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Watch Marlina si pembunuh dalam empat babak

(2301) 7.0 93 min 2017

Marlina si pembunuh dalam empat babak is a movie starring Marsha Timothy, Egy Fedly, and Tumpal Tampubolon. Marlina lives quietly in Sumba until one day a man named Markus and his gang try to rob her house and she kills him....

Marsha Timothy, Tumpal Tampubolon, Egy Fedly, Yoga Pratama
Thriller, Western, Drama
Mouly Surya

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Audio English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Thriller, Western, Drama
Director Mouly Surya
Writer Garin Nugroho, Rama Adi, Mouly Surya
Stars Marsha Timothy, Tumpal Tampubolon, Egy Fedly, Yoga Pratama
Country Thailand, France, Indonesia, Malaysia
Also Known As Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts, Marlina - Die Mörderin in vier Akten, Marlina, a gyilkos, Marlina: Zbrodnia w czterech aktach, Marlina, la tueuse en 4 actes, マルリナの明日, Marlina, omicida in quattro atti, Μαρλίνα: Η δολοφόνος σε τέσσερις πράξεις
Runtime 1H 33M
Description Marlina lives quietly in Sumba until one day a man named Markus and his gang try to rob her house and she kills him. Eventually, she is haunted by Markus, and her life turns in 180 degrees.

Top reviews

Wednesday, 01 Jul 2020 20:21

I knew that this was a very good movie and watched it in a theater with few people, but it was really well done. It gave the sense of an adventure that never gets dull. The movie is about a man that is blind and has a son and a wife and his other son who doesn't know him. He is an orphan and his older brother is a soldier. But they were looking for a job and when he is sick, his brother brings him to a small town in the Philippines. There, he is introduced to a lot of people and together, he learns that he has to work in the army for some time. But the army says that he must pay a military pension of 50,000 pesos. When he pays the taxes, he decides to get back his pension by killing the soldier, but he is arrested. He is given a place to stay and to start working in the army. But the soldier is responsible for a lot of things in the town. There are many things that they did not tell him about the town and the family. When he finds out about the real story of the town, he gets angry and wants to leave. The soldier lets him go because he has a son. But he also lets him stay for a little longer because the son wants to help him. When the son realizes that the soldier has a son, he takes the soldier and finds out that he is the son. The son also gets angry and wants to leave and finds out that the man that the soldier is working for is the son of the soldier. And the son and the soldier fight and the son dies. The movie ends with the son being a senator in the Philippines, and the soldier being a sheriff in the Philippines. The son and the soldier get together and have a lot of problems. But the son is aware that the soldier is the son of the soldier and he and the soldier fight. There are many things that I want to say but I don't know what to say. The movie is worth seeing.
Thursday, 21 May 2020 07:18

If you have seen the first, you know what I'm talking about. If you haven't, I'll be brief. These two films are not your typical "anarcho-capitalist" cinema. They're also not your typical Colombian films. They're both unique and they're both great. "Car Wash" is the first of the two, and is well worth seeing. It is quite possibly the most well-acted movie I have ever seen. It's also the only movie in recent memory where I actually got annoyed with the audience after the movie was over, and I am a director. So I am biased. The story is, of course, the story. The first half of the movie follows the character's upbringing, and the two main characters go into some sort of deep underground oil deal. They discover that they need to get rid of the oil that they have inherited. The problem is that the oil is held by a rival of the owner, and the two sides have to find a way to get rid of the rival without killing him. This is where the film gets so complicated. The first half is just a bookend, the second half is a short story. The first half is about Marlina's mother, and the second half is about her relationship with her mother and father. Marlina gets a new identity. She loses her old one. And all that change is done by a writer. Her mother isn't even mentioned. And the story is told in very slow, thoughtful and enigmatic terms. Marlina begins to do drugs. She becomes an addict. Her father is abusive. She can't stand to see her mother being abused. She thinks that her mother was a little crazy. Then she gets more and more abusive. Her father, who also is an abusive man, is also abusive. Marlina has no friends. She becomes less and less her daughter's friend. She is adopted by a man that she is not related to. She thinks that it is strange that her mother is acting like that. She is the only person that she can relate to. The movie seems to slowly reveal more and more. Then there's the complication. Marlina and her mother move to a different town. They are estranged. Marlina's mother is a drug addict. She ends up in jail. Marlina and her mother get married. Then she tells her mother how she feels about her mother. The movie becomes even more complex. You don't understand everything until it's too late. The second half is much more complicated, and the last half is very good. There is a lot of symbolism. There is a lot of symbolism in the second half. You will also find the conclusion to be surprisingly good. "Car Wash" is a film that is completely unique. It's also a very good film. It is not your average film, but is definitely a great film. If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend it.
Friday, 08 May 2020 05:13

I remember when I saw this movie in 1988, I was very confused. Why did I watch it? I thought I was watching a Mexican movie. The opening scene of the film was just too strange to believe. I thought it was the Mexican Marines? The woman who talks with a sad voice? I mean, it was so strange to me. As I saw the movie more, I realized it was a true story. My uncle's friend was killed. He was tortured by the Mexican marines and he died. When I saw the movie, I could see how the Mexican Marines tortures and kills the people that are captured by them. The other part is that the story is true. They don't release the people until they are dead. There is no reason to have the people do that. I was very shocked. As I thought the movie was a true story, I was in love with Marlina's character. I was glad that she was very good and a tough woman. She has a tough skin. When she was in the hospital, she was very nervous. I felt that it was her first time being in a hospital. It was very strange to me. The last scene in the hospital was very sad. Marlina lost her husband and she was really sad. I think it was because she thought that her husband was dead. She was very sad and I was very happy for her. When I saw the movie, I found that I was very sad. Marlina didn't want to lose her son and she did everything to make him come back. This movie is very beautiful. I think that the Mexican Marines are the real heroes and they are the ones who are responsible for the mistreatment of the prisoners in their prisons. It is very sad to me that the Mexican marines are the ones who torture and kill and that the truth is not always good. It is sad to me. I think that they should give their medals and things to Marlina. They are the heroes who are responsible for the mistreatment of the prisoners. They are the ones who deserve to be medalists.

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