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(25651) 6.6 99 min 2019

21 Bridges is a movie starring Chadwick Boseman, Sienna Miller, and J.K. Simmons. An embattled NYPD detective is thrust into a citywide manhunt for a pair of cop killers after uncovering a massive and unexpected conspiracy.

Sienna Miller, Stephan James, Chadwick Boseman, J.K. Simmons
Action, Drama, Crime, Thriller
Brian Kirk

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Audio English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Action, Drama, Crime, Thriller
Director Brian Kirk
Writer Adam Mervis, Matthew Michael Carnahan, Adam Mervis
Stars Sienna Miller, Stephan James, Chadwick Boseman, J.K. Simmons
Country China, USA
Also Known As 21 Γέφυρες, Nueva York sin salida, 21 Cây Cầu, 21 mostów, 暴走曼哈頓, 21 Gsharim, 21 Pontes, Manhattan sin salida, City of Crime, Poursuite sous pression, 21 Mostov, 21 tilts, 21 híd, Manhattan Lockdown, 21 tiltas, 21 Mostů, 21 silda, 17 Bridges, Crime Sem Saída, 21 Most
Runtime 1H 39M
Description Thrust into a citywide manhunt for a duo of cop killers, NYPD detective Andre Davis begins to uncover a massive conspiracy that links his fellow police officers to a criminal empire and must decide who he is hunting and who is actually hunting him. During the manhunt, Manhattan is completely locked down for the first time in its history - no exit or entry to the island including all 21 bridges.

Top reviews

Monday, 15 Jun 2020 14:55

In a cold and dark time in our country, George (Dustin Hoffman) is a successful businessman who is about to go to jail for tax evasion. His lawyer Carl (Charlie Chaplin) is able to get him out of jail and into his own private prison. Carl asks George to be his attorney, and, he accepts. But, after Carl is arrested for treason, he is asked to take George's place as an attorney in his upcoming trial. He agrees, but, the day of the trial is delayed. Later, when he is released from jail, George refuses to defend his own lawyer, but, the judge (Bruce Dern) insists that he does. At the trial, George is called upon to defend Carl. At first, he refuses, but, he realizes that, if he takes the case, he can prove that Carl is innocent. Carl does not know about the fact that he is an attorney, and, he also does not know that he is in fact, an attorney. His defense attorney, Earl (Billy Drago) tells him that his job is not to defend a client, but to represent a client. Carl is able to keep his job, and, he is able to make his next client out of George. But, a young secretary, Faith (Michelle Pfeiffer) and her boyfriend, have been accused of the murder of a man, and, they are accused of lying about the fact that they were a lawyer. Carl and George investigate the truth behind the murder, and, they find out that the accused are innocent. Although, Carl is successful, he does not know that his career is over, but, he does know that he is being taken advantage of by his attorney Carl. This is a good film, with a great cast, and, a great plot. I highly recommend this film to any person who is into the detective story. I highly recommend this film to any person who likes detective movies. This is a very good film. I give it an A+.
Wednesday, 22 Apr 2020 22:19

With a cast that includes a young Tom Cruise, Jack Lemmon, Richard Pryor, and a host of other recognizable names, I had high expectations for this film. Unfortunately, the movie did not live up to my expectations. The movie is a typical "action" film, but it is more about a social commentary than a conventional action film. The film is about the notion of the "American dream", and how the American dream is a myth that people try to live up to. Jack Lemmon's character, Chris Young, is a loner who has lived a tough life. He has been in prison for over twenty years and has a number of problems with his wife and daughter. He's also got a lot of money, but he can't spend it on himself. So he hires an assassin named Frank Martin (Richard Pryor) to kill the family and get the money. But the assassin's real mission is to kill the family's lawyer and take the money. Tom Cruise plays Chris Young, a man who has had a hard life and who is trying to make his way back to the American dream. However, when he starts getting in trouble, he's going to have to choose between living a tough life or a middle class life. I was not that impressed with this film. The acting was okay, but the characters were not developed enough to make the characters likable. The action was pretty good, but the story was lacking. The story is about the American dream, but it is not really about the American dream. I think the film tries to be about the American dream and the American dream, but it doesn't really go into the details. This is a typical action film, but it is not a great action film. I would recommend this movie to people who are into their action films, but I would not recommend this film to people who are into social commentary films. I give this film a 7/10.

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