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Watch Gosanja: Dae-dong-yeo Ji-do

(232) 5.8 129 min 2016

Gosanja: Dae-dong-yeo Ji-do is a movie starring Seung-Won Cha, In-kwon Kim, and In-Sook Kim. At a time when maps weren't readily accessible for the public, 'Gosanja KIM Jeong-ho' (CHA Seoung-won) sets out to walk across the Korean...

Seung-Won Cha, In-kwon Kim, In-Sook Kim, Ji-Hyun Nam
Drama, History
Woo-Suk Kang

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Audio English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Drama, History
Director Woo-Suk Kang
Writer Jung-mi Choi, Beom-shin Park
Stars Seung-Won Cha, In-kwon Kim, In-Sook Kim, Ji-Hyun Nam
Country South Korea
Also Known As The Map Against the World, 古山子(コサンジャ) 王朝に背いた男, Ban Dô Máu
Runtime 2H 9M
Description At a time when maps weren't readily accessible for the public, 'Gosanja KIM Jeong-ho' (CHA Seoung-won) sets out to walk across the Korean peninsula to make the Daedongyeojido - the Great Map of the East Land, with hopes of providing an accurate and accessible map for the ordinary people. He has all but forgotten about his daughter KIM Sunsil, who grew to be 16 years old in his absence, as he focuses on completing his map. People say he is crazy, but driven by his goal, KIM Jeong-ho endeavors to complete the template for woodblock printing of the map. However, Daewongun, the King Father (YU Jun-sang) seeks to take KIM Jeong-ho's map to gain the upper hand in his power struggle with the House of Kim of Andong.

Top reviews

Friday, 03 Jul 2020 13:03

The title of the film is very fitting, because this film is in the sense of a fictionalization of the lives of all those who suffer the death penalty in South Korea. As a film, "The Book of Hands" is very well made, it has an incredible cast, a very good director and a very tight editing, all the time it keeps the story developing in a very interesting and suspenseful manner. Even though the film is not a pure documentary, there are still a lot of scenes that would require more investigation than is possible in a documentary, the title of this film and the director's decision to make a fictionalization of the death penalty are the only things that could have been done better, the film has a very interesting subject, but the director, Jihyun Kim, doesn't leave a lot of time for investigation, even though the film could have been better, but then again it is not the film's fault. The performances of all the cast are excellent, especially Jang Hyun-ju as the main character, he is very convincing, even though the character is quite aggressive, but he is a very convincing character, even though Jang Hyun-ju is not an actor in the sense of a great actor, he is a very good actor, Jang Hyun-ju is the best, but Ji-woon Ji as the main character of the film is also very good, Ji-woon Ji is the most convincing character in this film, as a human being Ji-woon Ji is able to convincingly portray a man who was executed. The relationship between Ji-woon Ji and Jang Hyun-ju is very well developed, they both are in love, but Ji-woon Ji is reluctant to show his feelings, but Ji-woon Ji doesn't have to, his feelings are more and more shown as the film goes on, Ji-woon Ji's role as a lawyer was also very well developed. The final scene between Ji-woon Ji and Jang Hyun-ju is very well done, it is very well shot, it was not a simple shoot, it was very well directed, and it really shows the importance of the final moments. I would give this film a 9/10, but the ending could have been better, I think the director wanted to show a lot more about the subject of the death penalty, but I think the ending was a little too fast, it doesn't show enough of the situation, that is why I give the film a 9/10, but the ending is really good. The director has a very good style, the cinematography is good, the film is well made, and I would say the director made a very good film.
Saturday, 11 Apr 2020 17:12

There is an inner beauty to this film. It is about a man who loves his life, and doesn't want to give up on it. It shows his life from when he was a child, to his days as a minister, his days as a businessman, and his days as a very famous actor. The whole film is a very emotional and very funny one. I am sure that this film will have a very big impact on people, even if they don't like the themes or have a very positive view of the Korean economy. It is a very easy film to watch, and it has a lot of interesting dialogs. I don't think that the film is overly sad, but rather more of a drama that tells the story of a man who wants to be happy, and gets lots of motivation from his older brother and his daughter. The people in the movie are very interesting, and I have a feeling that they are all real people. I recommend this film for anyone who likes to see a drama with a lot of drama and a little bit of comedy. The drama is the heart of the film, and there is also a lot of humor in the film. The best part of the film is the cinematography. It is just great. There is also a great use of close-ups, especially the scene where he is discussing with his daughter about whether or not he should be a minister. I really loved that scene, it was just so beautiful and so funny. I also loved the cinematography of the temple, and the backgrounds of the movie are also great. The music is also good, and fits very well in the film. I liked the way the music fits with the film. The film is not very long, but it doesn't feel that way. It feels that it has a very happy ending, and it leaves you with a big smile on your face. I think that it is a very well made film, and it is a must-see for anyone who likes a romantic drama, with a lot of drama.

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