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(274778) 8.1 238 min 1939

Gone with the Wind is a movie starring Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh, and Thomas Mitchell. A manipulative woman and a roguish man conduct a turbulent romance during the American Civil War and Reconstruction periods.

Barbara O'Neil, Vivien Leigh, Thomas Mitchell, Clark Gable
Romance, War, Drama, History
Victor Fleming, Sam Wood, George Cukor

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Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Romance, War, Drama, History
Director Victor Fleming, Sam Wood, George Cukor
Writer Ben Hecht, Oliver H.P. Garrett, Jo Swerling, Sidney Howard, Margaret Mitchell, John Van Druten
Stars Barbara O'Neil, Vivien Leigh, Thomas Mitchell, Clark Gable
Country USA
Also Known As Gejaagd door de wind, Прохујало са вихором, Kaze to tomo ni sarinu, Autant en emporte le vent, Όσα παίρνει ο άνεμος, V vrtincu, Lo que el viento se llevó, Via col vento, Foise co vento, Osa pairnei o anemos, 乱世佳人, Borta med vinden, Vom Winde verweht, Borte med blæsten, Odviate vetrom, Zahab-a ma'a alreeh, E Tudo o Vento Levou, Przeminęło z wiatrem, Bar Bad Rafte, Jih proti Severu, Tuulest viidud, ...E o Vento Levou, Tuulen viemää, 亂世佳人, Vėjo nublokšti, Rüzgâr gibi geçti, Elfújta a szél, Allò que el vent s'endugué, Pe aripile vântului, Zameo ih vjetar, Cuốn Theo Chiều Gió, 風と共に去りぬ, Tatt av vinden
Runtime 3H 58M
Description This tale of the Old South from the start of the Civil War through to the period of reconstruction focuses on the beautiful Scarlett O'Hara. Before the start of the war life at the O'Hara plantation, Tara, could only be described as genteel. As for the young Scarlett, she is without doubt the most beautiful girl in the area and is always the belle of the ball. She is very much looking forward to a barbecue at the nearby Wilkes plantation as she will get to see the man she loves, Ashley Wilkes. She is more than a little dismayed when she hears that he is to marry his cousin Melanie Hamilton and in a fit of anger, she decides to marry Melanie's brother. War is soon declared and as always seems to be the case, men march off to battle thinking that it will only last a few weeks. Now living in Atlanta, Scarlett sees the ravages that war brings. She also becomes re-acquainted with Rhett Butler, whom she had first met at the Wilkes barbecue. Now a widow, she still pines for the married Ashley and dreams of his return. With the war lost however, she returns to Tara and faces the hardship of keeping her family together and Tara from being sold at auction to collect the taxes. She has becomes hardened and bitter and will do anything, including marrying her sister's beau, to ensure she will never again be poor and hungry. After becoming a widow for the second time, she finally marries the dashing Rhett but they soon find themselves working at cross-purposes, their relationship seemingly doomed from the outset.

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Tuesday, 07 Apr 2020 22:11

To me, the movie that caught my eye the most in terms of making it to the top of the top 250 was "Dances with Wolves". I've seen "Dances with Wolves" twice now, and this is my second viewing, and I found it to be even better. There were a few parts of the movie that were lacking in details (Tuck, the Indians' chief, and the Bloody Millers). Other than that, the movie was definitely worth watching. The characters are well developed, and you feel like you are part of the time period. The directing of Tuck was excellent. He made us feel that time period's culture, and gave us a little taste of what they were going through. Also, I thought it was really nice to see him wear a button-down shirt (almost the same one as he wore in the movie, only that it was all torn and tattered, just like his shirt, in the book). It was really good to see him be a man again and be able to walk like a man again. He was also perfect for his part. At least, that is how I feel about him. This movie has a strong emotional component. If you watch the movie without really trying to comprehend how or why the main character felt like that, you will probably find it very easy to relate to the main character. I, personally, found it really interesting that this war changed the American way of life, and what made people feel so hateful and violent towards each other. I think it was really great that he had to make the decision to fight for what he believed in. Another thing I found interesting was that his family (especially his wife and daughter) showed such courage and love for the man. I really liked the scenes of him and his family bonding. The main characters in this movie are outstanding. The roles were all perfect, and the acting of the main actors was really good. I would definitely recommend this movie to everyone, and recommend that they read the book as well.
Friday, 03 Apr 2020 11:15

