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(178) 7.1 134 min 2019

Set in Idaho's Sawtooth Mountain range, REDOUBT composites elements from classical mythology and cosmological mysteries while tracking Manifest Destiny's continued influence on the American landscape. REDOUBT loosely adapts the myth of the Roman goddess Diana - also known as Greek goddess Artemis, patroness of the moon, wild animals, and wilderness - tracking her orchestrated punishment of legendary hunter Actaeon. In Barney's microcosmic staging of the myth, characters wordlessly communicate and attempt to define their place in the natural world through the art of choreographed processes while attendant bands of nymphs interpret their environs, encircling their stealthy huntress while Barney electroplates the cosmos.

Matthew Barney

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Wednesday, 08 Jul 2020 18:38

I must confess that I'm not a fan of the new version of Lord of the Flies. I don't mind some changes in the storyline, but I think the ending of this film is particularly weak. It's been done before and done better. I'm willing to admit that the first version was less intelligent than the first, but it still made a big impact on the atmosphere of the town, the moral themes of the novel and the story itself. This version is not so smart. In the original film the "protagonists" were, by their nature, pure and virtuous. They were protected by God. Their sins were forgiven and punished. They were the objects of pity, anger and scorn. The villains were not so good, but they were the very people who were supposed to be bad. In the original film they were the bad guys and the heroes were the good guys. The hero is the person who saves the day, not the person who saves the world. In this version it is the opposite, the heroes are the ones who save the world and the villains are the people who prevent the hero from doing so. That's just the way I like it. I'm not a Christian, but I am a Christian and I think that's what makes this film more interesting than the original. However, I've always found the ending unsatisfying, because I think the original ending was very well thought out and the film is an excellent example of a very well-thought-out ending. I feel that the ending of this film is just about as good as the first, except that the new ending, which was written by the same guy, isn't. In other words, this version is no where near as good as the original. I'd recommend the first, but not the second.
Tuesday, 02 Jun 2020 11:07

The film concerns a young woman, Renee, who has been left behind in a tough neighbourhood, for being a young woman. However, her mother, Eve, is forced to send her to a Catholic school, which she tries to escape from. The film seems to suggest that nuns may be helping those who do not conform to the standards of society, and in some cases, even those who do not agree with them. It is not clear whether this is due to being an individual who did not conform to the standards of society or simply for being a nun. However, one can see that it is both. Even though the nuns are not officially trained in the religion, they are using their authority to try and discipline the other members of the community. Renee's mother, Eve, is moved to the hospital, where she meets with the priest who is managing her care. She believes that he does not care about Renee, but that he does care about her. Eventually, Renee, a tough girl, is rescued by her mother, who takes her home. She is happy to have a mother who does not care about her and a home, but the other nuns seem to be more concerned with following the rules and making their home a sanctuary for sinners. As the story progresses, the nuns start to show some sympathy for Renee and she finds out about the lost of the car that her mother left behind. She then asks her mother for help to get a new car, and the mother responds by asking the nuns if they know where she can get a new car. Renee goes to the library, but is asked to return to the hospital. The nuns tell her that they will try and give her a new car. This makes her realise that the nuns are human and that, despite being a nun, she cares for her mother, who is dying of cancer. When the nun asks if she can bring the car back to the hospital, Renee is reluctant, but agrees to go. However, after seeing the car, she is overcome by the car, and starts to cry. The nuns eventually give her the car and the car starts to drive her home, before returning to the hospital to find that her mother has passed away. After the funeral, Renee is contacted by a priest who tells her that he has found the lost of the car. The next day, the nuns visit her house and give her the car. The car drives her to her parents' house, and, the following night, she goes to the hospital to find her mother. The nuns tell her that she was helped by a nun who was the first to recognise the car and told her about the car. The nuns are not bad people, they just did what they were told to do. The film makes many of the points made in the film, but its different feel makes it harder to understand. The film makes a point about not following the rules of society, and the nuns do not give Renee a new car, but instead help her find a new car, as well as helping her reunite with her mother.
Tuesday, 21 Apr 2020 08:37

The movie, "Jorge and the Righteous" (2006), is a small picture from 2006, and the only Spanish movie I've seen this year that was worth watching. The movie is about a young Chilean journalist who travels to France to attend a press conference. The journalist, Juan Mina, is the young Chilean who was the first to have his wife murdered, and he makes a documentary about the crime. The photographer, Pablo Araujo, lives in France to cover the murder trial. The murders are going on every day in France. This is an exceptional movie, especially for a Spanish movie. It's not a traditional crime movie, but it's still a good movie. It's a very different story from most other movies of its kind, and that's why it works so well. The movie focuses on a small group of people who are connected by a common interest. When the group decides to go to Chile to see the new culture, they have a common interest. One of the men, Juan Mina, is the journalist who is covering the case. The other men are him, Pablo Araujo and his wife, while he is covering the case. The pictures that are taken are very important, because they show that the pictures and the documentaries are made by the same man, and so, the facts in the pictures match up to the facts in the documentary. We are told that this man, Juan Mina, was married to a murdered woman, and he is the one who created the documentaries. But the documentary itself is also very important, because the other men have been accused of the murders. There are very interesting characters in the movie, who are usually a part of the picture, and I liked them. This is a very different film, which was made in 2006, and it's very good.

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