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(1026) 5.6 135 min 2018

Helicopter Eela is a movie starring Kajol, Riddhi Sen, and Tota Roy Chowdhury. Eela is an aspiring playback singer and single mother. She has given up all her dreams to raise her only son. But now her baby son 'Vivan' is all grown...

Neha Dhupia, Kajol, Riddhi Sen, Tota Roy Chowdhury
Pradeep Sarkar

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Audio English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Drama
Director Pradeep Sarkar
Writer Mitesh Shah, Anand Gandhi, Mitesh Shah
Stars Neha Dhupia, Kajol, Riddhi Sen, Tota Roy Chowdhury
Country India
Also Known As Eela
Runtime 2H 15M
Description Eela is an aspiring playback singer and single mother. She has given up all her dreams to raise her only son. But now her baby son 'Vivan' is all grown up and being a typical young millennial, doesn't want his mother's life to revolve around him. But being an over protective mother, Eela has other ideas and joins her son's college to spend more time with him. Unfortunately her plans backfire and she suffers a backlash from Vivan for invading his privacy. Will Helicopter Eela manage to salvage her relationship with Vivan and find her calling again?

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Wednesday, 08 Jul 2020 16:08

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Friday, 12 Jun 2020 08:02

I would say this is not a bad film, but its just not what I expected. After reading some reviews, I thought this would be the same movie as Oliver Stone's JFK. It is not. First of all, the movie is a bit long. Some scenes are drawn out, the rest are short. The plot is slow, and the movie is slow. If I had known that the movie would be about a father and daughter, I would not have gone to see it. I really wanted to like this movie, but it just wasn't what I expected. I felt like I was being taken somewhere, but I wasn't. This is not a good movie, but it's not a bad movie either. It has its moments, but it doesn't work as well as I thought it would. I did like the idea of the dad being a pilot, but it's not the best idea. I was looking forward to seeing the father and daughter, but the movie seemed to drag on for a while. There is a scene where the father has to be rescued by a helicopter, and he does a pretty good job of getting back in it. The daughter seems to be taking care of her dad, but she is only about three years old, and she has a lot of time to get better. I thought the dad and daughter should have been a lot more involved, especially the dad. The father is in a hotel and he gets into a fight with the hotel manager, and the son is left behind. It was one of the most boring scenes I've ever seen in a movie. Another thing I was not happy with was the end. I thought the ending was going to be very strong, and I thought it would be the ending I expected. I'm not saying it is the worst ending, but it was not the end I was expecting. Overall, this movie is not bad. It's just not what I expected. I liked the idea of the father and daughter, and the father's presence in the hospital, but the movie just dragged on. I didn't think it was going to be that good, but I was wrong. It was worth the time, but it's not one of the best movies I've seen this year. I would definitely not recommend this movie to anyone.
Tuesday, 09 Jun 2020 17:17

This movie, 'The Story of Henrietta Lacks' is a portrait of a pioneering woman in medicine, who not only found herself a special kind of doctor, but also became the first woman to receive an official diagnosis of her cancer. Although the film doesn't go as far as to say the name of the woman, I think the point is made. The story has many humorous scenes and an actual story is told, along with an occasional poetic speech or scene. The first person view of Henrietta is one of the more difficult parts of the film. She is shown to be very animated, the patient and the doctor always in her mind, and it is difficult to believe she is just a young girl. This makes it difficult for the viewer to accept that the character is actually not a girl. I think the best thing about the film is the connection between the doctor and the patient. She has a deep respect for her patient and tries to help her with all her power. The patient's faith and trust in the doctor are also shown through a very positive, optimistic, and hopeful attitude. The story is full of all the elements that make a movie. From the beginning, it is very much a realistic story about the development of the disease, which leads to an unexpected, and sometimes painful, end. The music is very good, especially for the first 20 minutes. It's an extremely beautiful piece, with the narration by Henrietta, and with the lines and words of the characters. It's a very good first part, but it's not enough to keep the viewer's interest. The next two parts are very different. There is a lot of historical facts and a lot of science-fiction, but it is just not enough to keep the viewer's attention. The ending is very strong, and the ending of the movie is very strong. The whole movie is one of the most interesting I have ever seen, and I recommend it.
Saturday, 06 Jun 2020 00:52

A New Kind of Woman (2012): Dir: Eric Weisman / Cast: Cecile de France, Claire Forlani, Laura Ramsey, Dennis Quaid, Peter Sarsgaard: Low budget indie offering that relies on the oddity of the unusual as its source. It is a character study of a woman who is drawn to a new man that will change her life and possibly her children. The film starts with her having an affair with her husband's best friend. It then becomes apparent that she is looking for a new man, and by that point it is too late. Her husband eventually finds out and the story becomes a nightmare. She moves out of the house and finds a place for her children in a low-income housing project. It is not long before she is a part of the community and learns how to be a woman, and she also becomes a mother figure to the community. The story ends with her children now aged 14, 13, 11 and 6. Director Eric Weisman, who is best known for his directorial debut The Lucky One, then brings a realistic story about the complexities of relationships and the oddity of the individual's choices. The film relies on the surreal to create its atmosphere. The performances are the highlight, as most of the supporting cast is limited to few lines. Cecile de France is excellent as the woman who finds love with an unusual man. The supporting cast includes Dennis Quaid, Laura Ramsey and Peter Sarsgaard. He plays the self-centred man who is actually lonely. He is nice, but he is also sad and needs a hero. He has no redeeming qualities. He has a few great lines but it is not enough to save the film. It is a downer but not an unmitigated disappointment. It is also interesting to see a film that is so short and does not end on a note that it could be better. It is definitely worth the watch. It is an independent film with a strong script and good performances. It is hard to tell if this is an indie or not, but the film is not without its flaws. It is worth seeing. Score: 7 1⁄2 / 10

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