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Watch No manches Frida 2

(851) 4.0 102 min 2019

No manches Frida 2 is a movie starring Martha Higareda, Omar Chaparro, and Itatí Cantoral. Zequi tries to regain Lucy's love by bringing the school's team to victory.

Martha Higareda, Aarón Díaz, Itatí Cantoral, Omar Chaparro
Nacho G. Velilla

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Audio English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Comedy
Director Nacho G. Velilla
Writer Claudio Herrera, Sergio 'Venado' Sanchez, David S. Olivas
Stars Martha Higareda, Aarón Díaz, Itatí Cantoral, Omar Chaparro
Country USA
Also Known As No Manches Frida 2
Runtime 1H 42M
Description Zequi tries to regain Lucy's love by bringing the school's team to victory.

Top reviews

Friday, 10 Apr 2020 12:15

In a world of short, brutal movies, "Frida's Big Hurt" delivers a completely different type of film. The picture is directed by Guy Maddin and stars Linda Hunt and a slew of stars in the film, some familiar, others not, but they all add to the charm of the film. The picture's running time is just under 90 minutes and it features a number of familiar faces, including Jane Fonda and Daryl Hannah. It was shot in Los Angeles, and it was the first film to be shot on digital film in the US. The production is in fact in black and white, and it feels that way to the viewer. The story is a little slow in the beginning, but as the story progresses, it slowly picks up speed and the film is able to stay with you. It was filmed on location in Los Angeles, but that doesn't make the film any less fun. The photography is perfect, and it gives the picture a very unique look. The plot of the film is interesting and somewhat complicated. It's about a mute woman who suffers from depression, and she becomes the owner of a doll named Frida who is part of her life. She wants to protect Frida from a man who wants Frida for sex. The man has many reasons to want Frida, and each of them is the perfect reason for him to be interested in Frida. Eventually, Frida goes insane and goes on a rampage in Los Angeles, and the characters must try to stop her. The film's story is a little complex, but it is a perfect movie for a rainy day. It is a little slow, but you're not likely to find it boring. The performances are quite good all around, and it is quite enjoyable. Jane Fonda is a perfect Frida, and she does a wonderful job in the role. Her presence is so full and she never really gets tired of the role. But she does a very good job of playing it as a sympathetic character. Daryl Hannah plays Frida in a completely different way, and she is a fine actress in this role. John Huston is very funny as a flamboyant yet very smart playboy. And Lynn Redgrave is very cute in her role as the woman who wants Frida. John Barry is also very good in his role as the man who wants Frida for sex. It's very enjoyable to watch this movie, and it is a perfect movie for a rainy day.
Monday, 06 Apr 2020 10:16

It's been two years since we've seen Frida, and she is still the center of the world. Well, for some, that's the extent of it, but Frida lives on and her fans will live on forever. This is a cult classic, and to a point it's kinda overrated. I didn't think it was that bad, but it could've been a bit better. The story is, obviously, the reason why it's so popular. Basically, a young woman from Spain becomes a celebrity in America. She's kind of a "free spirit" who seems to be doing whatever she wants and follows her heart without much of a thought. It's not really the most beautiful thing in the world, but it's just something that's there and it has to be accepted. In order to live in a celebrity's house, the woman needs to do her own work, something she doesn't know how to do. To do this, she's required to do some sort of work that is not that lucrative. I think that's pretty much what happened in this film. When she gets to America, she's got a kid and she's kind of abandoned her normal life. She doesn't really get to know her son, and he's not really a family man. He has a strange relationship with her. She feels a lot of jealousy towards the son, who she feels is only going to be there for his father. The father is actually very distant towards his son and he doesn't really have much contact with him. After the child is born, the father feels that he has to get back in touch with his son and it's about time he gets the chance to see him. The film is not that slow. The plot does not go in circles and it does not get boring. It's just about what happens, and the emotional scenes are great. The best scene in the film is probably the scene where Frida's son finds out he's the father of his mother's baby, and he has to go to the hospital and tell his mother. It's really heartbreaking. It's also the best scene in the entire film. Frida herself does a great job with the character of Frida. She's a bit of a klutz, but she still comes off as strong. She's a very strong character. The only part that is kind of weak is when she's talking to her son. She's supposed to be the tough one in the family, but she kind of weakens her character. That's just a minor flaw, though. The rest of the cast is pretty good. Maria Schneider is good in her role, but she's not very well developed. I like Marta Ponsi a lot. She's very good and kind of a typical female character in a macho movie. The only character I didn't like was Francis. He is a villain. He's not very likable and he's just a mean guy. The villains in the film are all pretty weak. There is some dialogue in this film that's pretty funny, but it's really small and not that memorable. The last scene of the film is probably the best in the whole film. It's very emotional, and it's really amazing. It's basically a love story between Frida and her son. The son is really happy for his mother and he

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