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(721) 7.3 85 min 2015

Un tango más is a movie starring María Nieves Rego, Juan Carlos Copes, and Johana Copes. The life and love story of Argentina's famous tango dancers Maria Nieves Rego and Juan Carlos Copes, who met as teenagers and danced together...

Myriam Copes, Juan Carlos Copes, María Nieves Rego, Johana Copes
Documentary, Musical
German Kral

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Audio English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Documentary, Musical
Director German Kral
Writer Daniel Speck, German Kral
Stars Myriam Copes, Juan Carlos Copes, María Nieves Rego, Johana Copes
Country Germany, Argentina, Italy
Also Known As Ultimul nostru tango, Ostatnie tango, O Nosso Último Tango, Our Last Tango, Den sista tangon, Un ultimo tango, Az utolsó tangónk, ラスト・タンゴ, Vores sidste tango, O Último Tango, Το τελευταίο μας τανγκό, Još jedan tango, Viimeinen tango, Ultimo tango, Ein letzter Tango, Notre dernier tango
Runtime 1H 25M
Description "Our Last Tango" is a story of love between the two most famous dancers in tango's history. And the story of their tremendous love of tango. María Nieves Rego (81) and Juan Carlos Copes (84) met when they were 14 and 17, and they danced together for nearly fifty years. In all those years they loved and hated each other and went through several painful separations, but always got back together. Now, Juan and María are willing to open up about their love, their hatred, and their passion. In Our Last Tango Juan and María tell their story to a group of young tango dancers and choreographers from Buenos Aires, who transform the most beautiful, moving and dramatic moments of Juan and Maria's lives into incredible tango-choreographies. These beautifully-shot choreographies compliment the soul-searching interviews and documentary moments of the film to make this an unforgettable journey into the heart of the tango.

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