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Watch They Shall Not Grow Old

(24610) 8.3 99 min 2018

Through ground breaking computer restoration technology, filmmaker Peter Jackson's team creates a moving real-to-life depiction of the WWI, as never seen before in restored, vivid colorizing & retiming of the film frames, in order to honor those who fought and more accurately depict this historical moment in world history.

War, Documentary, History
Peter Jackson

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Audio English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres War, Documentary, History
Director Peter Jackson
Country New Zealand, UK
Also Known As 他們不再老去, Akik már nem öregszenek meg, They Shall Not Grow Old - Per sempre giovani, Jamás llegarán a viejos, Ta Men Yi Bu Zai Bian Lao, Ellos no envejecerán, I młodzi pozostaną, Yaslanmayacaklar, Pour les soldats tombés, Eles Não Envelhecerão
Runtime 1H 39M

Top reviews

Friday, 19 Jun 2020 03:13

This documentary is a great work of art. I cannot express how touching and inspiring it was to hear how these fighters continue to fight in the name of freedom and how their family members are still doing it despite the horrific impact it has had on their lives. It is a beautiful film to watch and has great cinematography and sound design. Although the characters' stories are not of the highest quality, I felt that they were portrayed very well. It is very difficult to talk about a film about a subject like war without giving away the spoilers, but as soon as the credits started to roll, I knew the one thing I would not spoil was the powerful and fascinating story behind these men. The narrator narrates the stories of the prisoners in the various camps and the film gives a very realistic feel to their stories and all the while, the audience is left with the feeling that there is a lot more to their lives than what they have seen on screen. Although I have heard people say that this film is "biased" because it focuses so much on the Muslim prisoners, I felt that the documentary has enough information to portray all sides of the story. It is important to know that these men are not fighting for Islam, they are fighting for their own freedom. One of the most powerful parts of the film was when they had their final farewells and their families could see them on the screen. This was the only scene that brought tears to my eyes and I was emotional. The film takes a very long time to tell these men's stories, but it is not boring or slow at all. Overall, I highly recommend this film. The director and the film-maker really did an amazing job at telling their stories in such a way that the audience understands what these men are going through. I think this film is just as important as the books of the Quran, or the books of other religious texts. The powerful and heartbreaking story behind the people that participated in this documentary is truly powerful and moving.
Tuesday, 26 May 2020 13:58

This documentary looks at the history of the siege of the Island of Malta during World War II. An English named Andrew Scarlett was sent to the island to report on the conditions and atrocities happening during the occupation. In the process of doing so, he helped to help end the War, in which the British were losing the war. The film's title is quite accurate and it is not really a war film as it is a story about a story. It was a story of survival of the fittest in a harsh environment and the limitations of man's will to survive. The film was about the Pasha Mustafa Berberi, who would later be the only survivor of the war. It is a story that was told many times by different people and it is told in a very entertaining way. The actors who were on the island were very convincing in the films performance. The German voices also added to the film's realism. The film also had some good historical footage on the island and also some good historical facts about the Island of Malta. The film also managed to capture the stories of the prisoners who did not die, they were murdered or enslaved by the Germans. There were many stories and many stories that were told in the film. It is a good movie that does a good job of telling the history of one of the most important battles of the last century. The worst part about this film is that it was shot in Malta and not Malta at all. Malta was actually filmed in Spain and the Malta of the film is really fictitious. This film is not really a war film and it is not really about the war but a story of survival and survival of the fittest. The film was not a very good documentary but it was really entertaining and it was a good film to watch.
Saturday, 23 May 2020 11:19

It's only been a few weeks since I was in college and found myself in the middle of a warzone. It was the one I knew I had to leave the following year for a good job. The day I left, I turned on my VCR. And it was the film I was able to watch on my own. It made me a little more ready for what was to come when I got out. I don't think it's a stretch to say that this is one of the most important films that I've ever seen. The first hour or so of this documentary is full of chilling images. At the same time, it's one of the most thorough of documentaries I've ever seen. The viewer is completely immersed in this war, and it's impossible to let the film go. It's in three parts, but the first one is a lot of what people will find boring. The second part is slightly better and just as important. The third part is really great and shows the full spectrum of the horrors of war. It's a great look into the real life of the conflicts that still divide the Middle East. The military and the lives of the soldiers are the most intense parts of this film. As the war wears on, the violence gets harder and the story gets more difficult to watch. This isn't just about the American and Iraqi war. It's about every war ever fought. It's about all wars that we have ever fought. It's about wars that are still ongoing today. This isn't just about the wars. This is about the power of war and its effects on the human mind and body. If you're looking for a great war movie, this is it.
Monday, 20 Apr 2020 21:53

The film tells the story of the rise and fall of the Nazi Party. In some ways, it's not a good story; instead of telling a coherent story, it's less than you would expect. However, for those who enjoy the horror genre, this is a fun documentary. It's different in style and tone, but it's not too long and not too boring. The primary characters here are Hitler and Hitler Youth, the latter of which is the reason for the title. These are both fascinating men, whose insights and actions are fascinating and significant. While the Nazis were certainly the main story, the film highlights the "other side" of Adolf Hitler, and examines how the Nazis treated different groups of people, including Jews and Gypsies. This is all well done, but one can't help but feel that the focus is too broad. The film's strengths are in its title and the ability to tell an interesting story. But it does have some weak points. Most notably, this documentary feels very stretched out. It feels like it tries to cover a lot of material in two hours. There are moments in which you'd like to see more, but these aren't too distracting. The biggest weakness for me is that the film ends, and ends with a rather weak, one-sided, anti-Semitic ending. The film ends with this telling the story of the Jews, which is something that I feel is a very anti-Semitic end. This would have been a good thing if the film had more time to tell the story of the Nazis and the Jews, instead of the last quarter of the film. However, I still feel the film is worthwhile for those who are interested in the subject of Nazism.

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