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(4661) 7.4 110 min 2015

De Palma is a movie starring Brian De Palma. A documentary about writer and director Brian De Palma.

Brian De Palma
Documentary, Biography
Noah Baumbach, Jake Paltrow

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Audio English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Documentary, Biography
Director Noah Baumbach, Jake Paltrow
Stars Brian De Palma
Country USA
Also Known As デ・パルマ
Runtime 1H 50M
Description In the annals of Hollywood film since the artistic glories of the New Hollywood era, few have a better reputation and body of work in the field of suspense films exploring the contemporary darkness in American life than Brian De Palma. Here, the great film writer and director takes, us in his own words, through his professional life and a career that redefined film horror and suspense. All the while, he also confesses the challenges of working in Hollywood and the price even the great artists pay for being a part of it.

Top reviews

Monday, 13 Jul 2020 10:57

This documentary about Mr. Palme d'Or winner, Quentin Tarantino, is an enlightening look into his life and career. He's a film director, writer, producer, director, screenwriter, film editor, editor, cinematographer, and several other roles. However, he's best known for being the creator and director of such films as Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill, and Pulp Fiction. This documentary is interesting in that it's pretty much his life story told in a very objective and non-biased way. The topics range from family issues to his famous wardrobe to the use of horror movies as a plot device. The film is really just an introduction to his life and his work. However, it does provide insight into his personal life and his personal relationships with various people. The director, Kim Bassinger, really shines through here as she's able to be as objective as possible without letting the film down. She doesn't spend too much time on the personal life of Mr. Tarantino and doesn't go into too much detail as to what his relationships are with his children and the other people he's been associated with. However, there is one particular story she goes into that will give you a real sense of the inner struggle he's gone through and how he's managed to overcome it. It's also interesting to see how Mr. Tarantino has been able to move forward from various personal tragedies and to thrive in his career. Overall, this is a very good documentary that's well worth seeing. It's not an epic film but it is a very interesting one. It's not a great documentary but it's a very good one. It's well worth watching and it does provide insight into the inner struggles and life of Mr. Tarantino.
Sunday, 28 Jun 2020 13:41

As usual with a new movie about a director, I was expecting it to be more polished than the usual director's style. I didn't expect it to be almost completely flawless. But, I didn't expect it to be as good as it was. Palme was perfectly cast as the first victim of this dastardly, far-fetched and frankly stupid film. The other victim, the actor who played his brother, was just as stupid and far-fetched as he was. The man who played the actor who played his brother was the most convincing and convincingly likeable actor I have ever seen in a movie. Every actor and actress in the movie played their part just as well as they could have. However, Palme's "Other Victims" is so far beyond the pale that even the best-ever actors couldn't save it from becoming a complete bore-fest. The writer/director (who also wrote "The Rose" and "The Street Fighter") just didn't do anything to redeem this film. The plot is stupid, the characters are stupid, the dialogue is stupid, the action is stupid, the special effects are stupid, the whole movie is stupid. I don't know how many times I have to say this, but "Other Victims" is one of the most boring and stupid movies I have ever seen. There is no point in it, and the only reason I gave it a rating of 7 stars is because I'm trying to be fair. This is just another example of Palme making the most stupid and stupid movie he possibly could make. He has made some bad movies, but none of them have ever been as bad as "Other Victims". I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Even if it is recommended to you, be sure to wait until it comes out on video.
Wednesday, 24 Jun 2020 09:32

In the early 1970's, George Lucas, a producer of an anthology television show called "When Things Got Out of Hand," was looking for a way to expand his income. He suggested he could work with the producers of "Out of Sight" a TV series about a group of people living in a New York apartment building. George had known Ed Zwick (George Lucas' nephew) since their childhood and later was a high school classmate of both men. In 1977, George brought Ed and Nick Costello (both named Nick) to his office. He said to them, "What do you think?" Ed replied, "I'm not sure. I don't think I want to work for George." George said, "Oh, come on, Ed, this is a great idea." Ed then said, "George, if you're going to ask me to come to work for you, I'm going to work for you." George replied, "You should really ask him. I know what he wants." Nick then said, "You know, George, I was just thinking about how you've been getting me work. I just think that I've got a real good idea for an anthology TV show." George then said, "Well, let's see if we can get Nick and Ed to do it." Nick then said, "I want to make it a television show about their lives. Let's get a pilot. Let's get the production company together. Let's put it on television." George said, "I know what you want, Nick." Nick said, "George, I don't know what I want." George said, "You want to make an anthology TV show about the lives of people living in a New York apartment building." Nick said, "George, I'm not sure I want to do that. It might be the first time I ever do anything like that." George said, "You're right, Nick. I don't know if I should." When "Out of Sight" ended, George said, "I had a wonderful time working with Ed and Nick." George said, "I'm glad that they came to me and asked me to do this thing. I've always wanted to work with them. I didn't know them but I've always admired them." George said, "I want you to do it. Let's get the best people that you can find and do it." George said, "Let's start with Nick and Ed. They'll do it." George then said, "Let's get Ed and Nick together. We'll do it as a pilot and I'll run it for them." George said, "Let's get

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