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(430) 7.0 121 min 2016

Le concours is a movie starring Alain Bergala, Xanaë Bove, and Emmanuel Chaumet. With LE CONCOURS the director will delve into the daily life of the Parisian cinema school, la Fémis, where a specific Republican ideal of excellence...

Emmanuel Chaumet, Xanaë Bove, Alain Bergala, Claire Childeric
Claire Simon

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Audio English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Documentary
Director Claire Simon
Stars Emmanuel Chaumet, Xanaë Bove, Alain Bergala, Claire Childeric
Country France
Also Known As Egzaminy wstępne, Antagningsprovet - att ha film som dröm, The Graduation, Pääsykokeet - unelmana elokuva, The Competition
Runtime 2H 1M
Description With LE CONCOURS the director will delve into the daily life of the Parisian cinema school, la Fémis, where a specific Republican ideal of excellence is practiced and entry into which can be summed up as follows: "everyone's equal, but only the best get in..." Through the admission process, the hard work all year and the graduation exams, LE CONCOURS will establish a portrait of our relationship to excellence in the Art world and of one of the most prestigious art school in France. A place of culture where generations intermingle.

Top reviews

Wednesday, 08 Jul 2020 13:03

This movie is about a French woman who had a heart attack while trying to catch a fish. Her heart still beats, but her life is completely changed. She has all the right things, but when she is in a hospital bed, a nurse is carrying a box of notes. In the box, is a note with her family's last wishes. The nurses take the note and return it to the mother. The nurse takes the note back with her. The nurse also brings along the note and the box of notes and in the box is a vial of medicine. The nurse takes the vial of medicine and takes the vial of medicine back with her. In the vial of medicine is a small key that opens a letter that she has been waiting to get back to her family. This movie is about a woman who is totally changed and needs to find a way to fix her life. The story is about her to find a way to fix her life. Her family, her friends, and the whole city of Paris. We see a lot of French women in the hospital. All of them are different, but each one has the same one problem. All of them have a doctor or nurse that needs to see the problem. I would like to say that the director and the actors did a good job with the movie. They showed what it is like to be in a hospital and how to deal with it. They did a good job showing the good and bad things that happen to a person while in a hospital. But the movie doesn't show the hospital itself. When you go in the hospital, the doctors and nurses and other staff is all different. Some of them are nice, some of them are mean, some of them are useless. That is why the hospital is different from the rest of the city. But you don't get to see that. I would like to say that the movie was entertaining, but I think that the director and the actors did a good job with the movie. I would say that the movie is good for people who are interested in French culture.
Saturday, 20 Jun 2020 19:04

We travel to a small isolated town to meet the chief of police, Tony Bouzalan. The policeman is on his last day on the job and shows no signs of taking a vacation. His crew of 15 is on a house arrest in the middle of the desert. The young soldiers who go in are expected to provide security for the house. The captain of the local police force, Ronny Moura, is not happy about it and won't allow it. Tony and his men are very annoyed. The US army supplies them with diesel fuel. They get the job done. But Tony has a deep love for his daughter and the little girl who lives next door is his only human connection. The little girl is adorable and gives the atmosphere of a place you might want to visit. Tony's wife is retiring. He wants to build a little home to be the little girl's house and can't do it without the help of the little girl. The little girl is getting ready for her big brother's wedding and she wants to help her father do it. The film is shot by a couple of friends who are both homeless. They don't want to be associated with the film. They spend many days and nights in the desert and spend their time talking about their past and their relationship with the world around them. They help each other along the way. They share a lot of advice. There are many interesting things about the desert and the people that live there. When the friends are in the desert the film is shot as a documentary. The desert itself is fascinating and so is the people. It is very lonely and sad. The film reminds me of many other films about people and the desert. Some are good, others are not so good. This one is quite good. It is the kind of film that can be enjoyed by everyone.
Friday, 19 Jun 2020 23:31

