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(228) 7.1 89 min 2017

Escapes is a movie starring Hampton Fancher. A documentary chronicling the life of actor and Blade Runner screenwriter Hampton Fancher.

Hampton Fancher
Michael Almereyda

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Audio English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Documentary
Director Michael Almereyda
Writer Michael Almereyda
Stars Hampton Fancher
Country USA
Runtime 1H 29M
Description A documentary chronicling the life of actor and Blade Runner screenwriter Hampton Fancher.

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Thursday, 25 Jun 2020 15:27

The long awaited documentary, "EXIT IS LOCKED" is the story of a self-described schizophrenic, Tug O'Toole. The film was done in a series of interviews with Tug O'Toole, his wife and their children. The film is a really good look into Tug's world and the reactions that his family has to his illness. One of the questions that comes up in the interviews is "what is your faith?" The question that is asked by the other interviewees is "Do you believe in God?" Some people will say that Tug doesn't believe in God because he can't make any decisions. Others will say that Tug's faith is based on his spiritual philosophy and his "get well soon" philosophy. This film has a lot of real life footage of Tug talking about his illness, his faith, his philosophy, and his friends. Tug is a man that is trying to find the balance in his life. Tug is also a womanizer, but at the same time he has a family that loves him very much. When Tug is having a panic attack, he has a nurse, who is so supportive of his illness. He's also an atheist, but he still wants to believe in God. This documentary is a good look into Tug's life. It is really hard to watch and find your place in the film. You feel that you don't know what Tug's life is about. You want to know what he does, and you want to know why he does what he does. I think that this is one of the best documentaries ever done. I really think that people should watch this film. It is really sad that Tug had to end his life, but I think that he did a great job. I think that it is important to know that Tug was a wonderful man. His philosophy, his philosophy is that we all need to find a balance in our lives. It's important to realize that you don't need to be religious to have faith. It is important to realize that we all need to find a balance in our lives, and that is what Tug O'Toole did. I think that this documentary is one of the best documentaries ever done.
Thursday, 25 Jun 2020 15:19

A non-commercial documentary, "Ben's Rescue" is the latest in a long line of non-commercial films that, unlike the Hollywood productions that made them, feature their subjects as normal people who are able to tell their stories. This is a powerful, honest and truthful piece of work. It has been described as "a window into the life of Ben Sullivan". But what makes this documentary more effective than a similar documentary about the same subject, "The Truth About Sandy Hook"? It's the simple fact that the subject of "Ben's Rescue" is Ben Sullivan, a man who is paralyzed from the waist down and who has a life in which he has been unable to function. What this documentary does is focus on his life, his disabilities, and his struggles to survive. "Ben's Rescue" does a good job at showing what it is like to be handicapped. It is realistic, it is raw, and it is heartbreaking. But the film doesn't present all of the negative aspects of Ben's situation. It doesn't have a happy ending, and it doesn't have an uplifting message. It's just a real and honest account of what it is like to be disabled and disabled people. I'm not a big fan of documentaries that go into the lives of handicapped people, but this one was more than worth the watch. The people who made the film are professional, and they did a great job at telling their story. I was very impressed. I really think that it is a very powerful, honest and truthful film. If you are a disabled person or have been disabled, or if you have ever been disabled, then you will definitely want to watch this film.
Thursday, 28 May 2020 02:12

While most of the films on this list are only tangentially related, some of them are a lot more than that. This is one of those cases. The filmmakers here focus on a man who has made an escape from the mental institution in which he was being held for years. I suppose the idea is that one of the many men in the mental institution has become very aggressive and he has begun to take things a little too far. He does it so often that his fellow patients now want to lock him up. This is the subject of this documentary. The filmmakers do a very good job of showing the state of affairs in the institution. The guy gets his memories back but this is not enough. He wants to commit a murder. The man is angry and in a way, quite vicious. He doesn't have a mental illness but the effects of the institution is evident in his behavior. He does not talk to his brother and his father does not speak to him. He acts violently and his anger is directed at anyone that he sees. The man's father is killed in the street when the police arrive. The man goes to jail but is released because he has been told he has not been convicted of a crime. He is allowed to stay in the mental institution but this only lasts for a few days. The guy is then sent back to prison. When he is released he is again released but is sent to prison again. He escapes again but this time he is sent to the mental institution. This is where the documentary takes a turn for the worse. The director goes to the mental institution and interviews the people there. The doctor who was responsible for the patient's mental problems goes to the hospital to try to find a way to deal with the problem. He tries to calm the patient but the man is still a threat. He is violent and his anger gets the better of him. The director is not sure whether to give him the death penalty or to give him a sentence of life imprisonment. He does the latter and the film ends with the man dead. This is an interesting documentary that really does shine. It is a well made film with great acting, good photography, and good editing. There is no over-dramatic content and the people in the film are all very real. The film does not have a whole lot of violence but it does show the man's anger and violence.
Saturday, 11 Apr 2020 04:17

This documentary tells the story of a single mother, Judy, who tries to keep her son and daughter alive through her business, the "Hangman's Island," a makeshift shelter that they use to escape from the harsh conditions of the city. The film begins with a harrowing scene from Judy's childhood. The child is told that his mother died, and that he will grow up without her. He asks Judy if he can have her name. She tells him that she's too busy, but when she tells him that she will be leaving for a few days, he begs her not to leave him. Judy later relents, and lets him stay with her. She says that she is going to be home for a few days, but after that, she plans to go back to her father. The documentary then shows some of the lives of the other homeless, including a married couple who struggle with how to take care of their son and daughter. A father who has a daughter that has Down Syndrome, and is struggling to find employment. A single mother who wants to be a writer, but cannot afford to do so. An elderly woman, who has lost her home, and is forced to live in a large apartment. It is a surprisingly moving film, with a lot of strong messages. The best part of the documentary, however, is the ending. The camera pans over the city, and shows the power that cities have on the human spirit. It is a moving ending, and a wonderful piece of art. The documentary is a wonderful story of a mother, who is determined to make her child, who is a special needs child, live his life. Judy is just a single mom, and the film shows that she is not the only one who is in the same boat.
Saturday, 11 Apr 2020 04:15

This is an informative documentary about an odd but fascinating subculture of home movie makers. Although the makers of these videos have not made any money, they do have an amazing ability to capture the environment of a particular area in a unique way. They do this by recording sounds, smells, people, and places that are as diverse as the people who live in those areas. The production of these videos has a tremendous amount of spontaneity and creative style. The narrator does a good job of keeping the viewer interested in what is going on in the video. The editing is well done, as is the visual aspect of the video. It has an excellent soundtrack. There is one big problem I have with this documentary. The subjects are clearly a little too young to make this type of movie. The video makers themselves are in their early twenties and the women in the video are in their early twenties. This could have been a documentary about a real video maker or a couple of really young people who are just making their way in the video industry. The problem is that I really can't tell if this is a real video maker or a real video maker making a documentary about a video maker. I would have liked to have seen some research done into what was going on. It is kind of hard to tell if they are actually a video maker or if they are just making a documentary about a video maker. The director seems to have done a good job at keeping the viewer interested, but I have to wonder what this documentary would have looked like if they had interviewed a couple of video makers, or if they had done some research on the history of home video. If you are interested in video, you should check this out. If you have a real video maker in your area, I think you will enjoy this film.

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