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68 min 2019

A Principal was call on to rescue a critically broken school. Ten years later, she is now working on her second socially and academically failing high school with a high dropout rate, riddled with crime, drugs, sex and teenage pregnancy.


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Monday, 22 Jun 2020 04:44

As a long-time student of human sexuality, I found this documentary to be a great, well-crafted and insightful look at how sexual minorities deal with societal norms, and how it is society's expectation that they conform to that norm that drives them to feel isolated and unaccepted. The film is beautifully shot, and has a very well-rounded and balanced look at the issues that are central to human sexuality, and how they are experienced by the various sex/gender/sexuality communities. The documentary focuses on the many individuals who live and work in the sex/gender/sexuality communities, and is presented as a journey of sorts, as the filmmakers do a great job of blending their personal stories with the topics that are covered. There are several interviews with individuals who are personally impacted by the ways in which society has been able to use their sexuality as an excuse for not accepting them, and is able to use that excuse to make the person feel more of a victim than they are, and more of a victim than they want to be. Some of the interviews were very touching and insightful, and I think they do a great job of showing that while there are many individuals who have been denied a place in society because of their sexual orientation, there are also many individuals who have been denied a place in society because of their sexual identity. It is very clear that society is still very much a prejudiced society when it comes to the acceptance of sexuality, and that the acceptance of sexuality has not been embraced by all, which is very sad, but also very sad that society still does not accept all sexuality equally. This is a great documentary for anyone who wants to understand the realities of being sexual minorities, and the challenges that they face, and the way in which society still does not accept all sexualities equally.

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