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(817728) 8.1 127 min 1993

Jurassic Park is a movie starring Sam Neill, Laura Dern, and Jeff Goldblum. A pragmatic paleontologist visiting an almost complete theme park is tasked with protecting a couple of kids after a power failure causes the park's cloned...

Jeff Goldblum, Richard Attenborough, Sam Neill, Laura Dern
Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure, Thriller
Steven Spielberg

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Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure, Thriller
Director Steven Spielberg
Writer David Koepp, Michael Crichton, Michael Crichton
Stars Jeff Goldblum, Richard Attenborough, Sam Neill, Laura Dern
Country USA
Also Known As O Parque dos Dinossauros, Jurski park, Парк из доба јуре, Jurassic Park: O Parque dos Dinossauros, Jurashikku pâku, Jurassic Park 3D, 侏儸紀公園, Le parc jurassique, Billy and the Cloneasaurus, ジュラシック・パーク, Jurassic Park: Parque dos Dinossauros, Park jurajski, Jyulogei gungyun, Park Ha-Yura, Jurassic Park (Parque Jurásico), Parque jurásico, Τζουράσικ Παρκ, JP, Jyuragi gongwon, Juros periodo parkas, Park jurajski 3D, Jurassic Park - Collector's Edition, Parque Jurássico, Parc Juràssic, Zhuluoji gongyuan, Parcul Jurasic, Công Viên Kỷ Jura, Jurský park
Runtime 2H 7M
Description On Isla Nublar, a new park has just been built with genetically engineered dinosaurs. Tragedy strikes when one of the workers is killed by a velociraptor. The founder of the park, John Hammond, (Sir Richard Attenborough) requests Paleontologist Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill) and his assistant, Dr. Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern) to come to the park and ensure that it is safe. Also joining them are Hammond's lawyer Donald Gennaro (Martin Ferrero) and chaotician Dr. Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum). When they reach the island, they are amazed to discover that Hammond has created living dinosaurs. However, at the same time, they all have their doubts. Later, Hammond's grandchildren Lex and Tim (Ariana Richards and Joseph Mazzello) join the group in a tour of the park. Sattler leaves the tour to take care of an ill triceratops. Soon the power in the park is shut down by computer systems geek Dennis Nedry (Wayne Knight), who wishes to steal embryos from the park to sell to a secret buyer. In the process, many dinosaurs escape their paddocks, including the deadly Tyrannosaurus Rex, who, during a thunderstorm, escapes his paddock and attacks the children, and eats Gennaro. Malcolm is injured and Grant and the children are then lost in the park. Meanwhile, Hammond, Sattler, and the rest of the operations team learn that Nedry (who in the meantime has been killed) has locked up the computer system to cover his tracks. They attempt to get power back in the park in order to escape the island. After shutting down the system, then restoring it, the group realizes that velociraptors are also on the loose, and are now on the hunt for the visitors.

Top reviews

Monday, 30 Mar 2020 20:01

You can't win 'em all, can you? In the early 90s, Steven Spielberg came up with the 'Jurassic Park' film, the first of the series. It was a successful film, but had several flaws. The first one was, of course, the lack of emotions the characters showed. In this film, the characters showed a lot of emotion, even though it wasn't necessary. The other flaw was, of course, the plot. The plot was not interesting, but it was still an interesting film. The plot of this film was very strong. The plot was very original, and was very different from other science-fiction films. The plot is very much like a movie that would be good to watch. It has the usual story of a scientist who has created a device to give dinosaurs a taste of human blood, and it begins to be eaten by the dinosaurs. However, when the device is found by the scientists, they try to destroy it and stop it from being destroyed. The creatures are caught in a battle between humans and dinosaurs, but the scientists must fight their way out of the traps set by the dinosaurs. They are forced to fight against the dinosaurs, and the humans must fight against them. There are many things to enjoy about this film. The movie is very interesting. The movie has a very good plot, and I recommend it to anyone who likes sci-fi films. It is very different from the other sci-fi films of the time, and the plot is original. The acting is very good. I especially liked the characters of Velociraptors and Velociraptors. I think that this film is very good. The film has a very good plot, and is a good movie to watch. It is very original, and has a good plot. I rate this film a 7/10.
Sunday, 29 Mar 2020 19:59

Jurassic Park was the first great science fiction movie. It was the first movie that put Robert Zemeckis on the map, and it is the reason he is the number one man in Hollywood. After that it was Jurassic Park 2, and this movie is the best. I had high expectations for this movie. I am happy to say that I was not disappointed. The story of the movie is about a woman named Ellie. Ellie is a computer whiz who is the sole reason why the dinosaur hasn't destroyed the park yet. Ellie is the only one who can stop the dinosaur from destroying the park. The dinosaurs are so powerful that they can only be defeated by a combination of computers, computers, and computers. So here we have a classic sci-fi movie. The plot of this movie is very simple. The idea of the movie is very original and the whole movie is very interesting. In the first act of the movie we have all kinds of problems, and we need to wait for more problems to occur. The problem I have is that I can't understand the villains and the movie. I understand the villains, but I can't understand the people. The movie is very well done, the special effects are very good, and the effects are probably the best I have seen in a movie since the movie "Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back." Also the movie had a lot of suspense, but the movie has one flaw. It takes a while to find out what the dinosaurs are doing. The reason I gave this movie a 7 instead of a 8 is because I think that the movie is very boring. However, this movie is very good, and it is the best movie I have seen this year.

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