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(179) 7.3 105 min 2018

Lost in America is a movie starring Rosario Dawson, Tiffany Haddish, and Halle Berry. Following director Rotimi Rainwater, a former homeless youth, as he travels the country to shine a light on the epidemic of youth homelessness in...

Halle Berry, Rosario Dawson, Tiffany Haddish, Jon Bon Jovi
Rotimi Rainwater

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Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Documentary
Director Rotimi Rainwater
Writer Rotimi Rainwater
Stars Halle Berry, Rosario Dawson, Tiffany Haddish, Jon Bon Jovi
Country USA
Runtime 1H 45M
Description Lost in America is a feature documentary on the issue of youth homelessness in America, following director Rotimi Rainwater, a former homeless youth, and his team as they travel the country to shine a light on the epidemic of youth homelessness- highlighting issues like: human trafficking, the foster care system, youth rejected because of their sexuality, domestic violence, abuse, and more. It also examines what many organizations, politicians and other public figures are doing (or not doing) to help these youth. Featuring interviews with Jewel (executive producer), Rosario Dawson (executive producer), Jon Bon Jovi, Halle Berry, Sanaa Lathan and others, the project has captured the attention of dozens of organizations and members of Congress that have since become involved. In addition, the upcoming film campaign has been sponsored by the organization Sands Cares, Las Vegas Sands' giving program. More than a film, Lost in America is a movement. It started with one man's journey to shine a light on the realities of youth living on the streets. Then, a group of filmmakers formed a team dedicated to telling the story of this important journey. Now, this movement is spreading across the country to thousands who are standing with the film to make sure homeless youth are no longer - lost in America.

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Wednesday, 08 Jul 2020 20:13

I know that this may sound like a dramatic departure from the normal and predictable, but it's a very good documentary. The documentary is good, I've seen it, and I've always been a fan of Philip Seymour Hoffman, but I'd always wondered, was he the best actor of all time? In this film, he plays a character who has become overweight and a victim of an abusive relationship. He's a really rich man who is able to maintain his high lifestyle with his only daughter's children, but he's also a victim of cancer, and so on and so forth. As his cancer progresses, he also feels more and more ashamed of his wealth and the personal attacks he's suffered. He's even considered the most disgusting villain by his fellow countrymen. Hoffman plays the man for all the wrong reasons, and yet he never loses his belief in himself. He's someone who believes that he is being in the wrong, yet he's so damn proud of it. He plays it with such conviction that it makes his character real, it makes it believable. Hoffman gives his character a depth that no one else would have. It makes his life seem more believable than most of the people in it. It makes his motivations all the more heartbreaking and tragic. Even when he loses his faith, he still believes. When I first saw this film, I was really afraid that I was going to hate Hoffman. In some ways, I was. But I learned that I was wrong. He is a good, really good actor. He doesn't give up or take his job for granted. He doesn't hate himself, and he doesn't try to change. He just continues to do what he wants to do, and in the end, he really does love it. His charisma and his amazing screen presence make this documentary very watchable. I wish I could say the same for Joel Coen, but that's just me.
Monday, 06 Jul 2020 17:04

David Kirkpatrick's book "Taking a Bow:The Vietnam War" has already been given a solid treatment in the movies like "Apocalypse Now" and "Platoon" and the DVD release of "Taking a Bow: The Vietnam War" which appeared in 2003 has numerous interviews, commentary and other goodies. So you know it's going to be worth your while to get a copy of the DVD. The first question one might ask is "Why are you bothering to do this?" It's an honest film that answers the question with a few good points, not so much questions. The thing that jumped out to me in my research is that there is no mention of the Vietnamese who served with the US Forces. Maybe there were a few that were involved in the Vietnam War but there are no documented accounts to prove that. As a matter of fact, the War is still being fought by Vietnam veterans. That's what makes the film so unique. For once, a film is made without any propaganda of any kind. I've read reviews saying "The war was a long time ago." Well they're wrong. At the end of the Vietnam War, there were about 13,000 people who were killed, there was no discussion about how many were lost in Vietnam. The war was over. That's what the DVD tells you. So you could see all the movie does is tell the truth without any additional facts that could be misleading. Now there's something to be said about "taking a bow". I'm sure everyone knows about the Vietnam War but what many people don't know is that it was an unfortunate chapter of history and the Vietnam War was a mistake that the US Government wanted to avoid at all costs. So the United States didn't want to be remembered for a bad war. There was no love lost with the Vietnamese. They were there with the hopes of turning the tide of the Vietnam War but they failed. And the US was actually fueling the war. That's the part that actually bothers me. The military side of the war is also mentioned in the DVD. The statistics that were given by a number of people are pretty staggering. If the Vietnam War hadn't been going on, the US military would have been more involved in Vietnam than it is in Iraq today. Not only were there numbers of fatalities from combat, there were more incidents of home invasions and murders committed by the US Military. There were more and more Viet Cong and Hmong fighters joining the war but the number of fatalities didn't keep
Monday, 06 Jul 2020 05:27

