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(198) 5.3 77 min 2017

Back to the Fatherland is a movie starring Gil Levanon, Katharina Maschek, and Dan Peled. BACK TO THE FATHERLAND is a documentary film that tells the story of young people leaving their home country to try their luck somewhere else....

Katharina Maschek, Gil Levanon, Gidi Peled, Dan Peled
Kat Rohrer, Gil Levanon

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Audio English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Documentary
Director Kat Rohrer, Gil Levanon
Writer Susan Korda, Anneliese Rohrer, Anneliese Rohrer
Stars Katharina Maschek, Gil Levanon, Gidi Peled, Dan Peled
Country Austria
Runtime 1H 17M
Description BACK TO THE FATHERLAND is a documentary film that tells the story of young people leaving their home country to try their luck somewhere else. A common tale these days if these young women and men weren't from Israel and if they wouldn't be moving to Germany and Austria, where their families were persecuted and killed.

Top reviews

Friday, 17 Jul 2020 14:51

This film is a must see if you're interested in Ukraine and Russian-Ukrainian relations. Great documentary. I enjoyed it. I think that all documentaries about the history of Russia should be made. And it would be great if they would produce documentaries about Ukrainian-Russian relations. What makes it even more important is that these documentaries are made by Ukrainians and Ukrainian people. This is not only true of documentaries about Soviet history. Some documentaries about post-Soviet history are produced by Russians too. And it's not just that, some of the documentaries about Russia and its history are produced by Russians too. This documentary is about the history of Russia. And as Russian people, we should be more interested in the history of Russia, of all countries in the world. And this documentary has a lot of great historical material. And the documentary goes further, in fact. I found it very interesting that this documentary was produced by Ukrainians. I would like to say a little more about it, but then I would have to give the other actors' and crew's names. These are the same people who made the documentary on the history of Russia. I don't know if they'll be able to continue this documentary. This is a great documentary. And I wish there would be more documentaries like this. Thank you for making it. I think that Ukrainians and Russians should learn about their history from other countries. And the documentaries should be made. We should know about the history of the world, about the Russian and Ukrainian history. We should be better informed about the Russian and Ukrainian history. And that is what this documentary is about. I wish there were more documentaries like this. I also wish that more people would be interested in Russian-Ukrainian relations. And this is one of the reasons that this documentary is a must see. I give this film a 10/10.
Wednesday, 10 Jun 2020 00:01

This is the documentary film that, if your desire is to get a realistic view of what the Russian army, the Chechens, the LNR, and various other combatants in Chechnya are actually going through, you will get. This film's message is more about the war in Chechnya than what's happening in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and other places. The footage is from Chechnya and the surrounding areas, which has been mostly wiped out. I found this documentary especially moving as I've only been in the Chechnya region of Russia twice, both times as a tourist, so it is hard for me to get a complete picture of what is happening there. The cameraman, who has been in this war for almost a year and a half, gives a sobering account of what he sees, at the same time he provides a stark contrast to what is happening in Syria. For me, this was more personal, and so I cannot give this film any more than 10 stars. I hope that people who are concerned about the situation in Chechnya, and other places, will get a real perspective on what's happening and how that war has affected those living there. But, then again, there's not a lot of films out there that are making that point. It will take more than this documentary to make that point. That being said, I urge anyone who is concerned about Chechnya to see this film. As a viewer, I found it compelling and so it is my recommendation that you see it and then share your views with me, because it is an important film to have in your life.
Monday, 08 Jun 2020 16:34

I know what you're thinking.A political documentary? You're right, I am not too familiar with the current political situation in Ukraine, and I don't know anything about the current political situation in Serbia, however I felt like writing this and I thought it might be interesting. The first thing I wanted to say is that the documentary is great, full of good information, and you could easily follow the story without knowing anything about the conflict in Ukraine. This movie was made by a very experienced and extremely professional filmmaker, and in this way, it can be very useful for the general public, and also for the people who work in the field of foreign affairs. The main thing I would like to add is that the documentary is also a political movie, but it is not only a documentary. The director is an expert in talking about international politics, and he doesn't get sidetracked in making a political movie. Instead, he is talking about the current international events and the situation in Ukraine, but at the same time he tries to present different viewpoints and opinions. I would recommend the film for anyone who is interested in international politics or is just interested in the current situation in Ukraine. I would also like to add that the movie has a very good production quality and very good use of music. The documentary is filled with interviews with people in different countries, including people from Russia, Ukraine, Serbia and Croatia, with the exception of Serbia, where the interview is with the president of Serbia. There is a lot of information on this subject and I think it is one of the best documentaries made. This movie is definitely worth watching, even if you are not interested in the current situation in Ukraine, it is certainly worth watching.

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