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(3805) 5.5 73 min 2016

Michael Moore in TrumpLand is a movie starring Michael Moore, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump. In the weeks before the 2016 general election, Oscar-winning filmmaker Michael Moore performs a pro-Hillary Clinton stand-up show deep...

Donald Trump, Michael Moore, Hillary Clinton
Michael Moore

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Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Documentary
Director Michael Moore
Writer Michael Moore
Stars Donald Trump, Michael Moore, Hillary Clinton
Country USA
Also Known As TrumpLand Movie, Trump Land Movie, Michael Moore in Trump Land, マイケル・ムーア・イン・トランプランド, Trump Land, Michael Moore en TrumpLand, Michael Moore: I love you, Donald J. Trump, TrumpLand
Runtime 1H 13M
Description Oscar-winner Michael Moore dives deep in the heart of hostile TrumpLand territory with his daring, profound, and uproarious one-man show. When the show gets banned from the first town they tried, Mike moves on to an even bigger community of Trump supporters in the ironically-named Clinton County, Ohio. Performed, shot, and edited just weeks before the 2016 election, this heartfelt, honest, and hilarious concert film is essential election viewing for a divided America. With a title like Michael Moore in TrumpLand, you may think you know what's in store, but the film is sure to surprise. Entertaining, outraging, and informing in equal measure, no matter who you're voting for, this movie has something for everybody.

Top reviews

Wednesday, 01 Jul 2020 03:50

A political documentary that opens with a joke. After that, it jumps ahead three years into the time of the presidency of Donald Trump and the first six months of his presidency, and even before that, we see his rise to power through the eyes of his first wife Ivana, his wife Marla, and the people in his life. There are bits of "fake news" news that go over the heads of the viewer, but the bulk of the film is about the Trump campaign. The film features interviews with his aides, and most of them talk about the campaign. It's mostly out of the blue, but the actors and the writer of the piece all say that the Trump campaign was "a non-stop news cycle." It is that time, and not Trump's first six months in office, that it is important to view. The film has its own politics, but we don't know what that politics is. Moore is as much a comedian as a journalist. He doesn't give us a lot of background information on his subject, and that's the strength of the film. In addition to his interviews with Trump, the film is filled with outtakes that are funny, and it's very refreshing to see such a "reality" documentary without the usual Hollywood snappy edits. As he says, "It's not an hour-long documentary, but it is a documentary." It's worth the price of admission to see the film, but it's not a must-see. It's not a documentary that we should be expecting to be a national treasure, but it is a good political documentary that could have been better. Moore is an engaging comedian, but there's no denying that he's been successful in bringing people to the political screen.
Tuesday, 26 May 2020 02:16

If you've been paying attention to the news this past year, you've seen a lot of interesting films that are too extreme to be ignored. However, when the mainstream media says that the only way to reach an audience is through a satirical perspective, it's hard not to take them seriously. However, I've been a supporter of Moore since I first saw Fahrenheit 911 and I can't really think of a film that he has been involved with that has been more impressive than this. Moore is always at the forefront of controversy and this film is no different. The film is about the American Presidential election, but the political views of Moore's character are more relevant than the election itself. Moore is not a political leader, but he does believe that people should be able to speak their minds, and he does see the big picture in this film. He explains that there are two kinds of people in this world, those that believe the news is not objective and those that believe the news is objective and that we should take it for what it is, unbiased, and that there is a level of freedom of speech. Moore is quite a popular figure, but he is not a political leader. He believes that if people can't agree on the facts, they should at least be able to agree on the context and message of the news. Moore is not someone you'd like to support, but his ideas are worth supporting. Moore makes the point that he does not have the right to attack a candidate for political reasons, but he does believe that he has the right to be able to speak his mind. He does not want to change the minds of his viewers, but he wants to influence their opinions. He also makes the point that Trump was never meant to win the election, but he still wants to be the President of the United States. Moore does not make a negative judgement on Trump, and that is where I think he is a great politician. It's not that he wants to influence the voters, but he wants to influence the voters to believe in what he believes in, and he wants the voters to have an open mind. He has a point to make, and he makes it clearly. The way in which he makes his point is the most effective way in showing the viewer that he is not the politician that they might think he is. Moore does not use rhetoric, but he does show how people in his position are seen by others. Moore does not try to change the people's minds, but he shows that he is not afraid to do it himself. Moore is someone that I don't want to support, but I want to support him. He is a person that is important to me and I don't want to see him fail. He has an audience that I want to support, and he has a point to make, and he does make it. This film is great, but it is not perfect. Some of the characters are underdeveloped, like Roy Moore, and Moore himself is underdeveloped. However, Moore is still very well-presented in the film and he is still very engaging. It's a great film that will have a good impact on many people. I give this film a 9 out of 10.
Sunday, 17 May 2020 23:54