The first-ever public interview with an American living in Canada has been done by Matt Stempel, president of Stempel Media, who is the world's leading authority on North American travel, he gives a glimpse into what life is like for American travelers, and it is also a look into the challenges and joys of living and traveling in Canada. Stempel speaks from a very personal viewpoint, sharing stories of how he was able to get to North America, the pitfalls and challenges he had to face to get there, and he does it in a light-hearted and fun-humored way, never taking himself or his fellow travelers out of the equation. I don't know about anyone else, but for some reason I really got into the interview with Stempel, a lot of what he had to say really makes you think. He tells stories of people with problems, and how they overcame them, like me, I really liked this. There is a little bit of a personal anecdote for each person, and some personal advice from him for each person, a very insightful, down-to-earth approach to travel and travel writers and editors. I like how he keeps things simple in his book, and this interview is no exception, nothing too complex, nothing too heavy. If you want a little introspective, I think you'll enjoy this. You might want to watch it in a bilingual setting, because Stempel does a good job at making sure the words and the messages get across in both English and French, which is important. If you are a Canadian and you are a writer, writer or producer, this is an excellent interview, Stempel speaks for a lot of Canadian writers, and speaks for a lot of Canadian travel writing, writers, who have grown up in Canada, and will now have to go abroad to work, or just the pleasure of writing in the place of their dream, something a lot of American writers feel they don't get to do. If you are a Canadian living in Canada, this is a great interview, and a great way to know more about the country and culture.
Saturday, 13 Jun 2020 09:36

I like to call this film the independent film in the mold of "Goodfellas". It is about a group of friends who go on a road trip with a mythological monster. But before they ever get to the towns they have to go through a maze of obstacles. This was an awesome film. I know a lot of people have said that the acting is horrible, but let's not forget the performances by Johnny Depp and Willem Dafoe. Depp played a human who was living on the other side of the tracks. He was on this train from New York to California but the people were ignoring him. When he got on the train he wanted to get off but people kept telling him not to go on. He decided he wanted to be the hero and get on the train and he joined the rest of the movie crew. He also showed a good deal of humor. But his actions were so crazy that you could believe that he was insane. Depp really proved his acting skills in this movie. This is another movie that shows that even superstars can change the way a movie is made. And the guy who played the masked character was great. He had a lot of charisma and emotion. If you're a fan of Willem Dafoe then you should definitely check out this film. He plays a guy who is blinded in a freak accident and needs to keep his eyes shut for two years. The plot of the movie was also very good. It is hard to believe that a guy who could have gotten a doctorate in chemistry from Harvard could make an unsuccessful film. But he overcame this. I think it's worth watching.
Tuesday, 12 May 2020 20:00

Jill Macleod's film "Born in America" was as good as it was scary. It was entertaining and the narrative was strong. "Born in America" introduces the viewer to some of the important people who have contributed to the American experience. The themes that Macleod explores are fascinating and relevant. She stays focused on this story throughout. It's hard not to get caught up in the story and the audience is encouraged to engage with the subjects in the film. The biggest strength of the film is that Macleod presents the people of the era and it's context without cutting away or altering the story to fit a particular point of view. She presents the rich history of the era and not just the revolutionary efforts of the American colonists. The resistance movement during the American Revolution was presented as a complicated issue and Macleod does a great job of showing the varied opinions that were presented. This is an amazing film that would have been better with a less rushed narrative. She shows the people of the time as individuals without putting them in a bunch of cliche stereotypes. I loved this film and recommend it to anyone who is interested in American history. The themes of cultural appropriation and rebellion are strong. Macleod is strong enough to keep the audience focused on the story and she presents these themes with precision. Her way of presenting these themes also shows how important she thinks this is. This is a great film that I recommend.

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