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(34561) 6.3 124 min 2018

Mary Queen of Scots is a movie starring Saoirse Ronan, Margot Robbie, and Jack Lowden. Mary Stuart's (Saoirse Ronan's) attempt to overthrow her cousin Elizabeth I (Margot Robbie), Queen of England, finds her condemned to years of...

Joe Alwyn, Jack Lowden, Margot Robbie, Saoirse Ronan
History, Biography, Drama
Josie Rourke

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Audio English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres History, Biography, Drama
Director Josie Rourke
Writer Beau Willimon, John Guy
Stars Joe Alwyn, Jack Lowden, Margot Robbie, Saoirse Ronan
Country USA, UK
Also Known As Maria Stuart, dronning af Skotland, Mary regina Scoţiei, Mary, Queen of Scots, Marija Stjuart kraljica Škotske, Maria Stuart, Königin von Schottland, Marie Stuart, Reine d'Écosse, Két királynő, ふたりの女王 メアリーとエリザベス, İskoçya Kraliçesi Mary, Marija Skotska, Marija, Skotijas karaliene, Mary, šotlaste kuninganna, Μαίρη, Η Βασίλισσα της Σκοτίας, Duas Rainhas, Marija Kraljica Skotske, Mary Malkat ha'Scottim, Kaksi kuningatarta, Mariam Stiuarti Shotlandiis Dedofali, Marie Stuart: Reine d'Écosse, María, reina de Escocia, Maria regina di Scozia, 雙后傳, Mary, Queen Of Scots, Maria, królowa Szkotów, Marie reine d'Écosse, Las dos reinas, Marija, Škotijos karaliene, Maria, Rainha dos Escoceses
Runtime 2H 4M
Description This movie explores the turbulent life of the charismatic Mary Stuart (Saoirse Ronan). Queen of France at sixteen and widowed at eighteen, Mary defies pressure to remarry. Instead, she returns to her native Scotland to reclaim her rightful throne. But Scotland and England fall under the rule of the compelling Elizabeth I (Margot Robbie). Each young Queen beholds her "sister" in fear and fascination. Rivals in power and in love, and female regents in a masculine world, the two must decide how to play the game of marriage versus independence. Determined to rule as much more than a figurehead, Mary asserts her claim to the English throne, threatening Elizabeth's sovereignty. Betrayal, rebellion, and conspiracies within each court imperil both thrones - and change the course of history.

Top reviews

Wednesday, 17 Jun 2020 02:21

I am ashamed to say I have been a fan of Queen of Scots for so long that I have been prepared to watch any movie of hers, any time, in order to see her. I have been longing to see this movie for ages. I finally got to see it at a preview last night, and have been completely impressed by it. The film is loosely based on a fictionalized biography of Queen Elizabeth II, who is a spinster and a mystery woman. It is a tale of a queen who had a love of power, and ended up owning the most powerful country in the world. Her actions were as ill-advised as they were inspiring. We see her in the media at the time, but at the end of the film we are left wondering how she could have suffered so much pain to end up in such an irresponsible position. She was not some divine figure of destiny, but she got to be queen because of what she did, and it is an awful and tragic thing for the country she governed to go through. For me the most compelling part of the film was the story of how the queen came to this position. When I heard about this story, it struck me as intriguing, and I think I should have watched it at the theater. I have not watched it in a theater since I have been in college. It is not a film for the people who are easily moved, because it is a story of human tragedy and need, which is a lesson that the film teaches us. I would say this film is a great introduction to Elizabeth II for those who have been a fan for a long time. But the film should not be your only introduction to her, because it is one of the most moving stories of human tragedy. Queen of Scots is a film with plenty of entertainment value, and it is a great look into the life of the Queen.
Sunday, 24 May 2020 07:08

This is a very impressive film about how the English became the new English. The English, being the modern English, were not English in the traditional sense. They were of a more intellectual and globalized type of mind that was beyond the British. They were the first of their kind. After the Glorious Revolution in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, the English sought to acquire the lands of their forefathers. Their entry into Spain was not a voluntary conversion to Catholicism, but a forced conversion by the Spanish King who saw the chance to expand his own empire. The English left England in peace and took possession of the land that was to become the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. The English were united in their new ways of thinking, and were given the choice of either remaining in England, or accepting the new ways. Most of the cast of this film was originally chosen for the role of Mary Queen of Scots. The original was perfect, but the director, Michael Winterbottom, was not very familiar with Shakespeare's work, so the casting of Mary Queen of Scots was difficult. I like Michael Winterbottom, but he is not a very good director. He was unable to match the greatness of Brian De Palma, who directed John Boorman's "The English Patient", and Oliver Stone's "Platoon". For a historical film, "The Queen" is very good. "The Queen" is not a masterpiece, but it is a very good film that the film-makers of the United Kingdom and Ireland should see.
Friday, 22 May 2020 23:41

I just finished watching "Queen of Scots" and it is my favorite movie of the year so far. Not only does it live up to all the hype, it actually stands up to criticism and almost completely blows it. The movie tells the true story of the extraordinary battle of Agincourt in the 16th century. It is a historically accurate and beautifully shot movie, but it's story is more or less a modern retelling of the battle. I won't go into a lot of the details about the battle because there is really no need to do so. In a nutshell, the movie tells a mostly true story, and I think that's what makes it such a great movie. The costumes are exquisite and the acting is really great. There is nothing to complain about. The story is that the French King Henry VIII is really sick and decides to have a son, and he doesn't want it to be a boy. The Duke of Buckingham is incredibly powerful and knows that he has to be with the girl. He kills a young nobleman and the boy is baptized, but he is not exactly the same. The young man grows up to become William the Conqueror and the movie really shows how quickly the world really changed. It does a good job of showing how the French royal family was threatened by Henry VIII. Henry's own brother was killed and Henry wants to take his place as king. He will have to do it without a son. The Duke of Buckingham does his part of a job of being the strong and feared one of the family. He takes control of the court and changes the way Henry is treated and it goes in a direction that will not be pleasant. The best performance is definitely that of Richard Harris, who played the Duke of Buckingham. He is absolutely brilliant as the mysterious and powerful man who is not who he seems. The whole movie is a drama. It's really funny and clever. It's more like a drama about the nobility and power in England and how it goes wrong. The characters are a little unbelievable and there is a scene in the middle of the movie where I didn't understand what was going on, but I think that was the point. I thought the movie was brilliant because it shows how all of the different people in England reacted to the coming of the King, and how the British King Francis I of France was determined to have his way. I don't know how to give a perfect review of a movie, but I can say that I really enjoyed this movie. The costumes are amazing and I think it is a stunning movie. The acting is really great and there is no character to complain about. I think this movie is worth seeing. It's a great movie and I think it should be watched by all people interested in historical movies. It's great to see Richard Harris in a movie. I think he is really good and he was one of the most amazing people in the world in the 1980's. He really made me interested in the subject of English royalty and how they were treated.

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