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(14417) 5.7 99 min 2016

Collide is a movie starring Nicholas Hoult, Felicity Jones, and Anthony Hopkins. An American backpacker gets involved with a ring of drug smugglers as their driver, though he winds up on the run from his employers across Cologne...

Nicholas Hoult, Felicity Jones, Ben Kingsley, Anthony Hopkins
Thriller, Action, Crime
Eran Creevy

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Audio English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Thriller, Action, Crime
Director Eran Creevy
Writer Eran Creevy, F. Scott Frazier, F. Scott Frazier
Stars Nicholas Hoult, Felicity Jones, Ben Kingsley, Anthony Hopkins
Country UK, China, USA, Germany
Also Known As Kiirtee: Kontrolli alt väljas, Collide - A Alta Velocidade, 偷天劫車手, Persecución al límite, Trieciens, Collision, アウトバーン, Autobahn, Ütközés, Otoban, No Way Out, Zderzenie, Busca sem Limites, Nešdintis visu greičiu, Avtocesta smrti, Χωρίς διέξοδο, Autobahn - Fuori controllo
Runtime 1H 39M
Description To pay for his girlfriend's (Felicity Jones) medical emergency while abroad, Casey (Nicholas Hoult) schemes to pull a drug heist for an eccentric gangster (Sir Ben Kingsley). After a failed attempt, he embarks across Europe on an action-packed chase in a race against time to save his girlfriend's life from being taken by an evil druglord (Sir Anthony Hopkins).

Top reviews

Sunday, 12 Jul 2020 21:05

And the world ends. Well, that's the problem with this movie. There's just so much going on and we never get to know about any of the characters, but that's what the movies are for. These are characters you know nothing about, who exist in your head. I suppose the first half of the movie (before the corporate plot) is a bit better, but that's because you can't forget that the world is ending and you have to follow along with the story. The plot in general is about a group of friends who are taking a trip to the lake in the woods. While there they meet an annoying little girl, who is jealous of the group because she wants to go to the lake with them, but they're too busy going on an adventure to notice her. She then makes it a point to befriend the group and try to take advantage of them. The problem is, everyone is busy with their own problems and not paying attention to the little girl, so they don't notice. By the time the group realizes that the little girl has been following them around, it's too late. The little girl is dead and everyone is dead. The little girl's story is the last half of the movie. We know the characters and know where the story is going, but when the action stops and the story is all over the place, the movie is ruined. I was interested in the characters, but the characters were not developed. They were either annoying and annoying because they were forced to do something, or they were annoying because they were forced to do something. Not much happens, and I didn't care what happened to them. It would have been nice if the characters had been developed a bit more. The plot could have been interesting, but it didn't work because the movie just started and then it was over. It would have been a great movie if the characters had been developed a bit more. I felt like the characters were forced to do stuff, so I was less interested in the story and more interested in the characters. I like movies where the characters have depth, and not only do they do it, but it has a good reason to do it. I enjoyed this movie and I think that if it was the same director, I would have enjoyed it more. It's not a terrible movie, it just didn't make it for me. I give this movie a 6/10.
Monday, 08 Jun 2020 02:49

With his fifth feature length film, Hong Kong director (and the younger brother of the one and only Jackie Chan) Chen Yuen-lung has delivered another action packed film with multiple action sequences. The story focuses on a man who suffers from high blood pressure, and who is confined to a wheelchair due to a car accident that he is unable to shake off. While he's in this condition, the world around him is changed, and a new crime lord named "The Boss" (played by The Rock) emerges to fill the void left behind by The Boss, and her rival The Red Dragon (played by the Rock's brother Tony). The story of "Collide" follows the victim in his current condition, and the various crime lords vying for his soul. The story is well executed, and the action scenes are highly intense. The only problem is that the film is over two hours long, and the movie doesn't really leave much room for the viewer to get engaged with the story. The film is set in Hong Kong and directed by Chen Yuen-lung, and although the film is heavily influenced by the Chan brother's earlier movies (such as "The Super Power" and "The Patriot"), "Collide" is an entirely different film from those movies. The Rock is no longer involved in the film, and has only a cameo appearance, which is one of the film's greatest weaknesses. Overall, "Collide" is a well-made action film, and is a definite must-see for action fans. Round-Up: It was reported that The Rock was a huge fan of the original "The Matrix", and after this film, he will be even more of a fan of the Chan's films, especially "The Expendables" films. With this film, he has become a much better actor, and his role in this film is no different. He is joined by fellow actors Lee Cheung-yan, Ho Yifei, and Andy Lau, and they all give really strong performances. Lee Cheung-yan is known for his comedic roles, and his role in this film is nothing less than outstanding. In fact, he is a perfect fit for this film, and he's the best of the bunch. Ho Yifei plays his part with the same style that he does in his other films, and Andy Lau also gives a strong performance. There is also a cameo appearance by Tony Jaa, who is known for his role in "The Raid: Redemption", and this is also another strong performance by him. Overall, "Collide" is a highly entertaining film, and one of the best Chan films of the year. It is definitely one of the best action films in the past five years, and is also an excellent film for Chan fans. Budget: $45million Worldwide Gross: $244million I recommend this film to people who
Saturday, 06 Jun 2020 07:37

What can I say about "Crash"? It was a satisfying experience to watch. The plot was full of holes and inconsistencies, but I think the fact that we don't know where the movie is going until the very last second tells us that there is an intention of a little bit of mystery and intrigue. What I found funny was the conclusion that one of the villains, who had been out of prison for fifteen years, was out to get his "pet" bounty hunter, who had just been released from prison. There was an element of irony in the last scene of the movie, where the old man and his girlfriend are waiting to see if the old man is going to take off with his girlfriend. (The old man is supposedly only going to take off with his girlfriend after he finishes the job of the bounty hunter, the job he was promised. But, in the final scene, the old man just says "Take her home, please." And, the girl just walks away.) And, this is how a romance movie should be. The acting was good. I especially liked the character of the bounty hunter. He was a real caricature of a character that I have seen in a lot of movies, and it worked quite well. The action was also good, though I think the fight scene between the bounty hunter and the henchman was not very well done. But, I thought the music in the movie was great, and I was particularly impressed with the score of the movie. I think that the music of the movie was very catchy and it fit the mood of the movie very well. I thought that the story and the story in the movie were very interesting and it made for a very good movie. I liked it.

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