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(14841) 5.4 91 min 2016

The Monster is a movie starring Zoe Kazan, Ella Ballentine, and Aaron Douglas. A mother and daughter must confront a terrifying monster when they break down on a deserted road.

Ella Ballentine, Zoe Kazan, Christine Ebadi, Aaron Douglas
Horror, Drama, Fantasy
Bryan Bertino

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Audio English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Horror, Drama, Fantasy
Director Bryan Bertino
Writer Bryan Bertino
Stars Ella Ballentine, Zoe Kazan, Christine Ebadi, Aaron Douglas
Country Canada
Also Known As Um Monstro no Caminho, Στα νύχια του φόβου, El monstruo, Čudovište, ザ・モンスター
Runtime 1H 31M
Description A mother and daughter must confront a terrifying monster when they break down on a deserted road.

Top reviews

Thursday, 25 Jun 2020 01:29

So I got this movie because I was having a hard time watching the recent films that had lately been out. The little stuff from the past, which I have never really seen, or even knew about, has been a source of confusion for me. I am new to the horror genre, but there are many ways to make a film, and it's hard to tell what's working and what's not. This film may be a mix of all the things I enjoy, but it has its flaws. For example, there are a lot of times in this film where the characters are talking about other events that have happened in the past, which the director is trying to hide from the audience. I get it, and I respect the director's intentions, but at the same time, this film is a little long for the information it's trying to give the audience. I felt the same thing with the monsters, where I was getting all the details of how they looked, but it was hard to tell how powerful they were. Other times, it's hard to tell what the "big reveal" was going to be, because the movie tried to be too cryptic and obscure. I didn't really like the ending, and some of the other characters' reactions to it. The creature of the movie, I think, is a bit weird, but it's not bad. It just seemed a bit out of place for the story. The people I have watched this film with were all confused by the main character, and some people were laughing, and others were completely freaked out, and all seemed to think that it was cool. It's not bad, but I wish it was a little more straightforward. This is a good, and not bad movie, and I would recommend it to anyone, but it's not for everyone.
Sunday, 21 Jun 2020 03:17

Many years ago, I had a friend who told me of a young woman who lived alone in the woods. She told her story to me, and at the end of the story, I realized it was based on a true story. The last scene of the movie reminded me of that story. The movie is set in the early 20th century. These days, it's all about the New York and Washington D.C. regions. The movie is about a young woman named Leila (played by Aniston), who, after the death of her father, moves to a small town to live with her aunt. When she moves in, the townspeople find out about her isolation. They decide to get rid of her by offering her a job. She accepts, and after a few months, she finds work in a local market. She tries to adjust, but things are not as comfortable as she expected. Her employer, a man named Harker (played by Schumacher), tries to provide for her, but he does not know how to treat her. The fact that she is an alien disturbs him, and he becomes jealous of Leila. He keeps on teasing her, but after a while, she grows to trust him. He offers her a job, and she accepts it, and Leila is happy. But Harker has another secret: he is a cannibal. When Leila discovers that Harker has been eating and raping her coworkers, she returns to her aunt and tells her that she is afraid of being alone. This is one of the most unsettling scenes of the movie, and it is really frightening to watch. This movie is good, but I have never been able to watch it in the theaters. I would recommend it to fans of horror movies. For fans of Sandra Bullock, I recommend the "A Beautiful Mind".

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