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(204) 5.1 103 min 2019

Shen ye shi tang is a movie starring Tony Ka Fai Leung, Tony Yo-ning Yang, and Tao Liu. Set in a little restaurant in an inconspicuous lane of Shanghai, which opens at midnight everyday. The owner is a man of about fifty, makes a...

Tony Yo-ning Yang, Tao Liu, Tony Ka Fai Leung, Yibai Zhang
Tony Ka Fai Leung

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Audio English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Drama
Director Tony Ka Fai Leung
Writer Simon Chen, Chris Chow, Yarô Abe, Yingxin Zhu
Stars Tony Yo-ning Yang, Tao Liu, Tony Ka Fai Leung, Yibai Zhang
Country China
Also Known As Samje siktong, Midnight Diner, Shen Ye Shi Tang
Runtime 1H 43M
Description Set in a little restaurant in an inconspicuous lane of Shanghai, which opens at midnight everyday. The owner is a man of about fifty, makes a set of special food for each guest who visits the restaurant, and listens everyone's story.

Top reviews

Monday, 06 Apr 2020 00:09

I didn't like it until i saw it again recently. It really hit home with me. To have the story of a father getting lost in the wilderness of Taiwan, and having to make it back. It made me cry and got me thinking about my life and the many things that i did wrong in life. The second time i saw it, I fell in love with it, it was amazing. What makes it all the more impressive is that the actors all play these characters with such honesty and perfection. The boy who didn't speak a word all his life but grew to be a good man and a great father. The older brother who always put the interests of his family first and the younger brother who is so bright and cheerful but who has a dark secret that he's going to tell his dad. And the three kids that play the kids in the story, so beautiful. The story goes back and forth in time, and there are many small moments where it jumps in and out. I never find a single flaw. It makes you feel everything, the pain, the happiness, the hopelessness, the desperation, and the laughter that the story has to offer. The kid in the story, he gets lost, and everyone wants to find him, but it's not until later that he starts to talk about his father and how he feels like he doesn't know him anymore. The main character is very emotional, he gets angry and almost at times loses control of his emotions, which gets him to talk and say things that he probably didn't mean to. But in the end, he does feel sorry for his father, and leaves the ocean without knowing how long he'll be gone, to be with his family. That's what i thought when i first watched it, that's what makes this movie so amazing.
Saturday, 04 Apr 2020 13:18

This is really a story of the struggle between the men who own and the workers in the workshop. The story is in many ways true, but what is true is that the characters have been cast well. The story of the change and development of one character is not very subtle, but it is not the same story that the men of a country, or an industry, might tell in a piece of paper. This is a true story about the struggle for power and an ideology. This story and the characters of it are very good. But the fact that this story is told in such a light way, with some beautiful music, gives a different feel to this story. When you watch a movie, you are always rooting for the characters, and the same for the main actor, especially if the movie is really good. The main character in this movie is not a strong man, he is a very weak man who has to do certain things, but who is very good at what he has to do. He has a little bit of courage, but he is very weak. You could really feel the fight between him and the boss. At first the boss thinks that he is bad, but then you see that the guy is in fact very good and a very great leader. The good character becomes the man who creates the new system, but when he thinks he has done everything he can to make the people in the industry believe in the system, it is too late. The boss gets very angry at this situation, and when he sees that the guy is still weak, he tries to destroy the power of the boss. This is very intense, and at the same time very subtle. You feel that the boss is very unhappy about the situation, and the same happens to the guy. The fight of the two bosses is very intense, but the story is really clear. The movie is very simple, but it is very powerful. The movie is very powerful because it is very good. But when you think about it, it is very powerful, because the movie shows how powerful the system is in China. It is very good and very interesting, but not very subtle. The film has very good acting. But the good acting doesn't make the movie bad. The good acting could be said to be an error, because if you really know the history of China, you know that the world has seen many movies about the history of China. However, it doesn't mean that the movie is bad. The film is very good, but there is a problem that I have with it. The movie is set in China, but the style of the film is really Chinese. I don't want
Friday, 03 Apr 2020 01:40

