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Fascinating, multi-talented, indispensable dogs and their loving masters.

Heddy Honigmann

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Friday, 03 Apr 2020 12:06

It has been a long time since I have seen a documentary that so thoroughly, succinctly and directly exposed the corrupt and political nature of the Mormon church. I am not a Mormon, but I do know that they have a rich history and heritage. In the course of the movie, we see a history of it, a very important history, that we were taught as children. We also see the typical Mormon culture that we are taught to love, the good family values, the stereotypes and stereotypes that we are taught to embrace and perpetuate as the "truth." We see a culture that is in the process of destroying itself and replacing it with something different. This is a story that is all too common, and very frustrating. The "good Mormon" character is trying to embrace a different religion, a new religion, a "light" religion. But the so-called "Christianity" that she and her family are teaching their children is so strong that they will not even admit that they are not able to accept it. I was in shock to see that such a powerful figure as Nancy's husband has allowed her and her family to abuse him and then abandon her completely. His eyes look so sad when he says, "I'll be happy to die, but I want you to know that you will never have to live the rest of your life with me." It was a real tragedy, to watch him look so sad, in that moment. We also see how terrible the "Christianity" is in its ability to dominate the minds of its followers. The very discussion of sexual assault by a bishop was the central topic of the documentary. We see the reality of the behavior of some of the members. We see the shame, the betrayal, the destruction of family and friends and even the destruction of a child. We are subjected to propaganda that encourages us to want to return to the old ways and hate the "other." This documentary is a wake-up call. We can no longer accept the propaganda that is pushed on us by our church. The church has become a tool for recruiting people to join the church and to commit serious crimes. They have taught us the lies that we have been told in our churches. They have created a religion where deception and hypocrisy is the norm. When the film was finished, I thought to myself, "How can I ever trust the church again?" It is a very important and well-documented film. I highly recommend it.
Friday, 03 Apr 2020 04:35

One of my all time favorite directors, and some of his most important. This is certainly one of the most disturbing, honest films I have ever seen. It was made nearly a decade ago and I have seen it a handful of times since then. I hope everyone can learn something from this film, especially those in the military who may not fully understand this information. The film does a great job of showing the everyday lives of people in the military who are preparing to leave the military or being discharged, and the impact the leaving will have on the soldier's friends and family. This film is very well done, especially the interviews. It is full of amazing and very sad stories. Some of the worst stories I've ever heard are from the soldiers who are now employed or doing fine things in their life. They are only a few of the things that make this film so horrifying. You will laugh, you will cry, you will wonder about what your military friends/family do for a living and wonder what their future will be. It is very sad. You will learn a lot about what this war was really like, and you will learn some amazing things about the people who were left behind. The film shows all sides of the issues. The documentary style of the film is very unique. It is very smooth, but it also is very fast paced. Many people who were in the military will be very surprised about how fast and smooth the film is. It is extremely disturbing and very well done. I strongly recommend you see this movie. It will change your life.
Wednesday, 01 Apr 2020 16:18

I'll start by saying that I have to admit that I love Sam Raimi and the first half of the Evil Dead trilogy. They are some of my favorite movies ever. I even really like the Evil Dead 2 because it reminded me of the first Evil Dead movie. So, when I first heard that the Sam Raimi directing was going to come out, I was pretty excited. I was just looking for an Evil Dead movie to see how they did the sequel. What I got instead was a documentary with interviews from Sam Raimi himself. One of the most interesting parts was when Sam Raimi was interviewed and he was describing the idea of the story. He said "So if you go back to the beginning of the movie, and you've got the zombies like there are in the original, there are all these super zombies, and there are some bad guys that just really want to kill us all, so they have to have to be super powerful to take down the bad guys. But you can't just have super strength like in the original, you have to have that stuff that the original had, and the original had that super strong zombie type thing. So I felt that we needed to make the movie again, and I think the original Evil Dead did that well." He also goes on to say that the Sam Raimi directing was the key to making the movie. Sam Raimi also said that there was more emphasis on the actors because they were required to be "super powerful". So if you want to learn more about Sam Raimi or the Evil Dead movies, this is definitely worth watching. Also, if you haven't seen Evil Dead, I definitely recommend that you go see it. It's an excellent movie and it has a lot of great scenes that should be seen.
Thursday, 26 Mar 2020 20:22

I was captivated by this film from the first scene to the very last, and thoroughly enjoyed it. The concept of this film is brilliant, and without a doubt this film will be remembered as a great American film. I can't say enough good things about this film, and will certainly be recommending it to others. The message it sends is simply brilliant, and I strongly encourage everyone to watch it. I highly recommend this film for anyone who is thinking about attending a film school or some film festival. You are sure to leave the film school/festival with a much better film appreciation and appreciation of film as an art form. This film is worth seeing. The director also directed The Killing Fields, which was also one of my favourite films, and I think you can definitely see this director's work in the making of this film. This film shows how a documentary can be so much more than just an interview, it is a way of seeing the film that is all about the story itself. It is great to see this kind of documentary going into films that aren't based on a true story, and it gives more of a wide perspective and hopefully makes the viewers be able to better judge the films they see. In this film the director is saying how "The Killing Fields" was a much more artistic documentary film than this film. If you're not used to seeing the documentary style of documentary films, it's hard to understand, but once you do, you will certainly feel like you are seeing something a little different. I don't want to say more about this film, because there are many great reviews on the internet, and I don't want to give anything away, but I want to just say that this is an amazing film and I strongly recommend it to anyone who loves the subject of American culture, and what it means to be an American.
Sunday, 22 Mar 2020 19:32

I don't really like documentaries so this was a challenge for me. I was only willing to watch it because my dad had bought it. I've heard that it was rather interesting and the audio quality was very good. It was actually made by a lot of people who have very limited education. My dad actually was the chief editor. But you could say he was one of the most qualified people. I'm not surprised that the film was even made. As a documentary film the audio quality was very good. It is the best the makers could do. They had a lot of footage of the old regime and when it was democratic. And even some footage of some of the students. My dad was also the chief editor for the state of the union. So I guess I can say that they did a very good job. The three main people interviewed were: 1) A professor who was one of the people who were part of the student-revolutionaries during the year 1967. 2) A student who had recently come to the US for college. 3) A college professor who graduated in 1977. All three of them had great knowledge about the US from their universities. I think that this is what makes the documentary really important. These are really good people, they know the US from the inside. I'm sure that the film is going to make a big impact on people who want to know about the country. One thing I didn't understand: The US was not an occupying country and the reason why the university professors were protesting was that they were not sure if they could continue to get full credit and their degrees. I guess I could say that they were talking about the fact that they could have a much more difficult time getting full credit. What happened to the students who were working on the farm? They were arrested and put in prison for 25 years. All the professors who were protesting were arrested for the same reason. So they were in prison and working in the field. How did the students get into the US? I don't know. Maybe they went by a plane from China? I think it's the best documentary I've seen. The only thing I didn't understand was why the professors had never been attacked by the Chinese government. They were not even considered terrorists. They are in a famous university in a pretty prestigious country. It seems that their information was pretty accurate. I hope that other people would make documentaries about this country and learn from them. Because the country they studied in is very interesting.

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