" to serve in the CIA's 'green' war against the government of Vietnam. By the mid-1960s, the CIA had become a major player in the Southeast Asian "War on Terrorism," and the U.S. military had become involved in the Vietnam War. It was a situation that brought the CIA and the FBI into a close working relationship. This film follows the FBI's efforts to recruit potential recruits from the ranks of Southeast Asia's "communist youth." The problem is that there were too many to manage and the FBI needed a way to rapidly recruit potential recruits. The result was the FBI's first clandestine "green" operation, Operation Treadstone, which saw the FBI infiltrate the youth movement in Southeast Asia, a critical mass that would allow the CIA to move its agents into the field. While Operation Treadstone was a highly successful and high-profile program, the film shows that the FBI's covert operations and CIA's covert operations were not always in sync. In the end, the FBI and CIA were able to integrate their operations. They worked together to develop "green" operations in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Latin America."

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