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(2300) 6.2 106 min 2015

Touched with Fire is a movie starring Katie Holmes, Luke Kirby, and Christine Lahti. Two bipolar patients meet in a psychiatric hospital and begin a romance that brings out all of the beauty and horror of their condition.

Katie Holmes, Griffin Dunne, Christine Lahti, Luke Kirby
Drama, Romance
Paul Dalio

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Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Drama, Romance
Director Paul Dalio
Writer Paul Dalio
Stars Katie Holmes, Griffin Dunne, Christine Lahti, Luke Kirby
Country USA
Also Known As Ateşle Oynayanlar, Mania Days, Tocados Pelo Fogo, Dotknięci ogniem, Τα δύο πρόσωπα του έρωτα
Runtime 1H 46M
Description Two bipolar patients meet in a psychiatric hospital and begin a romance that brings out all of the beauty and horror of their condition.

Top reviews

Thursday, 16 Jul 2020 20:35

I saw the film, and then read the book, and then saw the movie. And, I was glad that I read the book first. I am a sucker for romance, especially that of two women. I love watching Disney movies. In "The Lion King" my favorite character was Mufasa. Mufasa was so sweet. He would go to trouble to make his people happy. I remember that I also enjoyed watching "The Princess and the Frog". So, when I found out that there would be a film based on "Emma" I decided that I had to see it. The movie was pretty good. I think that Emma and Anna's romance was not as well developed as the first film's. That was understandable. It seems that they tried to get everything right. This was probably a good thing, because the first film was all about being true to one's self. In the second film, there was a lot of symbolism, and some of the characters could be argued to be villains. However, in the third film, they changed their ways. I thought that Emma's relationship with Hans, and the villains were also a great aspect of the film. I don't want to give anything away, but I think that the filmmakers were successful in what they were doing. The characters were also very likable. Some of the scenes with Anna and Mufasa were very touching. I also enjoyed seeing Emma and Hans interact with one another. It was a great change from "The Lion King". They took out that "wink" and "nudge" that was in the first film, and put in a little more warmth and emotion. The love between Anna and Prince Hans was also very well portrayed. Although, I did feel that some of the romance between Anna and Elsa was a bit too much. I thought that there was a bit too much of romantic interest between Elsa and Anna. That was my only complaint. And, of course, I have to mention Anna and Kristoff. I thought that the new romance between Anna and Kristoff was interesting. Kristoff was an old, sweet, and funny snowman. He was also one of the first to notice Anna's true feelings for Hans. I enjoyed seeing how the love that they shared evolved from the first film to the second. I would recommend that everyone see this film. I think that it was worth my time.
Sunday, 31 May 2020 01:53

The first time I watched this movie I loved it so much that I would not even watch it again, but I am now doing so. The first thing that sticks out is the sweet tender love between Lindsay (Emma Roberts) and John (Josh Hutcherson), but it does not end there. It doesn't end with an ending. The movie ends with a heart-wrenching scene of Lindsay dying of cancer, and what is best is that the way she dies is done in such a way that you can not cry for her, but just for her! It is almost as if she dies with love and not with pain. I thought that was so cool. She says, "You are my sunshine, I am your sunshine, I am you, and I love you!" I think this sums the love that is felt for Lindsay. The second thing that I liked about this movie was the fact that Lindsay is not like the beautiful and rich girl that everyone knows. She is just a regular girl that loves people and what they have to offer her. This is what really makes this movie, it shows that she has a heart of gold. There is one part where she is in the ocean and she says to the next guy, "I love you so much I can't take my eyes off of you." That is so touching and makes you think about how beautiful people are, and how you can't find your true love. The final thing I liked about this movie is that it is not just about love. This movie teaches us that love and love alone is not enough, so there needs to be a stronger love to make a relationship work. I loved the fact that the movie was very clean, and the only person that felt dirty was Lindsay. This movie is about a girl that has to have a new friend. There is no pinky promise in the movie. This is why I think it is the perfect movie for couples and couples that are just learning how to love.
Tuesday, 12 May 2020 06:24

If you have a soft spot for movies about families and the bond that exists between a father and his children then this is for you. I am aware of the controversy that is out there regarding the cast and the story. It does not reflect the reality that fathers who have grown apart, which in my life I have, have very rarely ever reached out to their children, even though we have always known how it is and the consequences. There is a lot of unhappiness, depression, alienation and difficulty in their lives, it is hard to communicate and interact with each other when you are so very distant. The chemistry between the kids and their father, who is in constant turmoil and despair, is truly extraordinary. His role in the movie is very significant, he is the backbone of the movie and he brings much life to it. I would love to know how he does it, what motivates him to be this way. The movie has a very emotional ending, though this is not surprising because the ending does not reflect the movie as a whole. In a lot of movies, if the parents are not together it does not mean that the children are not getting any of their basic needs from their father, which they need. The movie does not condemn the father as he is a complicated man. The movie does not blame him for his actions and beliefs but rather goes out to ask what does he do that makes him so different from other fathers and what does it say about the man in him. I believe that this is a very important movie and I am going to see it again and again and again. If you want to know how your life can change by going into a divorce, buy the DVD and see it yourself.

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