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(3700) 6.6 123 min 2017

Novitiate is a movie starring Melissa Leo, Lisa Stewart, and Alyssa Brindley. Set in the early 1960s and during the era of Vatican II, a young woman in training to become a nun struggles with issues of faith, the changing church and...

Lisa Stewart, Alyssa Brindley, Melissa Leo, Chelsea Lopez
Maggie Betts

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Audio English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Drama
Director Maggie Betts
Writer Maggie Betts
Stars Lisa Stewart, Alyssa Brindley, Melissa Leo, Chelsea Lopez
Country USA
Also Known As クローズド・ガーデン, La scelta, Nowicjat, Noviciat: au-delà de la dévotion, Genç Rahibeler, Noviciado, 愛的見習生
Runtime 2H 3M
Description In 1954, seven-year-old Cathleen Harris lives in rural in Tennessee with her mother, Nora, a factory worker, who is non-religious but wants to show Cathleen a church and let her make her own decision. Cathleen's father, Chuck, comes home late, drunk, and argues with his wife. Chuck eventually leaves. Nora supports herself and picks up a series of men for one-night stands. At age 12, Cathleen seeks love of her own, and finds it in Catholicism when two nuns visit her home and offer her enrollment at a Catholic girls' school. The school offers her free tuition and a full scholarship to any college Cathleen chooses if her grades are excellent. At the school one day, a young nun befriends Cathleen and describes how she is married to Christ. At age 17 in the year 1964, after Cathleen comes home from school and runs into another one of her mother's pickups, Cathleen decides to leave home and give her life to God..

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Tuesday, 23 Jun 2020 01:10

I have just seen the movie "Heaven's Prisoners", and I have to say it was a wonderful film. In fact, I think that the director, Michael Crichton, made this film to stand up for American values. The story deals with the situation that children in a school are facing when a teacher is put in jail. After watching this movie, I felt so sorry for the children who were facing so much torment. Also, I felt very sorry for the women who suffered so much as the result of the sexual harassment. I'm also not going to say anything bad about the parents who were mistreated by their children. They are just human beings. However, this is a movie which deals with a very important issue, and I think that it should be given some credit. Some critics say that this film is unrealistic, and I think that they are just mistaking the situation that a child faced with the teacher. I thought that this movie showed the true face of children who are being bullied. I think that the director, Michael Crichton, deserves some credit. The children's behavior was not just a problem of the teachers, but they have been brainwashed from a young age by their parents. The principal of the school was in on the sex-harassment and made a mistake of letting the boys in the school know about the crimes committed by the teachers. This movie shows what true cruelty is, and how the victim doesn't deserve to feel that this is what he has to face. Now, I would like to mention one other thing. I think that this movie deserves to be watched by every school child, especially the ones who are facing bullying. I was very shocked that some kids actually changed their own values to help their victim. The victims were really angry that the teachers and the principal did not protect them. I think that this film should be watched by everyone. There is nothing wrong with bullying. Bullying is a very serious issue which needs to be punished, but this is not a movie which shows you how it is done. This movie should be seen by everyone. It is about the true face of child abuse. I think that this movie should be seen by every child and they should learn not to get bullied.
Sunday, 14 Jun 2020 22:48

I have been a David Fincher fan ever since I first saw "Closer", and after viewing this film, I feel like it's safe to say that this is probably the best film of the year. Fincher has managed to portray characters that are beyond psychotic and have a way of acting like they're done in the therapy room all the time. (In one scene we see Brad Pitt talking to the psychiatrist and then discussing his mother's suicide with his brother. It's all done with such controlled quietness that we feel like it's happening to us, in this case, because we see that the character's emotion and behavior have been thoroughly studied in psychology class.) Not once does the film seem like the result of a modern film-making technique that relies on some sort of special effects to make it more realistic. It looks like a documentary and that's definitely the direction that Fincher wanted to go with "Requiem for a Dream" and "Signs". The performances are amazing and there's a terrific story-line that moves you from one thing to another and never seems forced or labored. As much as I love the film, there are a few scenes that may disappoint or disappoint your audience: 1) For one scene, before the kidnapping, there's a little scene in which Brad Pitt and Michelle Pfeiffer hold hands in a supermarket and it seems to go on for a very long time. The scene ends with them holding hands again. In the moment you can see that they're holding hands again and everything's okay. The next scene, however, they're holding hands again and it's very apparent that they're both in love with each other. 2) At times, the film moves slowly and with little intensity, but even when the camera lingers on something, it doesn't feel so unnatural. These are minor flaws, however, and this film is definitely worth watching. You will be surprised that you have never heard of this film before watching it.

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