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(733) 7.6 84 min 2015

Harry & Snowman is a movie starring Harry DeLeyer, Harriet DeLeyer, and Andre DeLeyer. The story of immigrant Harry DeLeyer and the plow horse he rescued from slaughter.

Harriet DeLeyer, Andre DeLeyer, Marty DeLeyer, Harry DeLeyer
Sport, Documentary, Drama, Biography
Ron Davis

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Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Sport, Documentary, Drama, Biography
Director Ron Davis
Writer Ron Davis
Stars Harriet DeLeyer, Andre DeLeyer, Marty DeLeyer, Harry DeLeyer
Country USA
Runtime 1H 24M
Description The story of immigrant Harry DeLeyer and the plow horse he rescued from slaughter.

Top reviews

Monday, 22 Jun 2020 12:11

I was completely stunned at the level of detail and passion behind this documentary. I thought the movie was going to be at best a few hours long, but it was more than that. The camera-work, the narration, the interviews, and the extensive amount of photos made this film so well-rounded. The thing I most enjoyed about this documentary was the incredibly complex story of how the two climbers and their families dealt with the tragedy of the incident. There were many interviews with both climbers and their families and I was particularly impressed by the video clips of the climbers and their families. The clips were very moving, and the parents of the climbers spoke very candidly about how they were forced to deal with the situation. I was especially impressed by the way that they interviewed the father of the deceased climber, and the father explained how the whole incident had to do with their own insecurities and expectations. The documentary was also highly informative. It gave me a complete understanding of the event and allowed me to empathize with the families of the climbers. I could see myself being in the situation they described and was greatly moved by their story. I found it a very moving and inspiring documentary. I think the most important thing that made this documentary so powerful was the interviews. It was never a question of who had the more convincing story, but rather the importance of the interviews. I highly recommend this documentary.
Saturday, 06 Jun 2020 13:24

If you're in the mood for a true story, or for a fascinating and original insight into the personal story of a Canadian treasure, this documentary will be the perfect choice. The documentary explores the life and career of former heavyweight champion Bill Dundee, and how he became a legend and then a national treasure, a role he played in winning Canada's first Olympic gold medal in 1968. As a boxer, Dundee is described as a very confident, tough, and confident person. Dundee was a regular in the ring, always putting on a show, and taking the fight to the other man, and most importantly, to himself. He had a particular flair for the controversial match, and it was a very unique role. In the documentary, Dundee's relationship with his family is explored, and it is interesting to hear the emotions that the parents and family felt. The documentary also explores Dundee's place in history, and how he became a national hero, and the struggles that he faced to keep the record of the greatest amateur boxing champion of all time. This documentary is a great personal story about a man who has been described as a national treasure, and a legend, and also a true story of his rise to greatness. It is also a documentary that looks at the career of a Canadian boxer, and his life and career. The documentary is also a fascinating look at the early years of Dundee, who was born in Saskatchewan, and went to school in the local communities in Canada, and was a proud Canadian, and a proud Canadian athlete. It is also a look at the life of a boxer, and the life of a legendary figure in Canadian history. This documentary is a great film for the family, and will entertain and inspire. It is a film that is full of entertainment and information, and not much more. It is a great documentary, and a great way to learn about Bill Dundee, and about boxing, and Canada.
Wednesday, 27 May 2020 11:10

A documentary about a cross country skier, Jake Wharton, who suffers from a rare genetic disease that causes him to be unable to control his body. I'll admit that I'm not the biggest fan of skiers. I love snowboarding, and have been to many races, but for me, skiing is more of a hobby. This documentary is the opposite of that. It is a documentary about a man who skis for a living. That's not a bad thing, and I think it's quite important to put that in the film. The man who put this film together, Jeremy Schaap, did an incredible job. I was shocked to learn that he was a journalist for the local paper in Burlington, Vermont, which was quite a feat considering that he had only been living there for a short time. He did a great job of showing the problems the skier has and making the skier's life even harder. He also interviewed some of the skiers who knew the skier, and they gave quite a nice insight into the skier's life. The film is also very well-made. It's very well-edited, and it's very well-made. I was also pleasantly surprised to see that the film was edited with the sounds turned off. I really enjoyed that, and it made the film a lot more enjoyable. The documentary is very well-made. It's quite a lengthy documentary, and I found it very hard to stay awake. I was glad that it was very short, because it made it much easier to stay awake and enjoy the film. I really enjoyed the film, and I think it's an important film to see. I recommend that everyone see this documentary.
Wednesday, 06 May 2020 11:24

In 2002, while training for a marathon, a young British runner named Mo Farah was hospitalized with severe injuries to his leg, which he never fully recovered from. It was reported that he had torn a tendon, fractured several bones, and had to undergo reconstructive surgery. The news soon spread throughout the world, and Mo's dream of running the London Marathon seemed almost impossible. However, after extensive testing, Mo finally ran the race and was crowned the 2012 Olympic champion, becoming the first African-American to win a major international event. However, Mo's story is just the tip of the iceberg. The documentary, which was released this past weekend, follows Mo throughout his recovery and the recovery of his family and friends. The film opens with footage of Mo in hospital, a year before his injury. He is seen with a weeping mother, who begs him to return home, while his father sits silently at the edge of the bed. Mo's father explains that he had to move his daughter to another hospital because she was unable to sleep. When Mo returned, the mother asked for a shower, and when she saw the new dress he had just purchased, she demanded that he return immediately to the hospital. Mo did return, but after returning to the hospital, he was plagued by nightmares and nightmares of his injury. He became withdrawn and isolated from his friends and family. Mo is not the only person affected by the event. Over 4,000 runners and spectators also had to deal with the trauma of the race, with nearly 1,000 receiving serious injuries. After the race, Mo told his mother that he never thought he would ever run the race again. But, he eventually got back on his feet and did a few short races, and was able to compete in the Olympics. He also became a symbol for his country and the entire world, and was awarded the 2012 Olympics' top medal, the gold medal for the 800 meters. Mo Farah, who ran the London Marathon in 2012, died at the age of 25, after a car accident. The documentary highlights the incredible story of Mo Farah, and the incredible person he became. The documentary was shot by two filmmakers, Bruce Betts and Scott St. John. The directors also worked with the film's writer, Arash Bahrami, and several other actors. The actors in the documentary include Marlon Wayans, Anya Taylor-Joy, Louis Jourdan, Justin Henry, and Cate Blanchett. St. John also worked with several other actors in the film. This documentary is an amazing story, which takes us to the heart of Mo Farah. This documentary

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