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Watch Norman Lear: Just Another Version of You

(471) 7.2 91 min 2016

Norman Lear: Just Another Version of You is a movie starring Norman Lear, John Amos, and Bea Arthur. A look at the life, work and political activism of one of the most successful television producers of all time, Norman Lear.

Adrienne Barbeau, John Amos, Bea Arthur, Norman Lear
Biography, Documentary, History
Rachel Grady, Heidi Ewing

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Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Biography, Documentary, History
Director Rachel Grady, Heidi Ewing
Stars Adrienne Barbeau, John Amos, Bea Arthur, Norman Lear
Country USA
Runtime 1H 31M
Description How did a poor Jewish kid from Connecticut bring us Archie Bunker and become one of the most successful television producers ever? Norman Lear brought provocative subjects like war, poverty, and prejudice into 120 million homes every week. He proved that social change was possible through an unlikely prism: laughter. World Premiere -Opening night selection, Sundance, 2016.

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Friday, 17 Jul 2020 23:01

This is a documentary film about the life of Norman Lear, the man who invented the TV show "Sesame Street" in the 1960's. Lear was a pioneer in his field, a man who believed that a child's mind was the same as a child's heart. And he was a big proponent of social education, and a leader in his own right. As the director, Michael Pare, puts it, "He believed that the child was the only person who mattered, that the people he taught were the only people he should ever be teaching." Lear also believed that children were the ultimate success stories of the world, and he often saw himself as a child's father figure. He had an unusual vision for how children should be educated. He believed that children should be treated as equal members of society, and that adults should teach their children to think and feel as they did. He also believed that children should learn how to read and write, and that they should be taught to read and write. It was a vision that would eventually come to fruition in the 1960's. Lear and his partner, Irwin DeBruine, also worked on "Happy Days," the TV series that had a lasting effect on the American society. The movie is a little over two hours long, and there are quite a few scenes that are hard to watch. The only problem is that these scenes are not really necessary to the overall message. In fact, there are many scenes that are used to support the overall message. The film is worth watching, even if you are not a fan of Lear. The DVD is available for purchase from Netflix.
Tuesday, 16 Jun 2020 01:36

This is a very interesting documentary that's not afraid to take a long view on an important topic. Lear, the founder of Lear Capital, was a controversial figure. He made a lot of money from a small investment firm he started in the early 1960s, but eventually became convinced that the investments were completely fraudulent. As a result, he started a small hedge fund, which was extremely profitable. He died in 2008 and is considered a cult figure, but the documentary is very accurate in portraying his life and his rise to the top of the business world. Lear was highly influential and a very strong personality, but also a very unstable individual. He was also known for his erratic behavior, including the use of drugs, alcoholism, and violent behavior. Lear was also known for his rejection of the idea of the nuclear family, and for his work in the development of the information age. The documentary goes into detail about his relationship with his wife, his relationship with his children, and his relationship with his wife's friends and colleagues. Lear has been known to take his own life. However, there is a scene where he is talking to a group of business associates and says that he wants to end his life. He later writes that he wants to die at home with his wife and children, which is very similar to the end of his life. Lear is interviewed by friends and family members of his and his wife. They give some of their recollections of the man and his work. There are many fascinating and interesting details of his life and career. Lear's personal life is also fascinating, as well as his work and relationships with other people. This is a very good documentary that's very informative and interesting. The interviewees are very knowledgeable about Lear and his work. This is a very interesting documentary that's worth watching.
Sunday, 24 May 2020 01:57

In a country that is so quick to judge and condemn, it's amazing to see how people in this country can look past the superficiality of the film and still find some validity to the characters. Richard Nixon is a man who has dominated the United States for half a century and yet he is seen as a moderate, a man who tries to balance his ambition with the need to remain fair to those who will suffer when he attempts to fulfill his ambition. Richard Nixon is shown as a man who takes responsibility for his actions, yet he is also a man who has no qualms about using the legal system to protect himself and his legacy. His wife is portrayed as a woman who would rather put the needs of her family first than any other concern. Despite his many flaws, Nixon has a strong sense of justice and a love of his country. Richard Nixon is presented in a way that paints him as a man of the people, a man who was forced to change because of the political pressures of the time. He is shown as someone who has been a good leader but also someone who has tried to be a good leader, even when it meant sacrificing the interests of his family. This documentary is a great example of how good films can make us see things that we might have not previously considered. The best thing about this film is that it is so easy to relate to Richard Nixon. We are presented with the events of his time in office as well as his personal life and the people who surround him. As a viewer I can't help but feel that Nixon's story is true. If you don't think this is the case, then you need to go see the film. I would highly recommend this film to anyone who is interested in learning more about a man who is currently in the spotlight.
Sunday, 10 May 2020 12:08

If you are a Lear fan or a Lear fan. This documentary will not disappoint you. Lear's "Unfit for the Posture" is a personal story, told from his perspective. This is the best documentary I've ever seen on Lear and a must-see for anyone who is interested in the man. It is a remarkable story of a man who built a reputation on the words of his students, and how he had to put them to use, despite their speaking in a language they did not understand. Lear is shown as a man who was never happy with his position in life. He had to live with the constant reminder of how he had to make the best of the situation he was in. Lear felt that he was a failure as a speaker, and that he was the only one who was able to do it. He lived a very long life, but it was very short. He did not want to live, he wanted to live in the moment. He would only do it once, and he wanted to live in the moment. He was a man who had a knack for doing things in the right time, and for the right reasons. He was one of the few who were able to build a brand on words and deliver them to the people he wanted to deliver them to. The style of this film is to show the ideas of the man, and the way he did things. Lear's ideas are not just presented as opinions, but rather as facts. Lear is a very interesting man, and I found this film to be very fascinating. Lear was a man who lived his life to the fullest, and was not one who thought too much about the future. He was not one who was afraid of death, but rather a man who knew that death would come, but he was going to be alive to enjoy his time on this earth. Lear was one who could live and enjoy life without being concerned with the future. He lived to be a man, not a human. This is a great film to see, and it is a must-see for anyone interested in the life of one of the most influential people in history.
Wednesday, 22 Apr 2020 16:11

A great documentary about how the 'American Dream' is in trouble, the people involved, and the economic and political system that has fueled this trend. Lear seems to be on the right side of the argument, but the film goes into some detail about how Lear's lifestyle is not really sustainable, and how much of the American Dream is based on the 'buyer-seller' relationship. I was struck by how Lear and his wife are portrayed as the "winner and the loser", as Lear is shown as being at the top, with his wife, and his wife is shown as being at the bottom, and Lear is seen as being the "winner". Lear is very much a poor man, who has been playing the game of the American Dream, for the last 60 years. Lear's strategy is to increase his own income, to the point that he is an "invisible" middle-class American, making a killing selling products to his friends and family. Lear is very much a victim of the system, and the people who were rich before the 1970's, are now rich after the 1980's. Lear is portrayed as the "winner", and it's very hard to see why Lear's wife and son are at the bottom, when Lear's wife is so rich. Lear's strategy is to keep the middle-class Americans in their place, and keep the rich from becoming the rich. Lear is a very rich man, but he is not a winner. He is a victim, and the system is really the victim. I think that this documentary is a must see for anyone who thinks that the American Dream is dying. I was very surprised to see the low rating this documentary has, but it is an important documentary that shows the American Dream as being in trouble, and that the system is actually the victim.

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