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(25069) 7.4 133 min 2018

The Hate U Give is a movie starring Amandla Stenberg, Regina Hall, and Russell Hornsby. Starr witnesses the fatal shooting of her childhood best friend Khalil at the hands of a police officer. Now, facing pressure from all sides of...

Regina Hall, Anthony Mackie, Amandla Stenberg, Russell Hornsby
Drama, Crime
George Tillman Jr.

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Audio English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Drama, Crime
Director George Tillman Jr.
Writer Audrey Wells, Angie Thomas
Stars Regina Hall, Anthony Mackie, Amandla Stenberg, Russell Hornsby
Country USA
Also Known As ヘイト・ユー・ギブ, O Ódio que Você Semeia, The Hate You Give, A gyűlölet, amit adtál, O Ódio Que Semeias, La haine qu'on donne, Nienawiść, którą dajesz, The Hate U Give: La haine qu'on donne, Il coraggio della verità - The Hate U Give, El odio que das, 致所有逝去的聲音, Sessiz Kalma
Runtime 2H 13M
Description Starr witnesses the fatal shooting of her childhood best friend Khalil at the hands of a police officer. Now, facing pressure from all sides of the community, Starr must find her voice and stand up for what's right.

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Monday, 08 Jun 2020 04:04

The hate U Give is a dark comedy film written and directed by Will S. Davis. The story takes place in the life of Aiden (Alex Pettyfer), a troubled young man who is constantly battling with his demons and the women in his life. One night, he gets a call from his ex-girlfriend Kaitlyn (Leah Bowerman) and tells her he is going to go to the next town. She drives him to a beach, where she sets up a date. The next morning, Aiden walks into Kaitlyn's apartment, and she tells him she is pregnant. He is shocked, and Kaitlyn tries to comfort him, telling him he is still a good friend, but that they can't have a child. At a restaurant, she invites Aiden to an event with her friends and asks him to be the father. She says she is going to leave him, but when he leaves she offers him a free trip to Paris, France. This sets Aiden on a mission to make her accept him. For the next few weeks, he tries to make her accept him, and eventually he agrees to the date. She then drives Aiden to Paris, where she invites him to her house and asks him to watch a documentary on how to prepare a baby. He takes her to a hospital to see the baby, and after he is done, she tells him he can leave, but he doesn't want to. He convinces her to stay for a couple more days, but Kaitlyn tries to talk Aiden out of going. He goes back to his apartment, and Kaitlyn wakes him up, and they kiss passionately. Aiden gets up, walks outside, and they go back to Kaitlyn's apartment. They kiss again, and then Kaitlyn tells him she's pregnant. At a hospital, Aiden says that he can't leave, because he loves her, and they kiss again. After Kaitlyn and Aiden break up, they reconcile, but she ends up leaving him because she can't work anymore. Aiden tells her he loves her, and he leaves. He meets up with Kaitlyn, who offers him a job at her salon, and he accepts. In Paris, he becomes friends with a local woman, Louise (Maggie Gyllenhaal), and she invites him to a party she is hosting. During the party, Aiden's ex-girlfriend Kaitlyn is waiting for him, and she gets in trouble, but she gets out before she is hit by a car. Later, he sees Kaitlyn's baby and is overjoyed, until Kaitlyn shows up. The two of them argue, and Kaitlyn hits Aiden, and she tells him she will leave him. Aiden says goodbye to Kaitlyn, and they are in a taxi, and he says goodbye to Kait
Friday, 05 Jun 2020 13:10