Director and actor and director, Nicolas Roeg, brings a grandiose tour de force of his talent and vision to the screen. It's a tour de force which is both eye opening and eye rolling. The breadth of his talent is on full display in this documentary which offers a refreshing view on an often overlooked aspect of life - the world's most beautiful city, Paris. To be sure, many of Roeg's films have been art house pieces, and some have been regarded as low budget. What makes his most recent film, 'The Arrival', so extraordinary is that it is truly a work of art and does so without the pretentious flourishes that often accompany the subject matter. While it is indeed a visual spectacle and one of the most stunning movies I have ever seen, it is also a complex human story with a few themes and a strong sense of irony. Roeg explores how the work of a man like Paul Rubens in Paris is symbolized in the real world. In his effort to comprehend a human existence, he travels to Paris and travels with one of the city's top writers, Charles Baudelaire. Rubens is in the city to fulfill a life-long dream of being a writer, and becomes enamored with the city and its beautiful landscape. He becomes involved with the city's political and artistic life, but also its artistic life, in the city's museums and galleries. He begins a journey of self-discovery and self-discovery is in itself a journey of self-discovery. The movie begins with Rubens at the Academy of Fine Arts in Paris. We meet him at the entrance and he meets the audience. He's there to accept his award. He has a lengthy conversation with the audience. He explains his philosophy of art, philosophy that is ultimately a philosophy of life. The movie does not present this philosophy in the traditional way. We are given a detailed exposition of Rubens' philosophy, and his travels around the city. Roeg provides us with many important images and information. We see the city from Rubens' perspective, and we see the city from Rubens' point of view. The movie is an incredible tour de force, and Roeg should be commended for having the courage to present his vision of Paris and its culture. He has a great voice for his story, and he does a fantastic job. In all, I believe this is one of Roeg's best films, and I think that it is just as interesting and even more important than his other films. It is a very beautiful film, one of the best I have ever seen, and I highly recommend it.
Friday, 29 May 2020 07:19

I am writing this comment in support of the independent documentary, ' The Concorde Disaster '. It has taken a long time for the world to get over the catastrophic impact of the Concorde. The film, the last surviving member of the aircraft, is a masterpiece. The idea behind this documentary is to give us a perspective of the Concorde, and how it impacted the lives of everyone who was on board. There are no interviews or explanations, it is just a candid look at the decision to go ahead with the Concorde and the fact that not all the people on board were in favour of the plane going ahead. I think that most of us are aware of the tragic loss of almost 700 lives. However, the film does not present this as an entirely negative event. The film does not take away from the impact the plane had on the lives of the people who were on board. It does show us that the aircraft was a simple plane that could not have carried the load of the passenger list that it did, and that in the end the plane was not able to carry the passengers that it did. We also learn that the aircraft was not just a passenger plane, but an extremely capable military aircraft, and capable of carrying a very large passenger list. I found the film to be very convincing, and not like any other documentary that I have ever seen. It was a very informative and highly emotional film. I have a number of friends on the Concorde and I was happy to have had the opportunity to see it. I am very glad that I did. If you are interested in the Concorde, or know anyone who was on the Concorde, then this documentary is very worthwhile. It does not gloss over the loss of the plane or its impact on the lives of the people who were on board. It shows us that the Concorde was a small aircraft with very high safety standards and very high standards of operation. I think that this documentary is important in understanding the decisions that were made in the years that followed the tragic events that the Concorde caused. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in the Concorde or the plane in general.
Friday, 15 May 2020 23:18

This documentary has no real objective, but is a neat example of how the media exploits people's conflicts and corrupts them and they just fall for it. The director, Elaine Ladd, is the same woman who did the Cannes film festival documentary "The Enforcer", and she has a brilliant way of making us feel like we are watching a video documentary, with a twist. She is a good example of a journalist that actually knows how to work the media. What makes this movie good is how the filmmaker shows a lot of evidence and gives interviews with people that have done the same thing. It is very informative, and informative in a way that makes you want to do the same thing. It is also the kind of documentary that makes you want to look up the names in the news, and read the more sensationalist, accurate and more factual articles on this website. In the end, I was really happy with the end result of this film, because it is how it should be. I can't really think of another documentary that could do this kind of documentary, except for perhaps "Before the Devil Knows You're Dead". However, this documentary could have been better if the filmmaker would have made it about the media, and not a documentary about a small-time boxer who is just a normal person. It's not really a documentary about boxing, it is a documentary about a man who takes his problems to the media, and the media handles them in a really crazy way. It's a very important movie, but it could have been a lot better.

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