The film begins with a young boy and his parents, a mother and a father, returning from a vacation in Europe. Their trip is interrupted by a typhoon that kills the family, leaving the young boy, his father, and his mother on a deserted island in the Pacific. There, the young boy, the father, and the mother learn to live in a state of solitude. They take a small boat to live in the ocean. The father has a kind of disorder that makes him lose touch with the world. In order to get a new life in the ocean, he is sent to an island. There he meets a woman and they become involved in a kind of religious experience that reveals to them the truth about life and death. The mother becomes a Christian and the father becomes a Buddhist. They have no idea about the way in which their religious experiences affect their lives. The father becomes a Christian because he sees the horror of death and the pain of the young boy. This film is not a comedy. It is an exploration of the life and death experience and its effect on the lives of the people who live it. It is also a meditation on religion and the way in which it affects people's lives. This film shows us a kind of life of many people, many different cultures. It is not so much about the religious experience, but about the ways in which people understand their lives. It is a study of the human spirit and the ways in which we can find meaning in our lives. It is a film about the human spirit, the search for meaning and the search for God.
Saturday, 21 Mar 2020 18:46

Ever since the death of his mother in a tragic accident, there have been tributes paid to her throughout the years. The same day, she would appear as a sort of scarecrow, in the shadow of the telephone pole on which the crowd now stands. In the dimly lit cinema, in front of a white backdrop of the stars that cover the screen, the face of the young man who once looked up to and admired him, is being projected over the screen. "Rise of the Foot Soldier" is a tragic, but inspiring, film about the rise and fall of a boy's father and his relationship with his two sons. The brotherhood of these four individuals was very much a part of the local tradition of the Ming Dynasty (1644 - 1912). However, the story is a love story, more specifically the story of a young man's journey of self-discovery. The other sister, who lives with her mother, has committed suicide, leaving the other two siblings alone. This causes a rift between them, which is never entirely explained. Through flashbacks, the brothers, one of whom has been caught by the police, are told of their father's past. This is his story of heroism, sacrifice, and ambition. They are told of the village they were born in, which has been relocated to the countryside, and of the local religion, which their father describes as a kind of "pure and simple" kind of Christianity. These two aspects of the film go hand in hand, which is why the film is so important to me. They are why I continue to watch and enjoy it, and they are the reason I continue to be humbled by the message of the film. It is a powerful message about love and forgiveness, and about the importance of continuing to learn and grow. I have watched it 3 times, and it has inspired me and brought me back to its lessons. If you are in the mood for a film that will make you think, or be moved, or bring out the best in you, or remind you of a time that was more magical than you would ever realize, then "Rise of the Foot Soldier" is your film.
Saturday, 21 Mar 2020 16:21

Spirited Away, while not entirely successful, is a very good film. It is definitely one of the best Japanese films I have ever seen. The main reason I am not very impressed with this film is that it is too long, and the only thing it really delivers is the endless number of visual images that accompany the story. I don't know if that is a good or bad thing. However, that's what makes it so good. That is what makes it a masterpiece. The visual images are incredible. When they are shot, it's simply so great. But it's not just the visuals that are great. The story is very interesting and it actually leaves you thinking about the end. The main character, Usagi, is not who you think she is. She's a girl who lives in a big house with lots of toys and very little emotional connections to anyone. Usagi is a very mature woman. Her mother is very strict and she hates that her mother tells her what to do. But she does it anyway. However, Usagi's mother is dead, so her mother is not very strict. Usagi's mother goes to Japan to visit her daughter. Usagi does not want to go, and she is afraid of the outside world. She is afraid that she might not be able to find her daughter again. She takes a trip to a town called Isan with her older sister, Chihiro. Chihiro has a mental illness, and we later learn that she was actually her daughter's mother. We also learn that Chihiro was living with a man who raped her. Now, Usagi wants to be free from that, and she wants to go to the house her mother was going to visit. She goes through the story and then ends up in the house with her sister. She realizes that she cannot go to the place her mother died. She then asks her mother for her mother's knife, and her mother gives it to her. She then saves her sister from the men that raped her. The most disturbing part of the film is when Usagi is looking at her mother's photo, and her mother is not in the photo. The most important thing about the film is the visuals, but the story is really good. The film is really dark, but it's so good. There are some scenes where you actually can't look away. Also, the scene where Usagi is looking at her mother's photo was the best part of the film. The music is really good. It is very beautiful, and I love the first song of the film. It is very emotional. This film has been praised, and it

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