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(897) 5.7 100 min 2018

Huang jin xiong di is a movie starring Ekin Cheng, Jordan Chan, and Michael Tse. A group of mercenaries come together to pull of an epic heist.

Michael Tse, Jordan Chan, Ekin Cheng, Kar Lok Chin
Action, Adventure
Kar Lok Chin

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Audio English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Action, Adventure
Director Kar Lok Chin
Writer Chi-Yin Cheung, Susan Chan, Dong-kyu Kim, Heiward Mak, Kar Lok Chin, Kin-Lok Kwok, Erica Li
Stars Michael Tse, Jordan Chan, Ekin Cheng, Kar Lok Chin
Country Hong Kong
Also Known As Operation Golden Job, ゴールデン・ジョブ, Wong gam hing dai, New Young & Dangerous, Golden Job, 黃金兄弟, 黄金兄弟
Runtime 1H 40M
Description A group of former mercenaries reunite to plan an epic heist: boosting a truck full of medicine held by a foreign intelligence agency to supply a refugee camp in need. But when they find the truck is actually filled with stolen gold, the band of brothers realize they've been double-crossed by one of their own - and putting the situation right will be all out war.

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Sunday, 21 Jun 2020 19:01

The film opens with a scene in which an old man is killed by the head of a mountain. This mountain is believed to be the home of the goddess Guan-jie (or as the English dub "Guan-jie-li"). It is also the home of the evil and malevolent Shaolin monks who are always seeking to rule the world. It is up to the young monk who is from a different background and has learned the Shaolin arts from the likes of Master Fu who wants to learn the art of Shaolin and end the evil monks rule. The young monk is identified as Yu-tsung (or "He-she") by the local villagers and when he learns of the evil Shaolin monks he sets off to the mountain and discovers the goddess Guan-jie. The Shaolin monks are at war with the local villagers who are also fighting the Shaolin monks. When the young monk returns from the Shaolin temple and meets Guan-jie he is told by Master Fu to not leave her and to wait for her to return to her home. After a lot of fighting and a lot of wandering around the Shaolin temple the young monk finally arrives at Guan-jie's home. Guan-jie and her husband have been killed by a Shaolin monk who was seeking revenge for his father. Guan-jie has been poisoned and so she is going to die. But the Shaolin monks return and take her back to their temple. Guan-jie is soon found by the local villagers and they tell the Shaolin monks of her death. They do not believe them and they then proceed to kill Guan-jie. After the Shaolin monks kill Guan-jie the villagers realise that Guan-jie was not killed by the Shaolin monks but by the Shaolin monks themselves and the villagers join forces to take revenge. The Shaolin monks now have Guan-jie dead and they return to their temple. Guan-jie is now free and the Shaolin monks have a new head. The film ends with the Shaolin monks driving off the villagers and Guan-jie finally getting to return to her home.

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