I have been a huge fan of "The Lion King" since I first saw it as a child. It was in my top 3 all time favorite movies, so I was really looking forward to seeing "The Greatest Showman" when it was released. I was excited to see it because I loved the "I'll never give up on you" line and I had high hopes for the musical numbers. I was very disappointed. The singing was great, and the acting was wonderful, but the singing just wasn't strong enough, especially for the old versions. I know the songs were great, but the choreography was horrible. It felt as though the actors didn't know what to do with the instruments. The musical numbers were amazing, but the singing was just average. In addition, the songs just weren't interesting. The original versions of "Greatest Showman" were so incredible, and were perfect for the plot. I was happy to see they were trying something new with the songs. But, I guess I just didn't care. If I had known this movie was going to be so bad, I would have just gone to see the old versions. That way, I would have been forced to watch the bad version of the song I hated the most. Overall, I was very disappointed by "The Greatest Showman." I was very disappointed because it was just so bad. I'm not giving it the 10/10 it deserves, because it's bad, but it's not the best movie ever made. I feel like the critics got too hard on it because they had nothing good to say. The only good thing about "The Greatest Showman" is that it is extremely well produced. The movie is about music. The music is something that has to be perfect and is always in a perfect mood. So when you're not making a great movie about the musical, it's a good movie. But I think that's the worst thing that could have happened to this movie. All the other versions of "The Greatest Showman" were so perfect, and had a perfect musical score. "The Greatest Showman" was just so bad that it was a little hard to swallow. I think it was just a little too good for this story.
Monday, 30 Mar 2020 15:23

In the grand tradition of Hollywood romance films, Gone With the Wind is an allegorical and symbolic portrayal of life and time as we understand it. A wonderful story of love, loyalty, and adventure, the film portrays a period in American history when the country was divided by a social revolution that finally brought America together. The film is a wonderful synthesis of romance, drama, and sentimentality, which is what the film is really about: preserving the history of the United States and its people through its old values and values brought to the forefront by its struggles for freedom. We are treated to some fantastic cinematography, and the period of the movie is beautifully recreated. The acting was all very well done, especially with some of the leading ladies. The casting of Morgan Freeman and Katharine Hepburn is a brilliant idea because they both share the same traits that make people fall in love with them: their charm, their beauty, their charisma, and their tremendous intelligence. The fight scenes and scenery are beautiful and beautifully recreated. Although I am a guy, I really found this film to be one of the most entertaining movies I have ever seen. I don't remember having a bad movie when I went to see this, but I do remember thinking how great it was. While I was in the cinema, I could not take my eyes off of the screen. The acting is all very good, the story is good, and the script is very good. The story is very well written, it is all very dramatic, and you could not help but smile when certain scenes were brought to life. The characters are all very well thought out, and you could not help but feel for the people, the characters, and the country that was America at the time. The setting and the special effects were done very well. I had never been to an American cinema, and I had never heard of an American studio producing this kind of film. I was absolutely amazed. I was very pleased with the way the film was executed. I would definitely recommend this film to everyone who enjoys the movies of the 1930s and 1940s. The movie was wonderful, and I think the few negative reviews are not really giving the film the credit it deserves. It is a great film, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. 8/10.
Saturday, 28 Mar 2020 10:37

I guess it's fair to say that when it comes to making a movie about the Civil War, the result is typically more controversial than the subject matter. The historical inaccuracies of the historical record are all too evident, and the scenes of slave-trading are so accurate as to defy all logic. However, when it comes to the movie itself, which is based on the play by Federico Fellini and filmed in full color, you may be surprised to find that you are not likely to be appalled by the graphic treatment of the slave trade. Much of the historical accuracy of the script and the general treatment of the war in the film are only too apparent to be enjoyed. The result is a film that is (in general) very entertaining, and is able to pull its audience in by presenting a highly imaginative story of bravery, cruelty and honor. The main character, Grant, is a highly intelligent young man who during the Civil War is put in charge of a regiment of Confederate soldiers. Grant is a member of the Union army, and will have to endure his share of the war. Grant is constantly surrounded by hatred, and his fellow soldiers (mostly rebels) call him names. The character of J.E.B. Stuart, who teaches Grant the value of discipline and the importance of honor, has a great effect on the character of Grant. Although a love interest is introduced, which is about as random as it gets, in this film, it seems unlikely that a character like that would exist in the lives of Confederate soldiers. If anything, the love interest makes the character of Grant more human. The scenes of Confederate soldiers murdering civilians are very effective, and make the viewer feel sick to his stomach. The characters of the Southern senators are also very important, and the conflicts of their loyalty are handled well. I don't think I'm alone in preferring this movie over some of the other Civil War movies that have been made over the years. While I can't think of many movies that I can compare this one with, this one is one that is sure to stand the test of time.

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