I'm not the biggest fan of the gay-themed movie genre, but I really liked this one. It isn't the first movie I've seen where the subject of homosexuality is raised, but it was certainly the first that I can remember where the topic was fully explored and dealt with. A couple of other movies I'd recommend that I thought were similar were "Friday" and "Diva." I thought the acting was good for the most part, but there were a couple of scenes that could have been better. (The scenes where the girl goes to a group and gets assaulted are the worst.) I also thought the romantic elements in the movie were somewhat flimsy. Not that it's a bad thing, just that I don't think they added much to the movie. I just didn't feel anything in the movie that made me care what happened to the characters, or was there any connection that I could feel with the characters. I did think the way the movie was filmed was really good. I think the only thing that the movie really lacks is the writing. The movie's main problem was the lack of development and depth, and the acting just wasn't very good. The first half of the movie was fairly good, but then the movie went downhill. I thought it was pretty poorly written and some of the dialogue was unbelievable, but the writing wasn't really the main problem. The problem was that the writers didn't develop and develop the characters in a compelling way. Also, the movie was filmed in a way that looked very amateurish. I don't know if this is a problem of the camera work or the actors' acting, but it just looked like they were filming with a cheap camcorder. I thought that the way the movie was filmed would have been better if they had made it look like a professional production. There were a couple of scenes where it seemed like the director was just trying to get the movie made, but I think that the director could have made it better. I didn't think the movie was particularly funny or interesting, and I didn't think it was moving or anything. I think the movie could have been better if they had chosen a different angle or a different storyline. (I know that this is a personal opinion, but I thought the movie's ending was stupid. I mean, how many movies have been bad endings?) Overall, the movie wasn't very good, but it was pretty good. I think that it was worth seeing, but it wasn't a must-see.
Thursday, 14 May 2020 20:58

This movie is not a straight forward, or even a straight forward movie. It is a movie about how hard it is to make a movie in a major city like New York and how important it is to not have an ego. Despite all the hype surrounding this movie and its box office takings, the reviews and reviews from critics, that are not usually there are mostly negative. The film begins with the scene where Mike tells the director of the movie how his movie was making. The director is a woman, and he's a perfectionist. He was afraid that the movie would go down the drain because of the nature of the project. He ended up changing the script and making it into a comedy that would be less for the feminist audience but more for the mainstream audience. The comedy in the movie is funny and funny and funny. It's an uncomfortable joke but it's funny. The characters are all so different and the relationships are so interesting. The movie is a slow burn and all the characters are interesting. Mike's relationship with his wife, his sister-in-law, his brother-in-law, his daughter and the neighbor are all interesting and all have more to say than one would expect from an awkward love story. The relationships are all interesting, and a lot of fun to watch. Mike is a normal guy who's lonely and trying to get over his wife who left him. He is also trying to find a girl to start a family with. He falls for a girl who's not the type of girl he's looking for. She's a cool, cool, girl who is on her own search for a boyfriend. He's a stereotypical geek and likes to work and study. He likes to play video games and try to get in touch with the gaming world. He's a bit of a nerd but he's more than that. He's a geek with a good heart and is a very nice guy. He's also a jock who has a problem getting his own way. He's a very normal guy. The movie was an average 10 on IMDb, but the movie is an 8 on my scale. I love the movie and recommend it to everyone who likes a movie that isn't a typical Hollywood product.
Thursday, 16 Apr 2020 10:22

When a film sets out to make a point about human suffering, it's important to make it in a way that is both factual and compelling. This film succeeds in that regard, but there are some flaws. I will mention only the most glaring flaws. First of all, the main character (Nancy) is a bad woman. She is a drunk, a dirty whore and a liar. She makes the film seem like a documentary, a film about human suffering. If we had a film about the fight against fascism and sexual harassment, I would have been more interested in it. Instead, we get a film about a woman who is a loose cannon who hates her husband and refuses to take care of her child. The film doesn't actually do anything to show us that Nancy is a bad person, it only shows us that she is bad. The only thing that the film shows us is that she is a bad person, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the film is right. It also doesn't help that Nancy and the boy she adopted are selfish, selfish people. Nancy is not a nice person and the boy she adopted is not a nice person. The director should have shown the parents, the parents should have shown us what was wrong with the parents, and the parents should have shown us what was wrong with the kids. The main character should have shown us that Nancy was a bad person and not just the girl who adopted her. When the film's main character is a bad person, I should have liked the film more. When the film's main character is a bad person, I should have liked the film less. For me, this film is one of the most important films of the year. It is important because it tells us a good story about the real harm that bad people can do to the human race. Unfortunately, most people don't like stories like this, and when they don't like a story, they don't want to see it.

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