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(662) 3.5 96 min 2019

Nada a Perder 2 is a movie starring Petrônio Gontijo, Day Mesquita, and Beth Goulart. Part 2 of Edir Macedo's self-financed biopic.

Dalton Vigh, Petrônio Gontijo, Beth Goulart, Day Mesquita
Drama, Biography
Alexandre Avancini

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Audio English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Drama, Biography
Director Alexandre Avancini
Writer Stephen P. Lindsey, Douglas Tavolaro, Edir Macedo, Emílio Boechat
Stars Dalton Vigh, Petrônio Gontijo, Beth Goulart, Day Mesquita
Country Brazil
Also Known As Nada que perder 2, Nothing to Lose 2
Runtime 1H 36M
Description Part 2 of Edir Macedo's self-financed biopic.

Top reviews

Thursday, 18 Jun 2020 09:04

Nada a Perder 2 is an interesting follow-up to one of the most famous Argentinean crime movies. The new movie follows the life of young assistant manager of a drug gang, Rosa, with a lot of new people in his life. Most of the old gang members have returned to the streets, so they help Rosa in his battle with the law. Although the action is mainly non-violent, the plot has a lot of drama, and you will be interested to see the old gang and the new ones after the movie. The main thing that I found most interesting was the introduction of the character of Maris, a character who was important for the story. Maris is basically a someone who can keep an eye on the young boys in his neighbourhood, because he knows their families and how they live. I really like how this character was introduced. And also the last few minutes of the movie are really interesting, because it really shows how Rosa goes through a life time. Another important character is the former owner of the drug ring, Antonio. Antonio is also a person who was important in the story. The old gang members help him and explain the facts of the story to him, and I really liked how they explain the film to him. I also like the fact that he is shown in a different way to the people he was with at the start of the film. The ending was also really good because it shows that the main character is really sad and goes through the most painful thing in his life, and the sad thing is that he is having regrets. The film is really interesting, because it is much more than just about crime. It also shows how people can have their differences and change their lives. I really liked the ending of the film because it shows that Rosa's life will always have a happy ending.
Tuesday, 16 Jun 2020 00:07

A complex social study based on an existing subculture within the Philippines which is dark and indeed unpleasant. The movie features three characters: The darwin (a younger brother who likes to beat up the female relative with his fist) and two female sisters (four years older and somewhat passive and depressed). Both sisters apparently want to run away from their mother's house and together they plan to come out to a remote island and find a house. During their search they meet the rest of the film's cast (repetitions of a rotating cast of strangers). These are most definitely not the social outcasts of the land. Yet we hardly see a single one of them fall in love with each other. After all, a close relative like brother and sister is very rarely called by her real name - given as X. The movie is very slow, but it has some good moments. The sister of a previous writer of a well-known novel takes her to see the latest film of the writer's son. The girl is an actress with a low career but a great talent. She decides to try out acting again after ten years and she achieves some satisfaction. But the movie has some holes. I never understood the name of this old actress. It is not clear whether she is related to the writer or not. And the audience, for me, does not know whether the twins are brothers or sisters. The movie has some good characters. But the director didn't understand the whole social set in the Philippines. At one point the two sisters are actually the only social outcasts. In the end they decide to go back to the mother's house and raise their own families. I guess the movie is not ready for the Oscars. But for Filipinos, there are still a lot of social problems we can watch and learn from.
Tuesday, 09 Jun 2020 05:12

This is really a film about the problems of living in a city like Ljubljana. One can have a lot of problems living in a city. How do we avoid the negative situations? How do we create a reality of which we all share, and how do we feel? And how do we react to the situation, to the bad guys and to the good guys? We can notice that we don't really have a culture of happiness and no-one is happy. We have problems with money and if we lose the money we don't know how to return it. We have problems with the drug trade and people in the street take it. We have problems with a woman who has never been happier than the one in the film, a prostitute who has never experienced a problem with men and gets in the bad habit of meeting a total stranger, who just wants to have sex with her, and she even cannot remember him. How can we react to the situation? How do we survive? A film like this one doesn't tell us anything new. It is basically a film about how people react when there is something bad happening to them and there is no a culture of happiness. And I really liked that. Because the director made a social film that is still relevant today. He is also successful as a filmmaker in this way. The main character, the character of Silvana Bric, is completely lost in life, struggling for a sense of life. She becomes a machine. She has a phone with which she doesn't know who to call. She has a girl friend who doesn't know how to deal with problems. She does things only to satisfy herself. A stranger comes to her apartment, a couple of times, and she does what she can to be happy, only when she is alone. It is a simple film but a very important one. It shows what happens when the protagonist gets out of the city. And when she moves to the country, she has a new, or at least a new sense of happiness and it leads to a new experience for her.
Saturday, 02 May 2020 18:09