I liked the "Stop Trump" march. Trump supporters are a very passionate and determined group. I was surprised to see so many Trump supporters at the march. I understand that the march was a protest of Trump's campaign and his policies. But the focus should have been on the most important issue, which is what is best for the country. I'm glad that there was no mention of Trump's personal financial troubles and how he made his money, even though it's not what the voters want to hear. The voters want to know how this would affect the country. And how would Trump handle the economy if he were president. And how would he handle the North Korea problem. The president should have said how he would handle these issues and if he were president, he would put those issues at the top of his agenda. Also, Trump shouldn't have given his daughter a job in the White House, even though she is an accomplished businesswoman. It's not the type of job that a young girl would be interested in, or someone who would understand the complexities of government. If the White House was just a meeting room, it would have been a better job for Ivanka. I would have preferred to see Trump go after these issues instead of just talking about his own business. I think that was a mistake. Overall, I think it was a great documentary. There were a lot of great and informative moments. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about Trump's business record and his business acumen. The film also shows how he won the election. The movie shows that he got the votes of a lot of voters and they didn't like Hillary Clinton. And he got many of his own supporters to the polls. I believe that Trump is the president we deserve. I think he is a decent man, and I think he is being held back by the media and the Democrats. I think he will be a good president. But the media and the Democrats are the reason why Trump is not the president he is being held to be. I think that Trump is the only candidate who is even talking about fixing the problems in the country. He should have focused on this issue, which is important, instead of the personal problems he is facing. But if you want to learn more about the issues that are important to the country, I recommend this documentary.
Friday, 15 May 2020 09:08

There are many reasons why a documentary should be made about any political figure. It's not about what they say, it's about what they do. This documentary is all about what Trump has done to the country. It was one of the most talked about documentaries of the year. So much has been written about Trump's comments about women that it is hard to tell what is being said. The movie is a compilation of all of Trump's comments about women. The story is not told as a series of short videos. There are some interviews with Donald Trump, but the majority of the movie is devoted to the interviews with women who have accused Trump of sexual harassment. Donald Trump has attacked women in a number of ways, but not as many as Hillary Clinton. She has accused men of sexual harassment at a higher rate than Trump has. We see that in the interviews with Louisa Moritz, Jessica Leeds, and Natasha Stoynoff. Trump's wife, Melania Trump, said that she was never treated that way and never felt harassed by Trump, but it's hard to believe that that is the case because we know that Trump has been accused of sexual harassment. The movie is very informative, but it is a little bit slow at times. It does take some time to get to the point, but it's not a bad thing. If you are a fan of Hillary Clinton, you'll want to see the movie, but if you are a fan of Donald Trump, you might want to avoid it. The movie also contains interviews with a few people who were Trump supporters, but this documentary is very anti-Trump.
Thursday, 07 May 2020 06:47

Some of the most interesting, and worst scenes of the 2016 Presidential Election is in "TrumpLand" by Al Franken. The documentary is a portrait of a businessman that was "right" about the whole situation of the US and of the entire world. If you think about it, his view on the current political situation is more of a commentary about his own life and his beliefs, and not about the political system as such. Franken is a liberal, who doesn't like Donald Trump, and so he is to some degree a conservative. But even a liberal who didn't like Trump, and didn't like the political system is still a conservative. What's more, if you think about the film, you may notice that most of the politicians of the 2016 election had the same views about the US and the world that Franken had. Even Hillary Clinton was a supporter of Trump's Presidential campaign, but she didn't hate the system. All of the politicians were just "telling it like it is", or at least had their own beliefs about the situation. Franken is not a perfect filmmaker, but it is a very good documentary. I believe that the biggest issue that this documentary addresses is not the current political situation, but rather the current idea of the world as it is. The world that we live in, and the things that we consider important, we all consider as important, or the things that we take for granted, or things that we are so busy working on that we don't have time to think about them. When you start talking about these things, and start to talk about them a lot, you start to lose sight of the big picture. The big picture that Al Franken presents in the film, and the big picture that most of us live in, is the big picture of our world, and the problems that we have to face. The movie is also about how we can change things, how we can change things. I can only recommend this film to people who are interested in politics, and who are interested in human rights, and human life. I also recommend it to people who are interested in their own lives, and who are interested in the current situation of the world.
Tuesday, 05 May 2020 23:20

This documentary has a very realistic feel to it. It is very well done, and you get a good sense of what life in D.C. must be like. The biggest issue for me was that Moore uses a lot of information from a book called "The Final Days of the Republican Party" by Wayne Allyn Root. While I am not sure if Root's book was a good thing to use as a source, I think the documentary was a better choice than using the book. Moore also uses footage from the documentary that was not in the book, but I think it added to the authenticity of the film. The documentary has a really good feeling to it. You get a sense of what it is like to be a part of the Republican party in Washington. It is sad to see how they have been treated by the country over the last two years. Moore's presentation of the Republican Party, especially the past two years, has been very accurate. The questions that Moore raises, like "Should We Be Ready For Something New?" or "Is Our President More Of A RINO Than a Republican?" are very interesting and interesting to think about. The only thing that I would have liked to have seen more of is Moore's interviews with people who were either running for office or who were related to people who were running for office. It would have been nice to hear what they had to say. I think that Moore's book is a very good read and the documentary has a great feel to it. The last two years have been rough for the Republican Party. They have been crucified, but they are not going to go away. They have to start again. I think that Moore has done a great job with his project. I recommend it to anyone who is interested in politics.

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