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Watch The Grateful Dead Meet-Up 2018

180 min 2018

The 8th Annual Grateful Dead Meet-Up At The Movies featuring a screening of the Grateful Dead's July 7, 1989 performance at John F. Kennedy Stadium in Philadelphia.

Documentary, Music

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Friday, 10 Jul 2020 23:11

If you are a Deadhead and you haven't seen any of the festival films before, this is a good way to start. It is a great introduction to the Dead's first year of playing the festival and how it evolved over time. The interviews with members of the Dead, and the people that lived the event are fascinating. Some of the other interviewees are interviews with people who worked with the Dead, some who just saw it and others that were not around that night but were interviewed as part of the film. I was disappointed in how much of the film was about the Dead. The interviews were most of the time with the Dead, and the interviews with people that were not around that night, the film was mostly about other people. But, I really enjoyed this film. It is mostly interesting to see how the Dead began to go about their festival. It was very interesting to see how the Dead became more mainstream, and how they were written off by many people because they were "not mainstream." That was not the case at all. The interviews were great, and the film does an excellent job at covering the history of the festival. I was impressed by the ability of the Dead to go from being a great band to the first band to be recognized as a major musical act. I was surprised how much I was able to remember. I liked how the film was very entertaining and entertaining, but I would not say that I loved the film. It was very entertaining, but I would not say I loved the film. The film is about the Dead, but it is also about the fans, and how they became the Dead. I would recommend this film to anyone that has a love for the Dead, or for anyone who is interested in how the Dead became a major musical act. This is a must see for anyone. I would recommend this film to anyone who wants to get a better understanding of the Dead and the festival.
Monday, 08 Jun 2020 19:40

The Grateful Dead Meet-Up is a great documentary that features interviews with several members of the Grateful Dead and their many, many fans. These people were all former or current Deadheads who have long since moved on to other projects. It's a great insight into what the Dead were like before they went to full on stardom. This documentary also does a fantastic job of bringing the Dead back to life for a new generation of fans. The audience is shown clips of all the music the Dead were famous for, as well as their live performances. It's really impressive that all the Dead came together in one place in the early 1980's. The Dead fans in the audience are a fascinating bunch. A lot of the people who have died recently have been Deadheads. I'm not surprised how many fans die young. The footage they show shows the dead as it really was. It's hard to see them now. When I was younger I was very impressed with the live shows. I never really thought much of the videos they showed, but I've seen them on the DVD and they are amazing. The Dead Meet-Up is a great documentary, but there are a lot of flaws with the documentary. The interviews aren't always as good as they could be, and the interviews are sometimes a little too long. There is a lot of stuff missing from the film, like other interviews, but I understand why they didn't include everything. I really like the way this documentary was made. I love that they show clips from the live shows, including the performance of the first Dead concert, The Other One. I also really like how they show the backstage of the Dead's concerts. It's really neat to see what the Dead were like before they became famous. The people who have died recently have been deadheads. They are really interesting. The people who have lived the longest are Deadheads. The dead are like a family. There are great stories in this documentary, but I also think it's a little too long. I think it should have been shorter and the interviews should have been shorter as well. I think the film is great, but it's too long. It's good to see these people who are dead, but I think the film could have been shorter. I think it's the best documentary I've seen, but it's not great. I do think that the documentary is a little too long, but that's the best I can say.
Tuesday, 05 May 2020 01:33

As I've said before, the Grateful Dead Meet Up 2018 is a documentary that takes you on a journey inside the Dead and their music. The film follows several musicians that get to hang out with the band, which includes: Bruce Hornsby, Peter Shapiro, Jeff Chimenti, Jon Bon Jovi, Neil Young and Bill Kreutzmann. As you will see, the Dead are quite the diverse bunch and have never been as down to earth as they are here. Some have had a rough road in their career and others have been on a rock and roll rocker. But that's what they are. They are the Grateful Dead and they are the Dead. The film shows how they started, who they were, how they got started, where they are now, and they tell you their story. If you are a Deadhead or even a Dead fan, you will be surprised at how much this film will make you laugh, feel, and appreciate the music that was created by these men. The music here is not the most musically satisfying of the Grateful Dead's music, but it is still quite enjoyable. I enjoyed the fact that the film was not entirely about the music, but rather it was the story that brought about the music. The filmmakers did a really good job in bringing out the personalities of the musicians. I particularly liked Bruce Hornsby and Neil Young's interactions with the Dead and what they are going through in their lives. And Jeff Chimenti, who had a rough road in his career, had a really nice story to tell. The film is a good mix of interviews with the musicians, music videos, music clips, and interviews with Dead fans. The film does a great job of telling the story of the Dead and the music that they are known for. The film is not all about the music, but the story that is told through the music. I really enjoyed the interviews, especially the ones with Bruce Hornsby and Neil Young. Bruce and Neil are two very funny, but down to earth dudes. The film was a great time. The film has its slow parts, but it does pick up in the middle and the final 20 minutes is a true highlight. The film is a must see for any Deadhead or fan of the Dead. It will make you laugh, make you feel, and appreciate the music. This film is a great documentary that will make you appreciate the music that the Dead are known for. I give this film a 9/10.
Saturday, 02 May 2020 16:35

I'm a die hard Deadhead, and it's hard to find something good to say about this doc. I loved it, and I also hated it. My feelings about the Dead were mixed. The music was great. I think the best thing about it is that it provides a history lesson, as opposed to one of the current band members rambling and pontificating. It was a great documentary, but it could have been so much better. The real problem is that the band's last three albums are always the most interesting, and this documentary just doesn't give you a history lesson, and instead just repeats everything they've done since the last three albums. I was really disappointed that it didn't give us an introduction to the band, and instead just showed them doing a handful of things. I wanted to know how the band started, who the members are, and what they've been up to since their last three albums. The last three albums were the most interesting, so I wanted to know more about the band. The interviews with them were also boring. They mostly just talked about the band and the music, but not much else. There was no way they could have come up with the way the interviews were. I have to admit that the DVD I saw had a few funny parts, but not enough to make me want to buy the movie. I did enjoy the band, and I think the documentary shows that. It also shows that the band has changed. I think the band would be better off if they just stayed in the studio, and just had fun. They didn't have the time, or the energy to be in the studio for months and months. This documentary shows how they have changed, and how they can still play. The band just needs to stop being so self indulgent and just do what they do best.

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