Although the 'Nada a Perder' sequels were probably very loosely based on the first film, there was still an appeal to them as there was always a dark underlying subtext to them. While the first film was a bit cliched in its sociopathic, twisted but admirable character development and the last one looked as though it was trying to be the 'Cleopatra' of its genre. That being said, 'Nada a Perder' 2 has finally come out in the United States and is available in either an extended cut or the theatrical version. It's now up to you whether you like it or not, but there are definitely reasons to see it. As the prologue, I think I will end by saying that I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. It's a very different take on the genre, even though I personally enjoyed it, it doesn't exactly resonate well with the viewers. It's quite different from any other film you've seen in the past but it's also quite entertaining. The performances are very well done, which I thought was a huge plus in the first place. I actually thought that Dinklage and Douglas did an excellent job and both of their characters were very well portrayed, I thought that the overall style of the film was enjoyable, I liked how the film didn't really stray too far from the original, but I don't think that it was necessary in the film. Some scenes were a bit too overblown but that could be a good thing. The plot was pretty much what you would expect from a film like this, which is not that good but still fun. While I am giving this a 7/10, there are also some flaws with this film, I thought that some scenes were a bit bland and weren't necessarily original or well executed. I also thought that some scenes weren't entirely believable, even though it was hard to tell what they were supposed to be. Another thing that I would like to mention is that the cinematography of the film was quite nice. I thought that the film had a fairly nice style and while I'm not a fan of very slow motion, I thought that it worked quite well. It was definitely one of the more beautiful looking films I've seen, I personally think that it was a great shot. I also liked the music score of the film, it wasn't the best, but the overall quality was good. This movie was definitely enjoyable but I think that if you're looking for the sort of film that takes you to another place that is quite unique, then you'll probably be a bit disappointed. It's an alright film and I recommend it, but I would also encourage you to watch the original as well, I'm quite sure that there are many people who would have enjoyed this as well.
Friday, 10 Apr 2020 04:42

I don't know what it was that I watched for the first time, I was a young teen at the time. It was one of those movies that I watched when I was hanging out with my friends, we were all very religious. And I was laughing and talking and drinking. And I thought of Nada a Perder 2 a lot when I was young, I think it was too dark for me at the time, and I didn't understand a lot of the jokes, but I never forgot. I haven't watched it for a long time. But recently I watched it again, and I realized that I didn't miss much of the jokes, but there were a lot of questions. And I wonder if it's really that funny to say that you can't see God. I just don't understand it. My friends told me that we were laughing because we're atheists, but I don't believe it. Some of the jokes are really bad, like the ones about Jesus, God, God and Christmas. That's just not funny to me. I don't get what it's so funny about. And the one about the one lover (Nada a Perder 2, it's a french film, I've heard it was made in America). And the same goes for the jokes about Bartleby, the British who is the guy from the first movie. But that's not funny to me either, I just didn't understand the jokes. I don't really think I would laugh that much if I had seen the original Nada a Perder. I don't think I will watch it ever again. Because I was just laughing at the jokes. But Nada a Perder 2 was the second movie I saw, I saw it last year. And this one is pretty much the same. So it's an original movie, but it's kind of a cute movie. It has a great idea, it has great actors, and it has great laughs. It's a great movie. It's not like Nada a Perder 1 that's just for kids, I don't think it would be that funny to kids. I think that kids would enjoy it. It's got something for everyone, I recommend it to everyone. If you watch it, I think you'll like it, but I think you'll have a good time, and it'll keep you laughing. I just don't understand why they would put so many jokes into a movie that it's not that funny to me. It's pretty stupid that they put so much jokes in this movie. I'm sure that they'll make a movie like Nada a Perder 1, that's just way too boring for kids to watch, and I know that I'd be really bored too. It's a very old movie, but it's very good. 7/10
Friday, 10 Apr 2020 03:37

I am new to film, I thought of this movie as something that would be fun to watch and I wasn't disappointed. It really is a story about how one man's family and care that he has for his friends are the main factors for him becoming an administrator. This is the story of a young boy called Jorge. His father is an invalid and he is looking for someone to take care of him and his friends. His mother is not really doing very good and one of the friends offers to help but things get complicated when he is invited to be a government adviser for a year in an island in Europe. This man has his own problems. The first half is a lot of the same humour and the first half is very short. When the second half starts, it really begins to get interesting, at least for me. It is not quite like watching a film for a movie with a simple story. The story is that this man, Jorge, has a crisis, his mother is going to die in a few days and he needs a friend, someone to talk to about his problems. That is why he goes to the island in Europe. The audience needs to pay attention and this is a big task for the director and the cast. I think I understood most of the dialogs in the first half. The second half is much more exciting and this is the part where the plot develops and the film becomes quite interesting. You need to pay attention, it is not an easy movie to understand. This is the first time I have seen a movie with a cast like that and they did a good job. The cast here is really good. I loved Orlando Bloom as the government adviser, Ivan Reitman as the government adviser and Guillermo Navarro as the new boyfriend who becomes Jorge's friend. This is one of the best films I have ever seen and I give it an 8 out of 10.

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