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(3261) 5.7 86 min 2016

Wild Oats is a movie starring Shirley MacLaine, Jessica Lange, and Demi Moore. Everything changes for Eva when she receives a life insurance check accidentally made out for five million dollars instead of the expected fifty thousand...

Demi Moore, Ptolemy Slocum, Jessica Lange, Shirley MacLaine
Action, Comedy, Drama, Adventure
Andy Tennant

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Audio English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Action, Comedy, Drama, Adventure
Director Andy Tennant
Writer Gary Kanew, Gary Kanew, Claudia Myers
Stars Demi Moore, Ptolemy Slocum, Jessica Lange, Shirley MacLaine
Country USA, Germany
Also Known As Como reinas, 素敵な遺産相続, Lakhgog et ha'kha'yim, Hoi Xuan, Slučajne bogatašice
Runtime 1H 26M
Description A retired widow who hits the jackpot when she receives a life insurance check mistakenly made out for five million dollars instead of fifty thousand dollars. She and her best friend then take off, only to become media sensations and fugitives from justice.

Top reviews

Thursday, 02 Apr 2020 20:00

After watching the show, i thought it was going to be soooooo bad. I have watched all the movies i like from the 90's and this was one of them. So, i started it on TV and i was surprised how it was not a bad movie. But, it was. it had lots of humor, funny characters, a couple of funny scenes, and just a great story. The story is about an old, wizened, maverick who is running for office. He is out to get revenge for being kicked out of the cabinet. He got a lot of support in his campaign. He runs into an old school friend, and he tells him about a company where he can make whatever he wants. He wants to be an artist and wants to make one of his own. He doesn't know anything about how to make art. This friend gives him the start. This friend is this friendly, fat guy, who also doesn't know how to make art. They work together to help this friend make art. He's not the best, but he's a good friend. This friend gives him the plan to go and work for the company, where the old man works. So, he works for them. He needs some money to go and spend the night in his room. And this friend is really nice to him. The old man makes him art. This friend doesn't know that, and he also makes a lot of money. The old man takes the money and goes and gets the old man a new home. So, the old man is happy. He can get the old man to help him make art again. They also start a relationship. The old man says, "This is not a romance movie." I know, i'm a romance movie fan. And i'm saying this to the people who don't like the romantic stuff. I don't think the romantic stuff is important. This movie is about life. This movie is about people. This movie is about art. I recommend it. 7/10
Wednesday, 01 Apr 2020 19:58

I'm very, very proud to be a member of this wonderful community. I really love this movie, and I think it's a great addition to the "Patterson" series. I have been waiting for this movie ever since the last "Patterson" movie came out. I also love the fact that they made a great TV series that anyone could get their hands on. It's about these guys that are really out there in the world, trying to make a living and get by. They meet a lot of people and are all different, and not really like each other. I also love that they got a lot of the jokes that were in the old films, and they use them very well in this film. I think it was pretty good for the most part, but some of the jokes didn't work. I love when Robin Williams said that, because he had some of the best lines in the series. I also loved that he had a really bad case of dysentery. I would've liked to have seen the way they got rid of it. Also, I really like how he had the mom fight back, when he had the speech about how they should get back together. The other thing I liked about this movie was the fact that they got back to the original idea that Patterson was making a movie about himself. I also really liked how they did a lot of the comedy and some of the scenes in this movie were really funny. I also love how they threw in a lot of the funny "Patterson" music that was in the "Patterson" series, I really think that they put some of the best songs in this movie. I would've liked to see more of those "Patterson" songs in the movie. I would also like to have seen more of "The Ben Stiller Show" because that's where that whole comedy comes from. I think that it was a pretty good movie, and I love that they made it a little different. I think that there are some things that are too hard for some people, like the nudity, but I think that's part of it, and it's not that important. Overall, I think that this is a great addition to the "Patterson" series, and I'm really excited for the next one.

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